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  1. Gained 750k atk exp in 30mins today with th dummies planted it 1step south of lvl 1 wildy so it lands in wildy, ran out of dummies to and can't use friends due to bad xp Fish brawls are like 200k fish a day if u cap on 4 by having friends place/use vis wax to extend.
  2. Is it just my game that is oversensitive, every time I use a bone on notepaper it moves notepaper, and I ofte get the destroy option on cstaff etc when I try to wield, might just have a shaky hand making it think I dragged the item out of inv to quick drop/destroy so annoying. Sucks to hear u destroyed be more careful doe
  3. Pretty much what leik said, my gear was full tetsu / dual dryg / brawlers neck / max cape / bandos boots+gloves / levi ring / vamp aura. Kept mage pray on permanently for p4, never even had to panic eat+brew. e: I didn't actually zerk because I was scared of getting hit for like a 5k or something, but thresholds cleaned it up pretty quick, only got hit by the acid wave once. ye I almost got shanked by core after zerking rofl, but I [bleep] knocked it out so fast I didn't even realize. Viva la meleescape
  4. If I die I'm hoppin in my longboat to go iceland and slap you with a trout dipped in lava from røykjakull or w/e the volcano is called e: aids spelling, was on my phone ok
  5. [bleep] yes need to get back to slay asap Got blue drag task.and 27 pts tho.. and wanna get rainbow baem
  6. Ay bruh can I have that 3a cape u got if u gon play official diy mode Was worried for the longest time you'd snipe "runar" (my irl name) but keep it up you're 1 of like 4 diys I enjoy watching
  7. On't care if it is devalued I don't play rs for xp, and I just don't give a [bleep] about top page as I try to focus more on irl than forever spending my days cheering for people that put their entire lives on hold for rs achievements. Also yoo is geel
  8. Y'all talkin bout iron man mode and how dope it gonna be Meanwhile I'm sat waiting to see 80% of people trying it ragequit cus too hard/cry cus dc during hardcore mode lel
  9. I'll be making a hypothetical list when I get home from vacation (on my blog probably since it's a goal of mine to attempt) but it's roughly the same as my previous list, div first as it just helps with all skills How does div help skills for an ironman beyond the porters that bank fish/drops for you? And @Licert, I think dg would be incredibly useful as a first 99, or at least 80+ skill, yup. Easy t80 weps for all 3 styles. Quests would all be easy with chaotics. What should an ironman acc use their XP lamps/BXP rewards on, considering that one wouldn't really think of skills in terms of gp/xp anymore? Maybe prayer? I imagine divination for the daily locations, but I'm not sure.Ill be lame if diys can use other peoples divine locs. Also can we all pls call it diy and not iron man? Iron man is such a dull oldschool private server expression
  10. Iron man in itself is pointless. Sorry diy the rdal term for it, people overhyping it on hlf it will not be worth the effort and diy in rs3 is beyond tragic cus of th/span/easier things thank god wbs are frozen makes it a bit tougher atleast
  11. People to heist with alts using the ur alt v team 1 and team 1's alts vs ur team lol
  12. Is that from personal experiences? You told someone you knew and they laughed? cause I'm sure if someone has been working a lot and got a successful work career they aren't going to bother dissing other people's choices or laugh in their face, they know that they worked on what they wanted and others did what they wanted
  13. Nobody can disagree that qa does a horrid job.Look at mod wolf and the th/sgs qa testers, failed to notice the strongarm burial animation and that caused people to get 20m xp/hr pray
  14. Lol this discussion makes me sick... People who play a lot of rs are no lifers because they are not directly effecting or increasing their means in 'real life'. Something with which I agree. People in the professional world are in the real world and therefore their 'no lifing' as you called it, directly affects their means of life. You cannot compare someone who is working 12 hours at a real life job and then going home and making dinner and then sleeping 4-6 hours to someone who sits in front of a computer for 12 hours+ gaining virtual exp/gp. Reading half the posts about this topic on this thread make me cringe inside because of the fact that people actually think RS is a way of life and that it is respectable because you are doing what you like. Everyone who no lifes RS is sacrificing IRL no matter what the situation. You tell me someone who gains 300m exp a month is respected or actually achieves something outside of RS? I'd probably not believe that. You cannot defend or deem runescape no lifing as either a way of life, or a respected decision regardless of what personal opinions are on the matter. But don't worry, I respect drumgun for playing rs for 16 hour/day 10 years and to jebroom on his 20 hour/day month! Did you expect people to not think rs is a way of life when you came to this thread devoted to discussing methods of playing/praising one top pager for their nolife capability and bringing another down because of spins.. Agreed with everything swarlly said. Rs is a temporary thing and it's not really admirable to see people giving up/putting their health/life on hold to harvest praise and admiration from teens/adults on a forum.
  15. Any difficult fights/puzzles in quest? Not been on yet
  16. Seeing a vid about it makes it easier to understand how it's done even if it's 30 sec long :>
  17. Can u make a vid showing kalger safespot plis xxx
  18. Nice progress man. I made 600k getting 58-70 fletch for an elite ao if u wanna make ok cash afking buy maple logs for like 45 and sell longbow u's for 120ish
  19. Get def up and take full advantage of the game as def is a big part of tierscape. Or move to himalaya and get guided to the top by a 5 star rated sherpa and meditate to find yourself and discover the purpose of life
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