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  1. I didn't get a pic, but I've gotten 1200 in a 3 minute game with Ancients, but my max with whip is like 760 in a 2 and a half minute game
  2. I hope so, catching sharks is my main money maker. :thumbsup: Same here lol :D
  3. I've gotten a left half drop from a hill giant, but I was took excited and forgot to take a picture. I heard anything that drops gems also drops the Dragon Left half
  4. Agility and Theiving...the only 2 skills in Runescape where 99 cannot be bought.
  5. I personally (even though I'm not close to 99 in any of them) want the Agility, Construction and Fishing.
  6. I'm glad he is quitting. It is very unhealthy to play as much as he does/did. I mean, did you read some of that blog? He said he was getting 2.5 mil Fletching Xp A DAY He needs to get out from behind that computer...
  7. I love this new update, for many reasons. 1) I love the new character close up. Makes it feel like a much better graphic game. 2) Rune Boots giving a strength bonus now, always a good thing 3) New fishing animations. It's great to see now the lobster pots going underwater. 4) The new interface is great The only things I am a little etchy about in the new orange text...a little too odd for my taste, I think they should bring yellow back. Also, the emotes really didn't need to be changed, or the two faces for the friends and ignore list. But other than that, great job Jagex
  8. BWebb55


    Cape...even though I would love to be able to wear a helm in there...it would just be too powerful.
  9. I don't think that I will be able to make it, but congratultions guys!
  10. Favorite Task: Dagganoths Favorite Monster: Bloodvelds :
  11. I've felt for a while that Jagex really does need to change the names of the obby items. I mean, why the the Obby Cape the only one wtihout Tz-Tok in front? Seriously...Jagex, rename the items to Obby Shield, Obby Maul etc etc.
  12. I'd have to say it is a tie between my Cape of Legends and my harpoon (for sharkies of course). :
  13. That's a weird way to say it...I always said it Ar-Dog-Ni
  14. I still want my Dragon and Barrows boots first...
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