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  1. Good to see you're still making nice gains Rambo! I'll excuse the 4 months since your last update here :)
  2. The chain of dg trainees and teachers continues I see L This was a very long time ago but yea Haters lol.
  3. ~ Thank you Tip.It. Now trimmed I believe it really is a good time to give 'less priority' to Rs, I know one does not simply quit (lol) & it'll be pretty tough for me to even reduce playtime to begin with, but slowly and surely as I get other things to do it shouldn't be a problem. I currently play Rs some 12hrs+ a day, it has become a sort of lifestyle more than just a hobby which I hate to even think of & admittedly I've wanted to slow down for quite a while now, I just felt I still had things to do (trim), so couldn't just stop after putting so much time into the cause. This by no means is a post to say I'm quitting completely... though I will not be posting on this blog anymore, I will be ingame doing whatever, probably afk Seren Stones & collecting Golden Rocks for now just. I do want to focus more on irl so like said the amount of time I will be on will gradually be going down from now. There's still so much that I can do/ acheive in game, all the 120's, overall xp milestones etc. I do plan to get a few things in the future but first and foremost I have to give some attention to other things not game related, I assume once all that's sorted I probably won't have all the time in the world to play (unlike currently), so I will have to become one of those casuals who take 10yrs to complete something that should take a day or 2, lol. I will continue to do my daily warbands (ayy warband prod i know) & will TRY to keep trim but if another RNG req like Kalgs for example comes out I will just rq until I have absolutely nothing better to do. I'm too close to 1b total xp to not think about it (918M as I type this), so I might just do a buyable to get that asap. Couple 120's would be nice also, Mining coming up very soon, Magic will follow suit soon enough I guess. 200M Mining i've decided will be my next "long term" goal. After the aboves all done, who knows what will happen maybe Jagex will come out with some good new content which I'll get hooked on, or not lol. Who knows. On a whole I've really enjoyed my time playing competitively, the game itself is just one big bad grind & if i'm honest I probably wouldn't of played as much as I do if it wasn't for all the good people i've met over the past 2 years, some of whom are now even irl friends too! The vast majority of good times I've had on this game are only special because of the other people who took part with me, example being my Vorago masses after release, met so many interesting personalities many of which I'm still friends with to this day after over a year. Few people who deserve a special mention; Juanchi223 [Quit], DontWait [Quit], Farki [Quit] & PrinceAko - These 4 + me were always together back in like 2011~, known Juan especially since 2006! I'm sure if them 3 who quit came back now they'd be shocked at how much I & this game have progressed. Alex (PrinceAko) been there since day 1 of going for max, we actually made a bet one who'd max first, having someone with the same goal & same(ish) levels helped alot! Jannina, Sean2002 & Ninzy - These 3 have been there almost every step of the way, no 2 days are the same with these guys around. That month of Nex duo with Sean which got my bank up & going with drops like this; I will never forget. :P Stellatus [inactive], Vulpine [inactive], Rafael, Crim, Compromised, Zelia, Fab & all the other people i did DG with! - Such fun, be wide awake at 3am just lmao because of these guys, made DG sooo much better than it could of been with w77 randoms. Thank you for the good memories :) Vorago'ers; Ricky, Icesayer, Cupcake, STEV (Haven't forgot u), Airwick, Neemz & the many others. - From the beginning when we used to voke in a circle & have someone spam ==== GTFO ==== on reflects, good times. :') Everyone who did Castle Wars with me making ALL THE GAINZ - #cwexperts on IRC, check them out. Everyone past & present in Almostlost warband fc - All the xp, helped so much. Hannaa! - This idiot gets a special mention, she introduced me to a whole other side of RS pretty much, from being the first to show me how its done in DG to getting me the hook up's with warbands & castle wars most of the things I took part in is because of her, so tysm. :> I would also like to take this time to thank every single one of you who have read this blog, it's been a fundamental part of my ingame success & wheter you were vocal on here or not, seeing the veiw count go up motivated me to continue so much, especially while going for max cape. I wish everyone goodluck in there goals, especially if going for max, comp or trim. I hope you have as much fun as I did! :D <3
  4. ~ Goal Achieved.. Finally [email protected] :D Had a screenie of claiming trim but potato laptop ruined that idea, rip. So it's all over, for this blog at least, I've far surpassed what I first set out to do & have reached an end goal that I'm finally fully content with. Like i've said before this blog was just another Road 2 Maxcape blog, I didn't ever think at the time of creating this that I'd eventually get Comped let alone Trimmed! Will follow this post up with a proper goodbye of some sort when I have time. :P
  5. Gz on 120 magic! Nice shoutout to Hanna,, can i have a shoutout soon too pls
  6. ~ Todays the day! :D Last req: Took a lil longer than expected.. I originally planned to trim by the 30th of Sept, but today I finally get trim! Been sitting on 233/250 reaper points needed for a while now, will do a KK mass tonight with some friends to finish of :) Could of been done a few days ago however I was lazy with the 8 Dark Beast req & rq Kalg Demons idk how many times. Word of advice to anyone who ever plans on trimming, get Kalg titles out the way asap, there the worst, it took me 2719 kills for all 5 titles which is almost right on the avg supposed drop rate. Preblem is they really dont come 1 every 500 kills... 1st: 90 2nd: 1419 3rd: 2482 4th: 2.5k~ 5th: 2719 I got really lucky at the end, but going over 1k kills dry twice is a real motivation killer, I averaged around 100-110 kills per hour & a good handfull of times I did just say forget it & bankstand out of fustration lol, all the rainbow beams for oynx's (at one point got 5 within an hour) and worthless pieces of Demon Slayer just make it worse, definately regret not starting this req sooner! Right now I'm collecting gold rocks for my 4th statue, unsure how this trim req works, not really much info out there but that should be done within the next couple hrs.
  7. - Thank you Breaking Bad,, :D Champion Scrolls wasn't too bad overall, I was really lucky to begin with but then it all turnt sour while trying to get the last two (Earth Warrior & Mummies! :@ )... I didn't count kills for each monster though I did bring a bonecrusher for all the bone-dropping monsters & had my xp counter set to prayer.. I managed to get a total of 46k prayer xp, with roughly 15k bonus xp to begin with... meaning I got 6 scrolls in well under 8k kills. Looking at the timestamps, I got the first 6 scrolls in around 40hrs.. incl. sleeping my avg 6-8hrs per day :P.. Jagex decided giving me a scroll wasn't that important though for the last 2, I must of spent about 30hrs at Mummies and about 15-20hrs at Earth Warriors. 1: Goblin - I camped just west of Port Sarim Lodestone w/ cannon, really afk never had to stand idle for too long. [spoiler==] 2: Skeleton - Lumbridge Catacombs w/ Earth (Rock?) barrage, involved alot of clicking but not too bad as theres quite a few skeles there all in a small area. [spoiler==] 3: Hobgoblin - I went to the spot under Tree Gnome Village, small room with 4 or 5 goblins, nice & afk w/ cannon. [spoiler==] 4: Giants - Hill Giant resource dungeon w/ earth barrage & cannon, required a little more attention cause there kinda spread & retreat. :| [spoiler==] 5: Banshee - Ranged them in Smoke Dungeon w/ cannon. :P [spoiler==] 6: Ghoul - I tried for this one a while back, they suck, wayy too much time spent idle.. I got lucky though & got it after about an hour of being there this time. :D [spoiler==] 7: Earth Warrior - Chaos Tuneels. These sucked, lose agro every 10 mins, run away and back yet they still stay non aggressive, was so annoying and happened far too many times, not to mention this one took soo long compared to the others. [Rant over] [spoiler==] 8: Mummy - The auto-retal bug was really noticable here, died once infact due to going afk and ofcourse not killing whatever was attacking me. >.> I tried Urlak w/ cannon for like 3 days before ragequitting & going back to the DT Pyramid and ofc got the scroll same day. :P (I have a feeling you can't get the scroll from the Mummies in Urlak, idk.) [spoiler==] Lastly, I put thank you Breaking Bad as the title to this post because I started watching it from the beginning when I started going for scrolls, I had just finished the last episode of Season 4 when I got my final scroll. :P For the past week this is pretty much how i've played rs(s) lol; [spoiler=How2playrs] Not a huge fan of 07 just waiting for Corp release atm so I can make some more Gp's :P Also finished final court case today & I'm all set to do a run of hardmode BA anytime now, (finding people to do a normal run was a pain.) Next on my agenda, Kalg Demon titles... Will be starting them later today, hopefully it doesn't take too long. Also back to doing daily ports again due to that recent poll. yay for ports v3.... :|
  8. - Almost done :P Haven't really been on TIF lately, not half as much as I used too :(. As for this blog, it's almost at it's end... The screenie of me getting Trimmed will probably be my last ever, which is now only a few weeks away. (Depending on the length of trim reqs handed out by the upcoming Elf City opening). Between the last post on here & now I havent really done much else apart from the weekly Strange Rocks & Court Cases. every other req I have shouldn't take too long so I've kinda held them of for as long as possible. :P - 3 Weeks of Rocks, due to finish them on the 30th of Sept. - Last Court Case is ready to do next wednesday :) - Kalg Demons will be done next week while I work on gathering 8 Champion Scrolls this week... Fun. - I've slacked with Soul reaper, will have to do soo much slayer (currently have 1 slay point lmfao). - lol Hardmode BA.. I just finished Chompies a few mins ago which actually inspired me to post on here, will post other completed reqs on here too if I remember. Hoping they find a major flaw in Elf City & delay for a month so I can trim :P
  9. I got 4 or 5 batch 2 Court Cases left, so I'll be done with them just before rocks fortunately :) Hoping that Slayer req isn't too long, especially now the new statue won't be an issue!
  10. ~ lolcws loltrim :) Yup, this is were I've been hiding for the past month~, could of finished maybe a week or 2 sooner if I hadn't slacked of at the start of last month (when I started this goal). Still 12 weeks from trim due to statue, RIP. This was the last/ only 'major' hurdle in my way though.. rest can easily be done within this month even. Probably won't be doing any trim reqs apart from weekly rocks & court case once this new boss comes out (fingers crossed it's good!). Currently working on Mob Army rank (56 currently) & elder div chronicles.. Zzz
  11. ~ 200M Dungeoneering Achieved! (loldg) Yess, road to 5.2b exp leggo..... Also got 50M Mining & the Imp champion scroll, such gains I know! :D I'm kinda unsure on what to do now though, all but given up on the Imp seasonal & trim is a little too far away currently to really push for it, ehh decisions!
  12. ~ Gainsz I actually thought the Castle Wars weekend was planned for the last week of May, oh well I did what I could. This is how many tickets I got on Sunday alone, though Saturday I had plans so couldn't play as much as I would of liked! Won't be going back for a little while, got quite a few things I want done before Cwars req. Current ticket count: 1157. Also passed 700m total xp! :D My xp gains are going to pretty much come to a standstill from next week monday as I go for the Imp slayer seasonal! GL me lol :P
  13. - Kalphite King - Saturday 17th May 2014 - Coinshare Mass Time and Date Date: Saturday 17th May 2014 Time: 8PM BST Friends Chat: Dwaynee [pending]gre_1400353200[/pending] - This week we will be taking on The Kalphite King! Formerly dubbed the "Toughest Boss in RuneScape history", The King is a boss monster who can be found in the Exiled Kalphite Hive. At a combat level of 230, it has since dropped down to the rank of 3rd strongest monster in RuneScape, do not let this fool you though! It's vast range of damaging attacks, hard hitting minions & deadly '1 hit' special make the Kalphite King one boss not to under estimate! The Kalphite King uses all three styles of combat, randomly cycling through them as the fight goes on... changing it's weakness in-line with the combat triangle as it does so. It is there for common, although not mandatory , for players to bring two styles of combat to deal with this. Read on below for a general guide on the Kalphite King. - Getting there Preferred route is running straight South-South East from the Bandit Camp lodestone. (Requires completion of Desert Tresure quest) -------------------> - The Fight Although it is possible to solo the Kalphite King, there are 3 main roles in which each person in a team must fulfil, these being; Role one: Tank - The tank is to have the Kalphite Kings attention on them at all times via use of incite & provoke, taking the bulk of The Kings hits when it is doing focused attacks such as on it's Melee phase. - Stay away from the walls & lure KK away from minions if it does happen to dig while there present to lower the amount of damage you take! Role two: Provoker (Voke) - The job of the Provoker is exactly that, to provoke the Kings attention when necersery to avoid the tank being downed by it's special 'Green Attack'. The rest of the time they just do DPS. (See role three) - Try and keep adrenaline high/ full at all times, ready to use an ultimate or resonance to negate the damage of the special attack. - Vokers may chose to bring runes for the Lunar spell 'Heal other', for use after triggering barricade. Please Note: The Kalphite King does not use it's green attack while on it's Magic phase, therefore feel free to dps without worry during this period. Role Three: Attacker (DPS) - It's the DPS job to smash the King into submission as quickly as possible, clearing it's minions along the way. Simples! - Be prepared to step in as a back up provoker incase of the main one dying (which is fairly common), so bring a shield. :P - Advised setup Below an example of what gear to use & inventory: Inventory is largely down to personal preference & confidence. Make appropriate changes were necessary, for example, more rocktails instead of portants. Make necessary changes to gear to accommodate your levels, max DPS gear isn't a must, especially given the numbers that regularly attend TMHT events! :) - TMHT Recommends - Completion of Desert Task set for quick teleport to nardah bank & lovely tribrid stats of the necklace! - Overloads, Turmoil & Soulplit. Super/ extreme potions will work fine too! - Completion of Desert Treasure quest for use of Bandit Camp lodestone. - At least 70+ in chosen style(s) of combat. Looking forward to seeing you all there! :D
  14. Am I the only one who was expecting the Zaros combat update today? >.< I like that they did this though; "the top 100 players in a seasonal hiscore category now have access to its reward title - not just the first-place player. The first-place player will get a special gold version of the title to show off their achievement, though."
  15. ~ New goals :P Been well over a month since I last posted an update in this blog! Reason being I haven't been able to play RS pretty much at all cause some idiot dropped his main laptop while walking downstairs... lol >.< Now I'm back though, I've decided to change my goals a little bit... I'm still going for trim, but unlike previously I'm not going to be spending all day & night at Cwars. :P This is because up until about a month ago I never knew court cases take a minimum of 22 weeks to complete!? :( I have like 950 tickets currently so I guess they'll come in handy later, many months from now. So, instead I'm going for total xp milestones & 120 capes! 200m dg is on my list of things to do first. (How long ago was it I said I would of had this? :P) Secondly I will be Mining, (yes actual mining, not just stealing from a camp) to hit 50m xp (45m atm), once that's done I won't pay much attention to it until either; A: I have a ton of bonus xp in it (enough for 120) or B: I get close to 120 from all that warbanding (close being like 70-80m xp). Thirdly I'd like to increase all my stats to 20, 25m then 30m xp+ I'm hoping by the time I have all this is done I'll have all the weekly trim reqs almost done if not long completed... Court, Rocks & Circus. Rambling over, I've been back in game for about a week now. Just in time for my monthly clan comp.. Mining :D, that explains the like 2m gain I did over the weekend, not going back till 200m Dungeoneering. Going to leave a xp tracker below for my DG progress I think! Other than that I've been doing a bit of duo Nex, a few runs of BA & an hour or 2 of heist, for Mining and Thieving bonus. Only 2 drops to show out of 50~ kills, also got Pernix gloves but non LS & it didn't broadcast? (Not that it's anything to scream about lol) [spoiler=Drops] Other stuff; Pretty much at wits end with ports at just 25% to shield, its become such a chore imo, rarely do it unless I happen to be using the capt log. Will be working on updating the Tip It Kalphite King guide, keep an eye out for that in the near future :) Byeee
  16. Hey Ted, welcome back! :) Are you on Eoc or 07?
  17. As your taking the role of DPS I'd recommend you try out that Void armour of yours, you should see quite an increase in damage output compared to Gano! :) I wouldn't suggest you change to a different style of attack unless you have a higher tiered weapon to replace the Staff of Light your currently using. Also I see you have the magic level to use Blood Barrage! although a bit more costly than Dust runes, it has a higher damage output & will heal you somewhat too! General rule of thumb is to kill it before it kills you (or your tank in this case), so the more dps you can get the better! :) Lastly try having your tank wear Gano & using magic also, that should protect him much better than Torags.
  18. ahh later on in the post you see me refer to it as 'it' because I hadn't a clue! Thank you for clearing this up lol :)
  19. WBG & there green capes, just ew! Nice kill count though :)
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