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  1. I can't seem to figure out a way to use the action bar for power leveling hunter while hunting salamanders. When you put the salamander on the action bar, it makes it so you equip it, not drop it. Is there a way to drop the salamander or do I still need to click "drop" for each one individually? Thanks! Aaron
  2. I would suggest potions to raise your stats as well, whether you make them yourself or buy them. If you have the supplies, I would recommend making them.
  3. Yeah, I knew it was on the tool belt but in some instances you can't use the toolbelt'd items for certain tasks. Maybe in the "suggested" section add the noose wand but write *Not necessary, it's on your tool belt!*
  4. Just an update for you all to adjust the guide 1.) The kebbit I faced was level 20, not level 13 like the guide said. Crew edit: Will need confirmation. 2.) For the items required, you forgot to mention the noose wand. Might want to throw that in :) Crew edit: Toolbelt covers the need for this item, no change needed. 3.) Add 2 squeal spins to the rewards. Crew edit: Done, thanks. Thanks!
  5. Hey, if you want my email address message me. Anything you email me will be added to the guide given I think it's legitimate and review it :) Message me for my email so that you can email me additions and corrections! :D
  6. I personally haven't ventured out into EOC as much as I should. But anyways, comparing items in the Tip.It item comparing tool, if you have the money for Bandos boots and price/stat bonus value doesn't mean much, get Bandos boots. The bonus really isn't much at all, so you'd be fine using Dragon Boots for the price, IMO. Thanks for the suggestion, though :)
  7. Alright. I would be more than happy to record videos, I'm just not sure what to download that won't give me viruses, that has GOOD picture quality, etc. Editing really isn't necessary, I'm just posting it here from Youtube most likely. I was planning on expanding it eventually to include magic, but lately I haven't been on much. I've been afk doing a lot of school work while only playing 30min -1 hr of RS, all of which is spent in the RuneSpan because afk'ing other stuff isn't working for me right now. I like that idea too. Would you like to see some special "sections/tabs" to be put in, rather than others? (Name wise, or usefulness.) Thank you again!
  8. 1.) Is it possible to make it so I can "drop" the swamp lizards I catch instead of "wielding" them? 2.) How has PK'ing changed for you? (If you PK.) 3.) How has PvM changed for you? (If you PvM.) 4.) Do you power-level more now? 5.) If EoC were to be taken away, what would you like to see kept?
  9. Last time I can remember getting smashed, was at KBD. I didn't realize I had to drink a super anti-fire because I didn't see the chat message or hear the sound telling me to. Then suddenly I was getting hit with 2000's, and tried panic eating but he ended up killing me. Luckily, I was with a good friend who blessed my grave and I got everything :) To be honest; it happens to the best of us, every once in a while. It HAS to happen eventually; it's just good business. Last 2 times I died super recently was at Frost Dragons. It was like the first day I had a lot of time to play and learn about EoC, so I went to Frosts thinking that I'd make some bank while learning. Little did I know that EVERYTHING got changed, not just your health. Between a couple/few dragons attacking me with every combat style + I got blue orb'd + dragonfired. I couldn't panic eat/teleport/repot fast enough. But then suddenly I clicked the "wrong" potion and flipped out because I thought I was boned. Turns out I drank my supper antifire, which "saved" me. I clicked my Varrock tele tab abouttt 34 times before it worked I'd say. :) As my character appeared in Varrock, I died. This happened to me TWICE. The second time took longer until I got overtaken by multiple dragons, as I stayed in one small area.
  10. Thanks! Updated the guide. Thanks! I remember in old RS, that was how you determined if a monster would be aggressive towards you, or not. (Given they weren't aggressive in the first place.) Updated the guide Quality post will read again.
  11. I believe I already wrote in the guide that I personally use Bandos/Dragon because I don't care to be able to afford those items. Plus, steads are only beneficial if you have money to BLOW. Otherwise Dragon Boots do the job. If you're reading this guide for tips, you most likely don't have Nex gear and other extremely high level items at your disposal. But I appreciate your advice :tup: Edit: Yes, you could use magic. I'll expand/rename this guide once I fully understand battle magic with the release of EoC.
  12. Oh, and of course I should mention; If you don't already know so, MODIFY the items I RECOMMEND to bring. Don't take my exact setups unless you have almost or EXACTLY the same stats! These recommendations are a backbone for you to experiment and find the perfect build for you!
  13. Hello all, I'm looking to help the Tip.It community expand, as EOC has changed many of the guides, making players unsure of what to do/bring when hunting monsters, such as the Mithril Dragon. *I will not reimburse your items or money for anything you lose in this dungeon. If you die, it's on you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This area is being classified as HIGH-RISK. DO NOT BRING ITEMS YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LOSE. EXPECT DEATH AT EVERY POSSIBLE MOMENT. DO NOT "AFK" HERE. Before we get into any of the details, let me just give you a small bit of information. Mithril Dragons are the real deal. They are not to be joked around with, even as a high level. I've watched people get slaughtered. (Even maxed players!!) The dragons attack with ALL 3 PARTS OF THE COMBAT TRIANGLE, PLUS DRAGON FIRE. Due to this being a melee guide (maybe I’ll expand it later, comment below if you want it or not!) you should be warned that these beasts can hit fairly high, sometimes seemingly going straight past your armor. When you’re within Melee range of the dragon, it should ONLY be attacking you with MAGIC AND MELEE. If you’re being hit with ranged attacks, you’re most likely being targeted by a different dragon, in which case you could be screwed if you don’t get out. Try to remain in areas where there is only one dragon. Moving away from the dragon will not cause it to immediately follow you; it will merrily just rain death upon you with magic and ranged. Although any experienced player would say “You should do that at max combat, because you'll get loads more KPH and you'll make mad monies dawg $$.” I’ll just tell you that you could scrape by with stats as low as 85 (To actually get SOME kills... If your stats are below 80, you won't get more than a couple kills, if one at all.) Although 99’d stats would definitely give you a great edge in kills per hour and such, they aren't needed. (But recommended!) I'll post my stats because I'm not scared of any trolling or banter that I'm a "noob." For one; I've had MANY accounts, including one with 99 Hunter, 99 Fletching, 70+ Farming, 99 range, 99 Firemaking, etc. I'll get them all again eventually, but in good time :) [insert updated stats here.] I’ll make this area as basic as possible, and for the more in-depth details, look below this section! Recommended Levels (Melee): Attack = 85+ Strength = 85+ Defence = 85+ Summoning = 67+ (War Tortoise is very helpful, if that’s the best you have.) Prayer = 70+ (If on normal book) 70+ (If using curses, 70 for deflection curses. 92+ is highly recommended for Soul Split, and 95 for turmoil.) *Please keep in mind that with EOC now, protection prayers only absorb up to ~50% damage when praying against an attack of that similar type. Adjust your equipment accordingly! Herblore (If making your own potions) = At least 69 if you plan on making your own Antifire potions [YOU MUST USE A SHIELD TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM DRAGON FIRE ANYWAYS, THESE REGULAR ANTIFIRE POTIONS WILL NOT FULLY PROTECT YOU.] If you’re buying your own potions, then so be it. If you aren't 90+ stats, I would HIGHLY recommend extreme potions if you can afford to train to those levels. [Levels 88-90]. Boosting your stats as high as possible will greatly increase your damage output, increasing your kills per hour. Of course, prayer potions are a must. At level 38 Herblore you can make them, or you could just buy them. If you’re looking to stay down in the lair as long as possible with the same amount of potions, players with high Herblore (Level 94) can make Super Prayer potions (Non-tradable.) At level 85 Herblore, you can make Super Antifire potions (Non-tradable), which will benefit a high level player greatly, as you can dual wield weapons, increasing your damage output greatly. If you’re already 96 Herblore, it’s a no brainer; just use overloads. If you don’t have any torstol to use, then you can substitute extremes, but you’ll be using more inventory space filling in potions than other items for your trip, which will more than likely reduce your kills per trip, meaning less money per hour, if that’s what you’re after. NOTE: You need to have completed Barbarian Training to access the dungeon. (More specifically, the fire making portion.) To do barbarian training, go South of Barbarian Outpost to the lake, and go around the South West side of it to find a hut, containing Otto Godblessed. A guide to Barbarian Training has already been made by Tip.It, so I'll post that here: http://www.tip.it/ru...an_training.htm --- For starters, getting to the Mithril Dragon lair is rather simple. (All three of these guides to get to the dragons are made assuming you've completed Barbarian Training to the point where you've been given the ability to enter the dungeon. Otto will tell you that you're able to go in after the fire making portion of the lessons.) Alright, so I’ve spent enough time talking about getting to the actual dragons, but how about slaughtering them? :D There are a couple equipment setups you could consider that would be efficient for killing Mithril Dragons if you’re aiming to take down a lot of them. Items to use – Quick Note: I haven’t used Ganodermic at the dragons yet, but they have a high magic damage soak. (The armor has great magic defense.) Feel free to use it, I prefer my Bandos setup shown below :). Due to players commenting about me not including higher level, expensive armor into the guide, I'll include it for them. Head: Slayer Helmet* > Helm of Neitiznot > Veracs > Fighter Helm > Other Barrows Armor > Void Amulet: Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory Cape: Completionist Cape/Max Cape > ***TokHaar > Fire cape > ***Skill cape > *Cape of Legends/**Soul Wars Cape *Only cape with a life bonus. Life bonus of 100 **Second Highest prayer bonus of all capes at 6 ***The TokHaar cape offers .4% more melee bonus over skill capes. The Skill capes offer more armor bonus over the TokHaar, as well as 2.4% mage/range bonus. Pick whichever you prefer. Shield/Off-hand: Nex Gear** > ***Off-hand Chaotic Rapier > ***Bandos War Shield = Dragonfire Shield > Anti Dragon-fire Shield > Void Deflector Weapon: Chaotic Rapier >Chaotic Longsword > Korasi’s Sword > Whip Body: Nex Gear** > Bandos Chest Plate > Barrows Armor > Void Legs: Nex Gear** > Tassets > Barrows Armor > Void Boots: **Steadfast Boots > Nex Gear** > Dragon Boots Gloves: **Goliath Gloves = Culimancer Gloves 10 > Culimancer Gloves 9, etc. > Void Ring: **Ring of Stone (i)/Any other good combat stat boosting ring > Ring of Wealth Aura: Vampyrism = Greater Reverence *If on a slayer task. Do not use otherwise. DO NOT use the slayer helm if you plan on using void. You need 4 void items including the helm to get the bonus it offers. People have been telling me that void got “nerfed” with EOC, so it may not be worth it to use it. It has low defence and doesn’t offer much bonus HP. Use it if you want; I don’t anymore. ** I put Goliath gloves as equal to the Culimancer Gloves 10, because the Goliaths degrade. I personally use the Culimancer Gloves 10. Also, I use dragon boots (because I don’t have the money for steadfast boots, and I also use a Ring of Wealth because I can’t be bothered to get a Ring of Stone (i) lol. I don't have Nex gear either. I’m also 99 Attack/Strength/Defence, so I don’t need quite as much damage bonuses. ***ONLY if used in conjunction with SUPER ANTIFIRE POTIONS. The Bandos War Shield was set equal to the Dragonfire Shield due to its higher bonuses, if you need those bonuses to make a difference in your fighting ability. Prayers to Use: Protect Item Deflect from Magic OR Melee (If you choose to wear dragon hide armor, that obviously has high magic defense bonus; you should concentrate on melee protection [and vice versa].) Piety (Or your best stat enhancing prayer such as this.) Curses to Use: Protect Item Berserker Deflect Magic/Melee (Your choice [as mentioned above in the prayer section], depending on your gear setup/stats.) Soul Split Turmoil Side Note: Below, you will see some gear setups/scenarios as what to wear/bring. If you can’t use certain items due to level restrictions, swap them out for other potions/items. Also, if you don’t use the action bar or any of the new abilities, consider swapping the adrenaline potions out for food, or other potions. Edit; [spoiler=Second Setup (Inventory)]For the second setup with Extreme potions, I forgot to include prayer potions. Substitute as many potions OUT as you would like Prayer Potions IN. Remember, you'll be drinking stat boosting potions semi frequently to deal the most damage possible. If you run out of stat boosting potions but have a lot of prayer potions left, you need to try a different combination! :) This setup emphasizes melee protection, assuming that you’ll be Soul Split flicking, or just using Soul Split, or just protect from/deflect magic. Combined with Turmoil/Piety and high stats, you can WRECK them. If you can't use the potions I showed, swap the higher level ones out for the lower level ones that you can obtain. Beware, you won't get as much/as many boosts to your stats to aid you in killing the dragons. [insert Proselyte Picture] [Coming soon! :D] (As soon as my friend sends it to me :P) Proselyte armor is to be used if you’re looking for prayer bonus. Defence isn't as high as any high tier armor, but if you choose the correct Prayers/Curses in combination with your stats, you can definitely make it work. If you have stats that are ~90, (about 90), consider swapping 1 of each potion out for more food. Use the BEST food you can. [insert Void Picture] [Also coming soon :D] I would NOT suggest void, but it’s your choice. As stated above, I have heard that the “bonus” you used to receive has been “nerfed.” Combined with low defence and low HP bonus, I wouldn't suggest this. (Normal Void and Elite Void have the same stats I believe, the changes are purely cosmetic. PLEASE comment if this is false, with evidence so that I can correctly update the guide.) Special Thanks To: The Tip.It team for allowing me to make this thread to help others, even if it isn't perfect yet. You guys have definitely helped me with the game, whether it be quest help, skill calculators, or just general guides. +1 to all of you! The moderator who gave me an infraction for the .gif in my signature being too large. Vezon Dash Bluud PolarBearBlue aerendil -------------------------------------------------- Edited: November 29th, 2012 (11/29/2012) [Released] February 5th, 2013 (2/5/2012) [updated] To Be Added: Proselyte Armor Setups // Inventories Ganodermic Mage Armor Setups // Inventories Update Stats Picture Video of Mithril Dragons being slain [Probably not going to happen very soon, but maybe in the close future.]
  14. Great work so far. I'd offer to play with you (Maxed combat, but 98 range, 97 summoning) but you're DIY. I'd enjoy chilling with you in-game sometime! :P
  15. Alright, so I did Dream Mentor yesterday and saw some differences between the quest guide here, and the in-game quest journal. (I did send a message on facebook about the updates because I forgot the website had forums) Anyways For starters, the required combat level is now 120, not 85. Next, I'm not sure if this changes from person to person, but the monsters you have to kill have had their levels changed. (At least for me) here are the levels: The Inadequacy: 140 The Everlasting: 134 The Untouchable: 140 The Illusive: 2 Hope it helps :) RS name: XPWasting (Private is on friends, join Age of Ancients clan chat to talk with me, or my friends chat.)
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