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  1. Another "yay" Was a fun game, now full focus on osrs until rs3 has something new to offer
  2. I am not a physiotherapist but i'm pretty sure that a leg shouldn't function like this:
  3. Mfw when i realize that i really have to focus on DG again to get 120 before Invention so I don't have to wear s**t looking capes after i lose my max cape But in general, I really do like the idea even I don't have time to grind :(
  4. Erm, 5 days, because i have under an hour to play every day. But i could easily do 20+ kills per trip (leaving because ran out of ovl/antifire/pray pots etc, so my setup wasn't perfect.
  5. 60 rune dragon task completed now, made around 16m profit 2x visage, 1x steadfast scale, 1m from clue and sprng cleaner grinding 60 drops Not bad.jpg
  6. What os your tactic? Death swiftness and tuska's wrath is your best friend in there :) Using worst slay helm + death lotus top/chaps + chaotic cbows + warpriest gloves/boots 2 visages in 20 kills >.<
  7. I think i am doing something right when i feel that rune dragons are even too easy to kill >.> Oh well, my spring cleaner grinds with a pleasure.
  8. Why people want spring cleaner so bad? I have it and never found any reasonable usage for it
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that it's from Avatar?
  10. >Be dungeoneering, do a path alone >oh sh*t is that an Edimmu >ok time for you to get rekt m8 >this is such bs and time waste, they never drop anything >kill anyway >holy [bleep] what is that :OOOO >be like this for the rest of the dungeon
  11. It's all because we post nudes @ Hlf forums. One of the most popular threads is "Post 10 P*****s before jmod" Ok, that's immature. Ofc hlf forum users want to keep it private.
  12. I have a question about Daemonheim task set achievement. For task "Stacked", you will need to have 225 ammo bound to you at startup. I have around 150 sagittarian ammo bound to me at the moment. The question is, can I make 225 lower tier arrows for this task without losing my sagi arrows? I understood that if I bind runes i will lose the arrows. Or do i have to obtain more sagi arrows?
  13. Are you me? Got hexhunter bow couple hours ago -> binded it -> realized it's complete bs today -> destroy and stick with my sagi
  14. Lel, that method is slow. The most efficient way i have found is that you click the next obstacle just when you are about to complete the last one. It will make your character continue as fast as with Velocity. There is one obstacle that can't be right clicked during completing the last one, but that is where you set your velocity to kick in. Thank god for 34 second laps.
  15. *Le money making face* (Made 2M already by flipping for 15mins, lel)
  16. Gotta log into my accounts "Nub in a pot" and "Banana" then.
  17. Only thing that bothers me in Legacy is that the max hit when boxing is 53. Box duels take forever.
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