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  1. I'm P2P since September 2004. I don't play Runescape much nowday because it's bored and I'm tired with Jagex. P2P will make you bored too.
  2. You don't know what most people's real life like. I became addicted in summer 2004 until a few months ago. I have combat 123 and 1700+ total skills but I don't play Runescape much nowday also I bought World of Warcraft a few days ago. I started playing Runescape BEFORE I began doing University course. Now I'm 2nd year University student and I still enjoy with my course. There are no problem that related to Runescape. Also I was addicted for created my own websites during school and college. There were no problems as well.
  3. I don't like death penalty. It's kindly like murder or human kill another human. I'm happy for UK don't have death penalty. Prison for life probably more painful than death penalty.
  4. That's really good post. I start understand a lot now. Thank you much. :) Kido14, I did read many information from official website yesterday.
  5. Do you know Runescape have lots of teenagers as well as rest of MMORPGs? I don't care about cartoon look of the game. Some games that I like are kindly cartoon like SSX, Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest 8 etc. Cartoon look of the games don't mean label as kid games. Same for many cartoon television programmes.
  6. I heard about 1 to 60 levels before. Are there other features like improve skills, doing anything myself rather than having group for longer time (like walk around the world, kill monsters without help, training myself etc) and events etc?
  7. Before I gonna buy World of Warcraft and I still don't make decide if I gonna buy WOW yet even I played Warcraft 3 before. I know there have monthly fee but ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã8.99 in my homeplace and I can afford it. But main reason is "is this worth game?" Don't tell me like "IT'S OWNS", "BEST MMORPG EVER" etc. I just want to know how this good game is and why people claim it's great game. I don't want to waste my money to buy this game if I play it for a few days or weeks then don't play again. Please post here. :wink: PS. If you start notice something about me. Yes I don't play Runescape a lot as I did last year ago. You'll probably see my stats as one of reasons. But I play Runescape for fun at the moment.
  8. Too early judge on new look wild, isn't it? You must accept anything won't stay same forever.
  9. I'm serious think Jagex almost always change anything that look fine but after change or fix it to make worst for every weeks. I'm tired with it now... Jagex should ask fans for what they think about change anything before doing it.
  10. Gratz to The Old Nite. But you should never-ever said he did "finished character" or "complete runescape". Both Zezima and The Old Nite need to do- Quests, mini-games, get 99 for new skill (if it's release in the future), collect items, #1 total exp etc. Also very important is max 200m experiences per skill before they can become officially complete Runescape.
  11. Jagex need make name on every gloves to avoid new scamming. Thank you for information about dragon gloves do exist.
  12. I would be wait to see what's happen with 100th quest. I won't surprise if it's easy quest.
  13. Why you refuse to level up farming? Yes it's suck and I know many people have 0xp for farming. But I also know some quests have good rewards that requirement include farming. For people who whine over how reward is crap blah blah. I gonna said this reward is good. Free exp, new items, new places etc. Don't whine about it if you think this reward is useless. Most quests are not suck but it can enjoy yourself instead of training for hours. I usually enjoy to do quests when I'm bored. :roll:
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