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  1. Will the Refer-a-friend bonus still be active for the weekend? It was for the last one, if I remember right, but haven't seen any confirmations as of yet.
  2. I'm looking for estimates on pouches per hour on the kyatt method and using the taverly obelisk using the shop to un-note items. Also what sort of cost would it be to use the shop?
  3. I'm working on learning solo Nex, but having difficulty with the shadow phase. My problem is that I can't keep Nex out of melee distance about half of the time, which is really eating through my food from the damage from the "embrace darkness" ability of hers. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. It was because I was using ranged armour. Also, I haven't nailed down a set-up yet. I have all three nex sets, dual virtus, dual drygores, and dual ascension to work with, plus all of the PoP armour. Seismic wand + virtus book is also a possibilty, with an upgrade to seismic singularity in the future, and t90 gear can be upgraded to. Which would be the easiest set-up to learn with and what would be most effective once I do get everything nailed down? EDIT: Is it worth getting and using the amulet of zealots? I did a bit of poking around and am curious if that is worth using.
  4. I started mining coal at the coal mine west of Seers Village on my DIY account this morning. According to the wiki I should be able to store only 120 coal in the trucks seeing as I haven't completed any of the Seers Tasks. When I was mining I got up to 201 coal in the trucks before I decided to stop. The wiki also does not mention the coal being automatically deposited into the trucks. Does anyone know if there is a new limit and what it might be? Or could it be a bug and if I were to log out the excess coal would be lost? When I go back to mining this afternoon I'll test this bit out if no one has an answer.
  5. I know a fair number of people who didn't know that altars would be deactivated (largely mostly mid level casual players), so that could account for some of it, at least.
  6. Drag your gold ore onto your ability bar and you can just hold down the key to drop them. Might be different for logs because they have options besides drop (light and craft).
  7. Yes! Haven't been on the forums in the past couple days or I would have mentioned. From what I can tell, the spawn rate has been reverted to what it was. Kings respawn at the part of the kill that we've been used to. Did ~100 kills an hour on a 650 or so world, if I remember right. (no task, full pernix, drygore, virtus, acb, etc)
  8. I didn't bother doing WE2, so I missed out on them, as well. I've done a couple hundred Bandos and Armadyl kills with no luck so far, but what Q said pretty much sums it up. Best of luck to you.
  9. I'm a couple of days late on the response, but... As far as I can tell, it's the same reswpawn speed as before.
  10. Rhe duration of the Dagannoth King's respawn timer has been increased due to feedback from last weeks update. THANK YOU
  11. My assumption was that people wanted the rates bumped a bit and they over compensated. There aren't that many 1000 population worlds to use, especially during non-peak times (I found myself thinking that it would be nice if the respawn rate was buffed slightly, very slightly, for when I would be stuck on a lower population world). The only people I see teaming are lower levels and I would be comfortable saying that the old respawn rate would have been sufficient.
  12. what setup were you using? A similar one to what's on the AOW guide. Dual drygore, dual acb, and dual virtus with sea boots 4. Overload, used turm, anguish, torment, and a scrimshaw of elements. ranged armor no switches? On task or off? Yeah, range armour no switches and off task.
  13. I haven't properly done ZGW in a while, but here are the basics from what I remember: Weakness to fire spells, so I would recommend Virtus wand and book, if not Chaotic Staff. I wouldn't suggest using something lower. I found melee easy to use the one time I used it to get back after I died, though I can't say if it's better or not because I didn't do any tests. He uses melee and magic, and his slam attack is melee and drains prayer (I think it drains an amount based on how many prayer points you have, similar to the sapping glacytes, but I don't remember for certain.) If you use melee you may want to use magic boots/gloves for defensive bonuses (i.e. static gloves and ragefire boots) Ratios for supplies aren't one I fuss too much about. I always bring extra in case of lag or bad luck taking heavy damage. I don't know how long the task will take you to do, but for a ~2 hour trip i use 4 overload flasks and 4 renewal flasks, a few prayer flasks (super restore drops will help) and fill my yak with food. You're going to want to use a tortoise and then switch to a unicorn later. You could probably manage with just a uni if you have a spirit cape and enough DPS to heal off soulsplit and food drops, but I prefer to be over prepared Since you don't have a yak, you're going to be missing out on a sizable amount of profit off the ashes. I would have recommended thinking about using any magic notepaper you had kicking about for the ashes, but since they were made tradable this morning, you may as well just sell them (I think they're going for 2500-3000 each) (or use them at a more efficient location) than use them here. Don't worry about antipoisons, K'ril's poison doesn't do much damage since EoC Oh, and also remember your slayer helm. That's about all I can think of right now
  14. what setup were you using? A similar one to what's on the AOW guide. Dual drygore, dual acb, and dual virtus with sea boots 4. Overload, used turm, anguish, torment, and a scrimshaw of elements.
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