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  1. What... are.... you ... talking.. about? I lost over 150 million values, 10 years of playing. Not everyone is generous.. more like 99% runescape community is evil, greedy, [developmentally delayed]ed, botter... I'm quitting for good then.
  2. Yes at first I tried login RuneScape just a while ago, it said invalid password or user name... at that moment I knew something wrong because I typed in password correctly. I went to RuneScape site to recover stolen password, I got it recovered.. Logged in game, noticed my log in message has "X" for account recovery information, and check mark for membership time, 28 days. And different IP address, that's a hacker's address. Also my character parked at Grand Exchange.. all my values from bank are gone. I'll not ever play again until I get my items back, I guess I'll never get item back. No idea how did that happen... I use antivirus AVAST and using it's real-time shield feature, Spybot updated and doesn't catch any malware, did not use macroer / botting program, did not download any suspicious file........ I hope hacker get assassinated. Can someone please go report at "Hijacked account?" thread at Runescape.com .. tell them account: Ventuzz .. and hacker's IP address:, and tell them I'm quitting if Im not getting items back. Post here if already done just in case that noone else make dupe report. I can't still login to Runescape site.
  3. Oh my god, i got hacked... how did that even happened? I never used macroer....... I use noscript addon. Hacker left note message saying: "dont be sad" "enjoy free membership" As I still can't login Runescape website... Can someone go to offical "Hijacked account" forum and report my account got hacked, hacker's address: It seem I'll permamently quit runescape... all my 10 years work gone.
  4. I have 3 computers, laptop, 2 PS3... I can't even log in with all of them. I don't know how is everyone being able to log in. They ****ed it up with new capatcha log in.
  5. False password? I put in correct password correctly, I know I can refresh capatcha until something I can read and type in. I've retry many time, it simple doesn't let me in. I do not have problem with other websites that use capatcha. RuneScape site is only site giving me problem with capatcha.
  6. My Java was only 1 update old, I've already remove my old Java and download new Java, installed it... still having same problem. I put in my login info, and capatcha, click Login, then it taking too long senting data or whatever it's doing. Then it sent to me to blank white page. I think this guy having same problem as me - QFC : 25-26-798-62332304 - if anyone able login, can report my problem in that topic?
  7. Is anyone else having problem logging in RuneScape site? Since they added in capatcha now I can't login anymore, it's giving me blank white page. Anyone that can login, please tell them I can't login. Cookie is enabled Javascript not blocked Http Referer is enabled FireFox leads me to blank white page. Internet Explorer says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage What you can try: [Diagnose Connection Problem]" Just to be clear, I'm talking about website / forum Log In, not RuneScape game.
  8. option to make gemmed gold jewellery will appear when you have gem in inventory when you're crafting jewellery at furnace.
  9. I think this one is more epic glitch, it been patched tho (because I reported it?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u2jkZpcM2g
  10. Will you consider relocate abyss runecrafting wizard near Edgeville? The reason why I'm asking because near edgeville is pvper favorite area, and back then people didn't have summoning and powerful equipment. Now people have higher prayer, summoning, better herblore potion, more powerful weapon and armor exist. (Please keep it near Edgeville if relocating)
  11. I voted "no" because I had no idea how will they combat RWT. I probably would vote yes if they explained about it. Like tracking IP address, only allow 1 create account per month, block proxy, block china, etc... This article is good read.
  12. 1. Thieving Man i think..... 2. Fletching unstring bows at Draynor 3. Walk thru Taverly gate and start questing there and skilling member skills alternately.
  13. Well DarkDude98 beat it to me.
  14. Anything new about reward? like any icon-viewer or something?
  15. wear snake boot, or you're planning to use dragon boot to tank ranging?
  16. That spreadsheet page keep giving me error pop up over and over, i can't seem to get rid of it. Air Battlestaff, Water Battlestaff, Earth Battlestaff, Fire Battlestaff all alch for 9300
  17. Love Story quest, and dungeoneering update.
  18. it might be certain spot in RS being crashy... Walking to door toward Throne room on Miscellania crashes for me sometime And recently, new dungeoneering dungeon came out, dwarf mining dungeon (one with bank deposit in it) crashes when I was mining one of silver. That's about it, anywhere else is fine.
  19. Maybe something to add.. right after "Del Monti" on karamja, go south and buy 10 anti-poison, shop sells them for 300 each i think? and sell them on GE for 1400 each (as of today)
  20. if you have karamja glove 3 teleport to shilo run to general store, buy all water vial pack run to fishing shop, buy all feather take cart ride take 40 pineapple from pirate guy (use it to make supercompost) run south more to another general store, buy all anti-poison idk "profit" out of it, but i always do that everyday
  21. What's the deal with herb growth time in farming? Rarely I get herb that's pass 1 hour 30 min and it keep won't grow waaaaay pass normal growth time. Why the hell? Just today I planted herb seed at 4:45 pm (I noted it in rs note) then about 6:30 pm, I thought time to get herb and replant seed. I gathered 2 herb patch, then on my 3rd herb patch visit, herb there wasn't finish. Every time I see that, I normally do something else small, like thieving Master Farmer, did that every 10 minutes, check the herb, wasn't finish every 10 minutes. After that I decided just log off and do something else, house chore, watch online videos, dinner, stuff.. check every 15 minutes, it won't grow still. It finally grow somewhere in middle of these time 10:30 to 10:55 pm. I had to wait more than 6 hours to wait on that stupid herb. It makes me want to quit farming. I'm done with RS for today.. I didn't do much in RS, I could have gone grinding hunter from 85 to 88 or something if this didn't happen. It makes me so mad. Why Jagex hasn't fix it? Did they just make it like that in there to annoy people? It makes me want to just plant herb in morning, then ignore farm entire day, then replant herb before my bed time from now on.
  22. Just to throw in my opinion, I think Soul Alter will be in Mage Training Arena. Because torch on walls has symbol look like what's on soul rune and that arena has floating book, animated robe, sword, staff, animated rune guardian, where do they get their soul? There?
  23. No I didn't look there... Did you even look? First I look at Combat page (tip.it), says "-7" Second I look at item database (tip.it), search ranger.. click Ranger Hat says "7" (no negative sign) I have no knowing which is right, because I don't have one. Just informing that one of them is wrong.
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