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  1. This is going to be my ultimate goal in Runescape. Will blog about it soon.
  2. I would love to know how to kill TDs efficiently. Maybe a stupid question but how do people kill them fast?
  3. In case anyone here is not aware, Amazon is selling 30 day membership cards for $5.70 (40% off!!!!). Enjoy your discount while it lasts! Before you think it's advertising, it is not a referral link as it has been posted multiple times on official Runescape forums and Reddit. With Bonds surging way above 13M a piece, it might be a good time to start buying membership for cheap. Although it states that you must use a USA address, the membership is not being shipped to your address. Just use a random USA address if you do not live in the states (like me). It is automatically added to your Runescape account (link it to Amazon). You can buy as many as you want in your cart. Hope it helps everyone!
  4. @35:50 My idea gets mentioned once again! :)
  5. I don't even know if Juju Herbs are that worth it to be honest since those secondary ingredients are hard to obtain for the potions lol.
  6. Oh wow I should've added that in (didn't get my first til like mid-2.3k total lol). It's just that I see lots of people trying to get a 99 first before going for anything else. If it appears as none just vote your current highest skill.
  7. Mine was Summoning. How about yours? Vote here!
  8. OMG same thing happened to me while doing a Fremmy Saga yesterday. I'll post a video of that glitch soon.
  9. I just signed in 2007 Runescape and tried to join my clan chat but it did not exist. Then I typed in my own name and it displayed like a Friend Chat interface. Is that true? In the past you were only able to join friend chats but not clans? I remember that me and my friend tried to create a clan chat back in like 2009 or so but it was more of a group related chat.
  10. In this video guide, I demonstrated all the Tree locations and their fastest teleports. I also did it in a real time run. There is additional information on the description if needed. Hope it helps :)
  11. Thanks all! And yeah I hope this option gets implemented at some point soon lol
  12. Skip to 45:40 regarding a suggestion I made! I'm so happy that they mentioned me OMG!
  13. Although I did mention it in my commentary, but here is my list. Inventory: Plant Pot any Tree Seed (preferably cheapest) Water Rune Fishing Urn Toy Mouse any Grimy herb Arrow Shaft x1-15 Feathers x1-15 any orb for Battlestaff regular Battlestaff any Summoning pouch (cheapest/lowest summoning points preferred) Divine Energies for making Portents of Restoration (mine is for lobster so 35 Sparkling is enough) any piece of raw fish that can be used to make Portent of Restoration Gold Ore for superheating Varrock Tab 40 Vis Wax (optional) Equipment: any 1h fastest melee weapon any 1h fastest offhand range weapon (preferably one that does not use ammo) Explorer's Ring 4 (for superheating) Bonecrusher (recommended so it automatically buries bones) Aura itself Also, forgot to mention that Silvehawk boots with Silverhawk Feathers may replace Toy Mouse which saves you a few seconds. However, not everyone has this or can afford feathers so not really recommended.
  14. I'm surprised after 8 comments, nobody mentioned Warbands. Almost every world you will see pking going on when there is a wave. Just be careful pking people here as there are teams that will pile on top of you unless you join a friend chat or team.
  15. I tried making a pouch to scrolls while having this potion in effect but it didn't give me 12 scrolls instead of 10.
  16. Can someone please elaborate this for me? What bonuses are you noticing that you are receiving in each section for VoS?
  17. This hasn't worked ever since release. Certain potions give you very profitable herblore (positive 10 gp/xp). Not trying to bump an old(ish) thread, but did you say "profitable" and "herblore" in the same sentence? What is the method then?
  18. Alright thank-you for the tips! Also, when completing all the levels for comp cape requirement, did you end up getting all lumberjack pieces or are the pieces too rare?
  19. Not trying to steal thread but what is so good about clue voyages? Do they give anything nice?
  20. What's the fastest way to complete this game and level up all characters to 99? Which difficulty would you recommend?
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