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  1. Blue or green d'hides to 99, but i also do my daily bstaves for additional xp every week, I just find them too slow for actual training.
  2. Got that 2400 out of the way. Now I'm probably going to take on PVM for some time, to fund my constr and craft 99. Also, pretty close to max counter!
  3. That's just sad (for me obviously). Ohwell, you sure seem to be making good progress there. By the way, which aura do you use? I need to get into PvM again myseself so I am going to pick your brain a little. I saw you using a steel titan, weren't they nerfed to ground? Personally when I was soloing GWD I took a yak for more ovls+restores and emergency food (granted I do not have your gear, no nex)
  4. I hardly think we will be using food there, even if everyone don't have ss, there will be plenty of food drops to be had. I am still 50/50 if I will join or not, on the one hand I definitely wanna come, on the other hand, I am old and I ike my sleeping schedule, and it starts at 11 PM for me. Choices choices choices...
  5. First world PvM'er problems - I have no room for all the good drops I am getting! :'(
  6. To be honest I don't know all that much about rats but I have been very active in animal rescue for the past few years and before you give an animal that you like away I would suggest one key thing. Don't try to force him/her out of the cage. Let him come to you - if possible open the cage (make a ramp or sth?) and be somehwere in the general area, and let him come out of it on his terms. Once he starts coming out to investigate don't react, just read a book, be on your laptop or what ever, only pet him when he comes to you. The toughest case I had was a cat rescue off the streets - the owners left a housecat out in the cold in the middle of the winter (at about -30 degrees C) since they cbf to take him with them when they moved. Ofcourse he got seven shades of shit beat out of him by the street cats and he also got a bad cold since he was an indoor cat not equipped with the fur to keep him warm. Anyhow, when we got him to our place, the first thing he did was run under our cabinets and stay there and I shit you not, I did not see that cat for the next week or so - he only came out when we were not home to eat and drink. (trust issues you think?) But we never pressed him or tried to get in contact with him, just let him come to us when he was ready. Long story short - after 3 months of trustbuilding he only slept on me or right next to me during nights and during days when I was at home he never left my side. TL;DR - when building trust with a new pet, let him come to you on his own terms, that is how it works
  7. I personally prefer "the Scubadiver" Not sure if it is on the list or not
  8. As a salesman I feel the need to highlight that part, I have made a lot of sales just by reading my client's body language or using appropriate physical contact as needed! Nothing is more important than physical contact, which is why face to face socialization can never be compared with internet socialization.
  9. For additional ideas on houseplanning make sure to visit my blog for an awesome POH pic.
  10. Then by all means go for it, you have a lot more to gain than lose. For Brotips: http://coedmagazine.com/2010/11/21/the-top-10-plays-from-barney-stinsons-playbook/
  11. Got 2 fletching lvls today. Good day, 221k broads left to fletch, but cbf to do more atm. Good news - only 1 lvl off of 2400, kinda don't even want to get it at the moment, 3 months ago I didn't believe I will reach it before the summer and here I am already. What will I do past 2400..
  12. Tapping it - xpwaste. Usually not a good idea to go out with coworkers though, depends on how big of a company you work in. If this is someone who youhave to interact with on a daily basis it's going to be shitty as [bleep] if it crashes and burns. Been there, done that, got a T-shirt.
  13. As long as you are healthy about it (say 1-3 hours of game time per day) There's absolutely nothing wrong with playing RS and if any of your 'friends' would make you feel ashamed about that then that might be a good time to reconsider your friends. I am 24 years old, been playing this wonderful game off and on since 2001. Me and some of my friends started together, I was the only one who stayed on it though. Managing to mix my social life, sports and RS all together. Some of my friends had a good laugh a year or two ago when my wife told them I was playing again, I told them to go [bleep] themselves and that I don't give a flying [bleep] about what they think, afterall, how I choose to unload my daily stress is my personal choice. And that was the end of the dicsussion, they are all very good friends of mine, they expressed their opinion, I expressed mine rather feverently and that's all. In the end everyone has their own form of recreational time, some prefer porn for unloading (yes, pun intended), some prefer watching sports, FPS games, old games, new games, PS, Xbox, in the end it makes no difference as long as it works for YOU. In my opinion playing the newest GTA, RSC, FIFA 2013 or AoE2 are all absolutely equal - they give the same end result and can all be taken to an unhealthy level. Moderation is the key.
  14. ~130k off of FM lvl, will get that while WC-ing, with scrimshaw that's about 500-600k WC xp and then I'm going to get that fletch 99 to finish up 2400+ total. 300k broad arrowheads already bought, they were cheap as [bleep]. Which are more AFKable teaks or pines? I got like 2,4M WC xp left, so far I have only done pines
  15. Definitely broads for fletching, they have become ridiculously cheap IMO. They ar eon the rise now, but still a good time to buy and fletch if you got cash. In terms of crafting I would reccomend green d'leather.
  16. As soon as I get home I will upload a picture of my AWESOME POH and also this post will be reserved for starting stats. As promised, here's a picture of my sweet POH (Which I only used for prayer and construction training obviously) and also starting stats This is some shitty shitty resolution, what format should I save it as to get future pics to look like they have been actually taken on the 21st century?
  17. Hi kind Sir/Madam and welcome to my hub. After lurking for ages in the tip.it blogscape area I figured I will finally make a topic myself, since I am awesome and everyone will want to hear what I have to say. This blog will be dedicated to my skilling and bosshunting endeavours. Very shortly about myself: I am 24 y/o, been playing RS off and on since 2001, my current character started out as addy pure in RSC (addy 2h + mith armour, later addy armour + r2h). My name has never been changed, since I named my char Purekilljoy in honour of Ladykilljoy. When RS2 came out I stayed with RSC and then quit after a year or so since I really really hate change. :) [On that note - I actually find EOC enjoyable and have not gone to 2007] I have always been pretty much of an "off and on" kind of player, I usually play in spurs of 6 months to a year and then quit for 1-3 years. But since RS is the first MMO I ever played (and the only once) I always come back to it. It is my childhood afterall, how can I quit on that. IRL: I have a masters in International trade management, finishing my MBA this spring (writing my dissertation atm - FML) and I work as an export sales manager for a large corporation, wherein my area of experties is telecommunication. RS: I pretty much keep to myself, I have 2 people on my friends list who I talk to when they are on and I have 4 others who I have talked and haven't removed from my friends list, but mostly all my chats are off, because [bleep] you, thats why. I have always hated skilling with a passion, in 2012 february when I started playing again, I had skill total ~1800-1900 with hunter and construction sitting pretty at lvl 1. But then at some point one of my friends got me hooked on skilling, and since december 2012 I have pretty much only been skilling, occasionally PVMing to help my cash stack. I still don't really enjoy skilling all that much, so whenever there is a buyable skill I will go for the quicker way, e.g. only magic logs for FM, broads for fletching, addy for smithing and so on. I am also a big fan of efficiency, so all tips for max xp/h in terms of my skilling are greatly appreciated. :) GOALS: Short term - total 2400 - will be very quick, expect to get it this weekend Long term - maxing (total will depend if I get there before or after new skill) - Gonna be a pain because of agility and hunter Before the new skill coming out in summer I expect the following 99's - herb, farm, con, wc, fm, fletch, craft, thiev (maybe fishing and rc also)
  18. I would like to be added RSN: purekilljoy
  19. ^^That is a good analogy. I think gambling should be operated by Jagex to create a money and item sink to somewhat fix the economy. I personally don't think it should be player hosted.
  20. Oh wow, major props for your patience, fletching bows must be the worst thing ever, atleast in my mind. I couldn't even bare to do 3k on DXW, broad arrows all the way! btw, selling 450k broad arrows as soon as I finish fletching them! GZ on lvls!
  21. There seems to be an indepth discussion about best training methods in oldscape going on.
  22. Tis in the patch notes, but yes. This is awesome, off to make superior sets now!
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