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  1. I was thinking that it could use some random rock tiles that are not all the same(like the grass). You could also have something special like ropes to climb or have a set that would be walkable but you couldn't see your character all or some to make a tunnel. Maybe even those trampolines or different terrain such as fire,ice or veggie.
  2. First you need to get rid of the black lines. If the tail seems like you can't see it thats because it shouldn't be straight white. It also seems that you did shade but you should shade all throughout and not just at the edges. It's back right limb seems a bit too long and wide. Also it comes out a but too horizontal. The tail comes out from the deer a bit too far. The other posters have suggested to save as PNG witch is good because you generally don't want to loose any quality at all for ease of future editing and looks. To save as PNG when you click save as there should be a drop down box(below the filename box) on the dialog that will let you select it in MS paint or another graphics program. You shouldn't have to redo it just because you saved it as JPEG since it's a mindless waste of time, just keep it in mind the next time you make a pixel image.
  3. RuneScape would damn themselves by doing so. It would easily be enough to get them shut down or to revive all accounts... Basically, if they banned skillers, I have a nice website to report them to: http://www.ic3.gov/ ;)
  4. I don't know a large amount about java but I will still try and help: Buy a book and if you don't understand something too well then read a online tutorial and reread the section you don't understand. Jcreator is very good since its very simple but it would help to switch to eclipse once you understand how java works more. After that you just need to stick with it and don't give up with trying to solve bugs because if you don't solve it then you will most likely get the same one again. some programs that you could do since one of the challenges is thinking of a program to write. -print hello world -print the sum of 2 predefined variables -using the Scanner class get input for a length and width of a rectangle and find the perimeter and area, then print those out. -the previous one but use a getarea() and getperimeter() method in the same class. -use a loop to find the exp of a inputed number -input 10 nums into an array and print them -make a class for the last program that will sort the nums and find the lowest/highest. The make a class variable that will hold the array and have another method that will return the array. Modify you client/previous program to test this. -make a class that will edit strings using the string class such as removing spaces or inserting a a word in place of another word that are both parameters. Make a client to test it also. -make a program that acts as a library with the ability to take out and return the books. The book class should have the book name and the author along with and a boolean variable reflecting if it is returned or not. -input 10 nums and create a class that will sort them with selection, insetion and bubble. -make a program that will print out hello world with the swing class/GUI -make a swing button that will print out how many times you have clicked it along with a button to close it. -swing program that you can enter C and convert to F or the other way around and print it out. -runescape calculator that will calculate xp with a scrollbar and a picture with relevance to the certain skill that is selected. -modify the last program to have a choice of getting the xp off the runescape highscores. -modify the calculator to have a text file recording the xp at previous runs. -modify the calculator to have a 2d graph of the textfile. That should give you a good understanding of the java syntax,Scanner class, Swing class, 2d api, java naming and director interface.
  5. It seems like autoers are growing rapidly out of control, I feel like i am surrounded by them sometimes in f2p. When there is autoers in p2p that is a sign that jagex is not doing their job; and people who are willing to pay 5$ to marco in members means that no there is a very low risk of autoers getting banned.
  6. The path he is walking on is a bit too straight and the arm looks circular, the shirt should rest on his arm/shoulder at some point even though it is baggy.
  7. Go to the properties of your thumb drive and go to memory and click use this device along with setting the amount of memory you want.
  8. The two main things that are wrong on them is that there are still white pixels on the edges of the render witch could be from not having enough tolerance on your magic want tool. Also the render do not go with the background at all, you should try and make the background incorporate some of the colors from the render. Don't forget you can change your saturation since some of those colors are a bit too bright.
  9. I can't see the text, it should be clearly visible witch you can do by having more contrast(back vs. white) between the text and the background. The reason people don't post is because they don't have anything to say. I was one of the 10 people that looked at it before you bumped it and I decided not to comment because you haven't done much work--I didn't want to make a eight word long post. The background is decent but ones that look like they repeat a pattern many times or look the same throughout tend to get boring. Pasting runescape images in signatures generally do not look good.
  10. Darrel104

    new sig

    I like it a lot especially the way the flower stands out because of its bright colors.
  11. I would *vote* for the first one too since the contrast between the white and the light blue makes it a bit hard to see. Also, i usually enjoy looking at pixels a bit more since they tend to be more creative.
  12. Right now the only thing that I notice is that the body is too small/thin more like people insist on being idiotic morons(in real life not really any disrespectful posters on this forum, most flaming is caused by miscommunication) but it would of helped if he made it clearer than the words "so far" witch sometimes you can miss it and seem like a nutbag.
  13. I personally wouldn't be about to see any connection in the 3 pictures but i guess it could be the same. I goggled and got this website: http://www.mpio.com/product/productview_hd400.html looks the same as the second pic so i guess it's the right one. I noticed this looks similar too http://www.mpio.com/product/productview_mg100.html
  14. http://www.wnbc.com/news/11931117/detail.html Is it just me of are people getting plain crazy.. who gets killed by their own trash.
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