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  1. You should be using mage - blood barrage and a cannon (dual wield + momentum). You'll get 90k slayer xp/hr with it so it's worth it imo. Also using a demonhorn necklace will help as it resotres prayer, and go in a high population world so they spawn quickly :) And yes, abilities stop the multi attacks working, so momentum only (not even revolution). Id reccomend sqitching ahrims for subjugation if you can afford it or even ganodermic
  2. Also using a bonecrusher on all slayer tasks/combat will help you out a lot, since its free prayer xp :) Edit: For tele, use tokkul zo!! By far, by FAR the best tele method. Saves and inventory slot and its the fastest bank to teleport to.
  3. First time seeing this thread (new to tip it forumns), perhaps I am ignorant in saying this; but I really don't think we should speak negatively of top ranking players for their methods of training. To be honest, even if certain players wish to buy their 200ms through dicing or frowned upon methods such as silverhawk boots, it still takes a hell of a lot of effort to go for all 200ms. I mean it's not like you can buy your way through most 200ms, and acquiring the money to be able to train quickly also requires a lot of effort. I think whatever methods these guys are using, well done to them as they are (successfully) competing to be the best. Saying that I still feel sorry for suomi since he did almost all his 200ms before we really had easyscape with the bonus and spins and crap, and was constantly in the public spotlight when it came to e-drama lol.
  4. groups. NEVER solo!!! also, sinkholes EVERYDAY! U will be 99 in no time
  5. 1) Range (saggi bow) with blood necklace and secondary should be primal 2h or mage dual (celestial). Also i'd recommend you do the dungeoneering tasks as it has some really nice additional bonuses whilst dungeoneering! 2) Divination rewards are just daily usage of small skilling locations that last 2-3 minutes and you cap on it pretty quick (divine locations). They don't last long, but over time that xp adds up really well. Mostly good for max cape lol. 3) Nothing I can think of, there's talk of new dungeoneering weapons coming out in the near future so might be worth dunging. Also do quests and stuff for elf city :P 4) 100% revolution, NEVER use momentum unless using ancient magics multi way attacks :P Full manual is best but that gets tiring after a while lol 5) Look at 'revolution' on rs wiki and use that for your action bars (it shows u the best action bars u can have for revolution, for melee, mage and range). ALSO bank has quick presets now so you can do things like herblore super fast ;) Worth checking out! I've set mine to 3 styles of combat for slayer and 1 for qbd since i dont skill much nowadays
  6. i heard drumguns smithing dfs shields for smith xp ;o
  7. Never really searched for journals, but perhaps you could just c1 all the floors a few times to find em ? But on second thoughts you would sacrifice a lot of xp like that so might be worth just keeping an eye out for it while u dg normally
  8. Hey Fob! Nice to meet ya, welcome to the best rs forumns :D
  9. damn man, i miss that rock cake, wish they would make it just as effective in rs3 !
  10. Ive actually been wondering the same thing about dg sweeper, i can't get it to work and when I was searching for help on it on google, there's like nothing from 2013 onwards Oo
  11. I forgot that runesacpe sounds even existed xD I believe there is quite a few audio options tho if you press escape
  12. Seems to be fine for me - but I've had that screen in the past. A few refreshes usually does it ;)
  13. Legacy should be like the old style combat where you just click and it does the rest (no abilities), and revolution is where the abilities are done for you, as long as you set the action bar up :) Revolution is really awesome for slaying and long periods of grinding easy monsters like slayer tasks, but for bossing/dung u need manual :P
  14. I have exams this month so can't really take advantage of any of the may stuff :( But it looks really cool ! Might try to afk some castlewars on that day assuming people are actually at cwars ;)
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