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  1. High school should be one of the best times of your life. After high school it all goes down hill lol.
  2. all stats are balanced basically around 60-70 even crafting
  3. haha good replies but whats a good moneymaker when u have to start from scratch?
  4. I've been playing since 2002 but quit after the new "more complicated" runescape came out. Well im back and want to know what to do first when learning everything thats new. I'm level 83 combat, 73 magic the rest of my stats are around 60-70. Right now im on f2p and want to relearn the game b4 i go back to p2p. All i got now in my account are some really usesless p2p stuff and something really expensive. :P 8-) Where should i start?
  5. haha. Well the story behind them was i got a whole set back in 2003? i can't even remember i think like 8 months after they came out. It cost me about 2 mil total. I had the hardest time getting ahold of a pink one though. i think they were approx 1 mil back then. i think i was one of the first guys with a mid level prayer beast pure, and got alot of rune and then pking got stupid because everyone became pure beasts so i quit. But anyways imagine if i would have kept all my hats :shock: 2 blue and a set ofthe rest! :shock: :D
  6. Wow..thats awesome if I wanted to start playing again I would be set
  7. I havent been around the game for about a year and a half now.. i logged on the other day and that was the only item i kept when i quit. Whats one of these worht nowadays and are there many ppl still around that have party hats?
  8. ummm what is this alien head thing and what does it do?
  9. i Live in western Canada..it jsut stopped raining. it rained for 2 weeks straight and we had some major flooding. But now it is around 30 celcius and its dry again. Weathers been weird since my area is considered semi-desert.
  10. Can't Touch This- MC Hammer... Nuff said :o :P
  11. It was my 18th bday :D :P we share the same bday but being in canada im now legal to do anything. woooooo!! :D
  12. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - fishing in the dark (country :P) Dr. Dre- forgot about dre (probably only rap song i havent gotten sick of) and i guess still dre is another rap song Pretty much any ACDC song Alan Jackson- chatahoochie Alkaline Trio-radio Billy Talent- nothing to loose Blink 182- Dammit, all the small things, whats my age again Bowling for soup-1985 Brad Paisley-mud on the tires Brand New- sick transit gloria Garth Brooks- thunder rolls Deep Purple-smoke on the water finch- alot of their songs i cant see myself getting sick of any time soon. Funeral for a friend- juneau Halifax- call all your reserves, sydney..actually i like most songs by this band and havent gotten sick of them yey Josh Gracin- nothin to lose lynard skynard-sweet home alabama mest-most songs again theres more but im to lazy...wow i dont get sick of music lol i got a wide variety in there to lol
  13. There is a girl i like in my math class..i think she likes me to but im not sure. Does she like me? if she does will it turn out into a good relationship? (like how long ect)
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