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  1. shannon

    Le close

    thankss : )) (edited my sig) :
  2. shannon

    Le close

    Style: Type: Gender: Size: <450x175> Render:none Background colour: black Main colour: red, dark red? Font: pixel Text: shan Subtext: its life, what do you expect? Flying pirate monkey: <FLYING PIRATE MONKAY D:> :XD: thanks thanks thanks!! : if you have time, can i have a matching avvy at size 100x100?
  3. Wow. Thanks ronnie!! Love it. Especially the white stuff around his arm..lol. :thumbsup:
  4. ooops. so sorry. here it is. http://img353.imageshack.us/img353/9762/renderwadesx0.png
  5. Kind: big banner Style: abstract Size: 700 x 200 Render/Stock picture: Colors: red + black B/W? yea Text color: whatever looks best, white probably? Text: shan Subtext: if you think you can, you can. Border white border Brushes you want to be in the sig: whatever is best Other stuff: if possible please animate the text Font wish: your choice Other message: maker - any. Thanks guys. :
  6. shannon

    Lock Plz

    Um..is this still open? I really hope so... :XD:
  7. shannon

    Lock Plz

    Size:700 x 200 Max File Size: none (Please note; if you want a sig to fit tip.it dimensions, having a sig 400 by 200 is going to have LOW quality...) Color scheme: red (dark red?) , black Text: shan (no need to capitalize the "s") Font type (leave blank and I'll find one): Subtext: If you think you can, you can. Font type (same as above): Other: If possible, could you please animate the text? (main text) also, white borders would be nice Yes, this is not a sig, its a banner. THANKS A TON. Image/Render: http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4958/renderwadeyz8.png :
  8. Name on signature: shan Style (Grunge, Abstract, Other): abstract Dimensions in pixels: 450x175 Other detail's (May include pictures you want in sig, etc.) http://www.sdsportsfanatic.com/cuts/images/basketball.htmlclick the 4th one..the one that says "wade" (the pic is already cropped) Make the sig red as the theme please. And i'd like you tp put another line of text saying : ready when you are Ty!! :XD:
  9. Didnt get to see the moss giants yet, anyone can post a screenie please? :D
  10. Wow, thanks! That looks real nice, and it matches my subtext. Love it! Gonna use it and gonna credit ya. =D>
  11. Ok, then make the size that will best fit. Thanks! \
  12. Interesting i guess.....linking all the ideas to a sig so people can notice and support it........... Hmm..
  13. Kind: sig Style: abstract Size: 450x175x30kb Colors: red, darkred Render: http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/4461 ... adewh9.png Font: any that looks best. Text: shan Subtext: Determination.Confidence.Respect.Win. Border 2px black or red. whatever looks best. Thanks!!! :
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