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  1. As you guys are saying, it's possible that it's a battery problem. However, I think it would be a good idea to run a few tests first. You can download this program called Memtest (http://www.memtest86.com). Follow the instructions on the website to test your ram for problems Then I'd suggest downloading both Realtemp (temperature monitoring program) and Intel Burn Test. Open Realtemp and then do a burn test using all your cores at 100%. Make it go through multiple cycles. This will make your CPU work at max capacity and you'll be able to see of your CPU is getting too hot. I'd be worried about anything over 60C. Also, to check for viruses I'd suggest getting Malwarebytes. The free version is great and will find viruses that many other paid programs won't find. Use it with your current program for double checking. Hope this helps!
  2. Though using kingdom for anything other than the top gp value resource is horribly inefficient. Ie If 1 week of herbs at kingdom is currently worth 100k, but raw fish is worth 150k then, even if you want herbs for training, fish is the better choice. Why you might ask, well using the above to train herblore there is 3 outcomes: 1) Using 100k worth of random herbs as they come to get herblore xp 2) Selling 100k of random herbs to buy 100k of suitable herbs to get slightly better herb xp. 3) Selling 150k of fish to buy 150k of suitable herbs to get significantly more xp. I've never thought of it that way. Thanks.
  3. If you're patient you could accumulate herbs/seeds from slayer and manage thy kingdom and use those to get you herblore levels. I've gotten all my herblore levelas that way.
  4. Drygores, sub robes and virtus wand + book are top priority right now. Also working towards blood fury and quest items.
  5. So I'm looking for alternate money makers besides frosts since I get so darned bored there. I was thinking about soloing GWD bosses. However, I've never done so, and I have some questions about more recent updates. First of all, I see they've added a grouping system. Does this mean that you can skip KS and head straight to a boss? Can you set up a "group" but just head in alone? Are the bosses worth killing? I hear people train magic there, so I imagine it can't be half bad. Also, my gear right now is sort of lacking. I have Bandos melee gear with a neitz helm, ahrims and a staff of light for mage and karils with dual rune c'bows for range. I know these are far from optimal. Currently working on getting better gear (thus the point of this topic).
  6. That's what I've been thinking too... do I keep items obtained on boat trips in my bank, or are they stored somewhere in the port? I was a bit concerned about my bank space right now. Don't want to be storing items I won't be using for a long time.
  7. With my current levels, would it be worth investing my time in PoP, or should I wait to meet more of the skill requirements?
  8. Good point, but item prices are pretty volatile. I've "lost" a lot of money just in leaving for a year due to all of my equipment dropping drastically (veracs, whip, etc). That doesn't really bother me however. Right now I'm 10k tokens off my offhand rapier and after that I'm slaying/farming my way to drygores/virtus/etc. Got to start somewhere right.
  9. I do not have the amulets yet. I was looking at that today. Which amulets are worth getting? I also don't have bone crusher yet :blink: .
  10. Yeah, I was checking prices today and things aren't too expensive. It's just that I currently have about 2m cash with another 10m in items that I will be selling (farmed herbs, mtk stuff). Don't have too much to play with. So would claws be better than dual wielding rapiers? All I care about is getting some more DPS for slayer right now.
  11. I haven't done sinkholes at all yet. That's something I'm going to have to look into. Thanks!
  12. Well i figure I'll be getting 120DG anyways, so I may as well grind out the Chaotic items now. Same for Slayer. If I'm killing something that isn't giving me Slayer XP as well, I feel like I'm kind of wasting time. Besides, farming and slayer is pretty good money overall.
  13. So Chaotics are kind of obsolete now I imagine? I was going to get them because funds are kind of limited, and I don't do combat outside of slayer. Although, I do kind of want to get into PvM once I get overloads. Been a while since I've played. Kind of lost in all these weapons and armour choices :mellow: .
  14. My first buy was a rapier, and I've almost obtained enough tokens for my offhand rapier. What should I go for next? I do mostly slayer.
  15. I've been kicked offline a few times before back when they logged you out after 8 consecutive hours. Back when I was unemployed and my computer was next to the kitchen :lol:.
  16. Mine was Cooking many years ago (back when people cooked in thieves den). This was in 2010 I think? Just wanted the stats from the cape honestly haha.
  17. Thanks for the post! Someone told me today while farming that I could toolbelt my secateurs, so that's done haha. I didn't know about the Jujus either, so I'll look into that for sure. Again, thanks a lot! Very informative post.
  18. I don't remember how long it's been since I've last played exactly, but I'm sure it's around a year. Lots of things have changed since, and I don't want to know about everything, but I kind of want to optimize my current gear and ability bars. Can someone help me out by posting model ability bars for all three combat stances for general slayer usage? Also, what "cheap" gear should I be trying to get? Currently using Veracs with Chaotic weapons for slayer. Don't have much to spend, so I was thinking maybe Bandos since it's so cheap now? I'm also shooting for 99 farming. I only do herb+snape grass+limpwurt runs right now. What gear should I be using to maximize speed and crop yields? Currently have Supreme Greenfingers and Fally Shield 2.
  19. Have you read their system requirements? I was able to play at ~18 fps about 1.5 years ago. Unless they're going to update those requirements, this computer is still supposed to work, which would mean Jagex is making RuneScape's applet more bloated. Especially since I've got an AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4650 in an AGP slot in this ancient system. Yeah, really, that much GPU, and I'm still fully able to use it somehow. :o ~D. V. "Maybe it helps that I've got 2 GB of RAM, too?" Devnull I know I'm kind of late with this reply, but this caught my attention. You're actually not using that GPU to it's full potential due to something called bottlenecking. I won't explain what that means, since google will do a better job of that, but putting a strong GPU with a bad CPU is never a good idea. Start saving up for a new rig man :P.
  20. Driving to a fair about a month ago. I would like this to replace My first indexed picture. Picture taken with my mom on my birthday. Yes, I'm coloring Dora. Deal with it ;). Replace my second indexed image with this, please.
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