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  1. Chuck Palahniuk, the great mind behind Fight Club (the book). He's written many great books that I've read; Choke, Diary, Haunted. Haunted has many mini-stories within it, each more disgusting than the last. One of Palahniuk's short-stories, Guts, was read aloud and people passed out because of it's great detail.
  2. I work delivering pizzas for a pizza place here, it's really good money with the tips. Last Night I made $23/h and the least I've made was $17/h. Its a great job because all day I get to drive around listening to music.
  3. Because I'm only 17 which isn't that old. I also train for football (american) which gives me a bigger frame than others.
  4. Skateboarding definitely gives a lot of adrenaline rushes. The last few I've had were in a fight and a near fight I got in.
  5. Anywhere in northern Canada, it isn't that rare from what I hear. I live in Yellowknife, NT, Canada (capital city) and the northern lights are common here.
  6. Ive got Brian Sumner and Chris Haslams autographs framed on two seperate pictures, and an autographed skateboard deck of Brian Sumner's.
  7. I used to be so convinced that everyone was out to kill me, including my mom and family members. I didn't really trust anyone. I had to sleep with sheets and blankets covering my enitre body aswell, or else I thought someone would see me and kill me. I had a fear of deep water because I thought Jaws would get me. I was deathly afraid of clowns, because of the clown Pennywise.
  8. BlackMaggot

    Best Cars!

    Toyota Trueno AE86. Initial D rules.
  9. Yeah i don't think there was. I could've sworn I saw the King Kong spoof on a commercial for Date Movie. There's a king kong pic on the SM4 poster. :lol: so? :( King Kong was on the poster but wasn't in the movie, I noticed it aswell. I found the movie had some funny parts, but wasn't as great as the first 3.
  10. When home from work: muffins, bread, baked stuff. After Shower: Dove Soap, Gillette Power stripe, Pantene Pro-V Shampoo. During the day: Gillette Power Stripe.
  11. I'm also Canadian and been there numerous times, and have never seen a price raise. But I have gotten lost. They also have an indoor skateboard park!
  12. Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies) Deftones - Minerva AFI - Girls Not Grey AFI - Dancing Through Sunday
  13. Last year I went to Vancouver Island, BC from Yellowknife, NT. It was about a three day drive with my brother, my sister, and my cousin. It was awesome. This year I'm going to a few paintball tournaments with my team (we're sponsored) so we only have to pay for food mostly.
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