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  1. Heyyyy, I'm maxing tomorrow (6th february) at 9-10 GMT game time. Which is 2-3 hrs before game reset, click my signature for the blog link, hasn't really been updated but it shows you what I'm achieving :) Would love to see at least a couple of tipiters there! :D
  2. That's funny coming from the biggest newb on Tip.it. :wink: Also, shame for having 0/88 summoning. Shame. But good luck anyway Cheers! I am now 90 summoning :D Will post a stats update!
  3. Thank you :) I will post when I get level ups and other such achievements :) Yeah aha took some time but I got there, thanks again :D Cheers :) Haha yeah having so many skills about 100k from 99 is really tempting but I've come this far so I don't want to give up now :P
  4. Here is my barraging setup for collecting crimsons; Virtus Helm > Ganodermic Helm > Farseers Helmet Saradomins Hiss > Fury > Glory > Magic Amulet Virtus Wand > Ahrims Wand > Master Wand Virtus Book > Ahrims Book > Grifolic Orb (I would recommend using wand + orb combo as it makes barraging much faster) Virtus Robe Top > Ganodermic Poncho Virtus Robe Bottom > Ganodermic Legs Fire Cape > Skill Cape > God Cape Virtus Gloves > Ganodermic gloves Virtus Boots > Ganodermic boots Seers ring (i) > Seers ring Using full ganodermics with master wand and grifolic orb is still a sufficient way to gather charms. For more AFKable barraging, bring a charm imp, wear split dragontooth necklace or the better version of it and a bonecrusher. If using Soulsplit + Anguish, the bones from the dagannoths will keep your prayer up and eliminate the use of food also :) The aggro pattern of dagannoths has also changed, so bring a cannon to keep their aggro up, then all you have to do is reload it :) For supreme AFK I would recommend getting a royal cannon from Artisans workshop, as it holds 90 cannonballs. :) Hope this gave you another decent method for getting that yak! :)
  5. I would say around 150k-200k an hour ish, but I wouldn't be able to comment for your levels, seeing as I have 99s in half of those stats and 90+ in the others XD But a cannon is always a good source for leveling range, it's fast and effective, although not sure if they decreased the dmg on it. Don't quote me on that either :P
  6. Well done on your progress so far and good luck on your goals, you'll get there :D Check out my blog? :D
  7. Good luck on maxing man! I'm also going for max! Check out my blog? :D
  8. And I thought getting 99 was hard! Come on man you can do this :D
  9. Nice goals dude! I'm simply working towards my max cape but in a fantastic style ;) Check my blog for details :D I hope you achieve your goals man! With the way you're going, you will! :)
  10. Gooood luck! I have the drygores set myself, they are definitely worth it haha makes slayer a lot easier :D Check out my blog if you got the time ;D
  11. Gooood luck with your goals, I'm sure you'll get there ;D Check out my blog if you got the time :)
  12. Goood luck dude you can do it! Check out my blog if you have the time :)
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