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  1. Get proper gear instead of flaunting your pernix!...Use murmur (4,4% crit) and switch to demon horn just before Kree is done. Also, 2 hours? I dont even get mad before I hit the 6 hour mark.
  2. That is pretty good. I still haven't cbf to learn how to QBD tbh. I probably done her like 6 times, never made it to the end thanks to various reasons. GL on your endevaour
  3. Fletch 99 also done. Also - latest supplies from my road to herby 99, I should be set for some time of bossing and skilling. :) In related news, selling 444k broad arrows.
  4. Got herby 99 and "lots" on my xp counter, I forgot my xp counter I will put it together with my upcoming fletch 99 picture.
  5. It would appear I am indeed not maxxed yet. :) Did some bossing today, finally managed to break my 8 hour dry streak. Nothing spectacular, but at least i got that monkey off my back now. PS! You jelly for all my feathers? What was fun was that a guy in full pernix tried to crash me and failed. Which is what I love about the EOC, if you know how to line up your abilities and how to handle your adrenaline, the gear is not the most important thing. I kept my adrenaline up in between kills and after like 5 kills he decided to just gtfo and find someone who was more intimidated by his pernix. Now im not sure what I'm doing today, might get herb and fletch 99 out of the way so I have more chance for good challenges.
  6. I always deserve a drop, since I have wasted so much of my youth on this game. :) Anyhow, pics So today or tomorrow I will get all skills above 91, then I also got fletch 99 coming up soon. Other than that probably just gonna PvM
  7. [bleep] selling them, as long as its good xp/h, im happy Also, just came from Arma pretty crappy, in a 2 hour trip 1 buckler and 1 gs 2
  8. Too bad feathers dont really buy, for craft 99 i need roughly 6,5M xp, so that's 130k headdresses, which is 2,6M feathers. Disregard all of my previous crappy math.. I will keep orders in and definitely focus on these though instead of the expensive hides
  9. I'm mad, only came on this topic cause You posted and I was sure I will be able to read a new update. Now I come on here and read this ^^bs instead. EDIT: well over 2 hours passed, still no update. mad as hell
  10. Today I was soloing Arma and duoing, made roughly 12M - 1x helm solo 2x chest duo split + random drops not a bad day. Not great either, I don't have duo drop pics, but I was informed they shall be uploaded here. :P
  11. Is your rsn purekilljoy? I added you. I'll be bossing a lot because I have 1.5 weeks before my new job starts so its bossing, thieving, and PoP for me yeah, added you also, dont see you online though. Give me a hollar when you see me online, as it is, I am goign Kree slaying now.
  12. I also must confess I rather enjoy the irony of this situation. On a related topic: Aussie, where is this new update!!?
  13. If you ever need a PvM partner, add me and let me know, I am going to try and keep my priv on more, because I will need to start bosshunting as well.
  14. Just figured out what I am doing next, after base stats 91, fm lvl and wc 99 I will be getting craft 99 and fm 99. For that i will need approx 190M for black d-hides (current prices - damn, prices have gone up and it seems that this trend is growing, last I did craft blue and green hides were 9-10 gp/xp, now they are 20 and 24 gp/xp, and black is only 28gp/xp) And for FM I will need only about 25M. I might start bosshunting shortly after wc 98, but I won't start fm before I have wc 99 - can't waste that precious fm xp from inferno adze! So in the near future you can expect a lot of PvM pics.
  15. You and your blog inspiring people and shit. I went to kree did first ~20 kills, then at some point my attention switched to the TV (ADD much) and I died. :D You owe me 10M which I lost in gear, but I will go camp out GWD in a few days for a couple of hundred mils, so I will not hold you to your payment.. Hope your family situation works out as best as it can under the circumstances. Also looking forward to your new updates. PS! Out of GWD bosses (short of Nex) what do you think is best gp/h?
  16. Yeah, I plan doing the last 2 lvls while waiting for bosses to spawn in GWD, I tried it during hunter, but it was very click intensive. Also, in related news, about 600k to max xp xounter
  17. I would never smelt gold, eww.. Anyhow, as promised, farm 99 Next step probably fletch, herb and wc 99
  18. Personally I do artisan for the lovely afkability - gotta watch them shows and what not. I use addy ingot i for smithing there, I used to do SC hammers, then it was about 220k xp/h + the time needed to get hammers. Now I do them without SC hammers, I am averaging between 108-110k xp/h and 13,6 gp/xp I did steel ingot ii for something like 82-85, but I found it too slow for the gp/xp. At the moment depending on your income you might be best off doing steel ingots for xp. steel ingot i - about 52k xp/h at 4,9 gp/xp steel ingot ii - about 100k xp/h at 9,1 gp/xp I absolutely loath gold smithing, I'd rather watch paint dry than smelt another bar of gold, so for me the only thing to do is artisan, I just finished with addy to get 91 quickly, now looking at the figures I might go for steel ii to get to 99
  19. Lol, last time I was in Arma (also thanks to Stev's blog) I accidentally forgot myself watching TV, lost roughly 10M worth of gear and whatnot. Ohwell, I will be back shortly. So if ever you need a duo partner hit me up. Also, gz on your new job! That always feels good.
  20. I have to say, this is one of the better updates that has been done lately - even most of this forum users agree and that is a tough thing to accomplish for Jagex. in related news - I am way more excited about being able to fix my POP armour whenever the [bleep] I please - awesomeness!
  21. Read the fine print when you are creating your account - ** "..once a player reach 5B xp, the might banhammer of Thor from Valhalla will decent upon thee like a [bleep]ton of bricks" **True quote from terms and conditions of Jagex
  22. Of course you are my friend! You are still on my friends list - afterall, the bearded lady taught me all I know about DG.;) It's just that as you might have noticed I don't chat all that much. Especially now since you have many stronks in 07scape and I have 1 stronk there. Just to make sure our friendship survives the hardships of private-off, I will send you a PM next time I am on.
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