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  1. This is Runescape, mage and range are there to compliment meelee. :P Well even Fire Cape gives small bonuses to both. There were always better alternatives though. Big grats Matt! and hewo :o Now I demand, through the power of my senile rage, a pic of the new cape equipped :|
  2. UPDATE: I BEAT HIMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO Turmoil NO Soulsplit NO Rapier/CLS NO Yak NO Extremes/Overloads :) :) :) :) :) 10 Super Restores 18 Brews (+18 more in Tortoise) Diamond Bolts Swift Gloves Dominion Medallion Armadyl Set Battle ended with only 2 doses of sara brew leftover. Was a damn close fight.
  3. To all the naysayers I say it's doable. I'm ranging with diamond bolts and an armadyl set. Tortoise packed full of brews, as well as inventory of restores/brews. I made it to the melee stage of #2 before running out of brews, but I had 10 doses of super restore left, so I may be able to bring a couple more brews instead of restores. Attempt #2 now :D
  4. Wow okay I didn't make this thread to have everyone judge the way I play RS. I've never spent a dime on prayer and I'm not starting now. I made this thread for ADVICE (not judgments...) on how to do it WITHOUT those items and techniques. So far only a couple have suggested legitimate advice. If you don't have any that meet the criteria, just keep it to yourself. It's so typical for everyone to be like "LOL THROW SOME MONEY AT YOUR PROBLEMS BRO." Just assume I already have all that crap and are opting out of it. Think of it like a handicap challenge I'm giving myself. What advice would you give to someone doing that challenge?
  5. Yeah I've beaten him before, but there's a big difference between one nomad and two. I'm a bit stingy when money is involved, especially when it's as semi-pointless as just doing this for no reward, but I didn't realize you could buy armadyl runes. I haven't tried the safespot but I'm aware of it, and it looks difficult. I have no idea how woox hits an opponent and hides before they hit him back... it doesn't seem possible to me. Yeah... just tried the safespot. If i wanna just whip spec him to death over the course of 20 hours it would work. But there's no way I can hide from his attacks like Woox somehow does. And I tried it again in a poor attempt at vine whip speccing him to death lol. But I think I've discovered they have fixed that safespot. If he can't see you for x amount of time, he teleports to the middle of the room and just waits for you to come to him
  6. I refuse to spend that much money on prayer and herblore, I just don't like dropping huge sums like that willie nillie. I don't have storm of armadyl either, I only have 7 shards :\ I have plenty dominion weapons and mines and such, but I don't think the sword will last long enough for the fight, and I'm also fairly certain the mines don't work in the tower :(
  7. So here is my dilemma. I want to do the dominion tower special challenge of killing nomad twice in a row. Problem though: No soulsplit No turmoil No cls/rapier No extremes No yak Seeing as how every video I've watched has used at least two of these, I'm at a loss as to how to accomplish it. The only thing I can think of is maybe Blood Barrage.... Any one have tips/tricks/ideas for me?
  8. Can you post a picture of the top floor? I know the boss isn't there, but I'd rather avoid the rumors of other crap being there in its place.
  9. Assuming this is about the vanstrom off cam for shadow attack, perhaps that is why I managed to have him on cam but no damage? I use resizeable, so perhaps the "edge" areas that are extra to the fixed display (eg area reward interfaces etc covers) are considered "off cam" She just said facing away. That could mean having him on cam but looking at his back. I always had him on cam but he was facing left on my screen. No matter how far I ran I took damage so this must be it. Also, would using the medallion to craft blood runes by using the laboratory teleport and burgh de rott teleport be a new quick method? You'd never even need recharges. EDIT: It's actually still a bit of a run :(
  10. Very much agreed. The necromancer set is super legit, but the shade skulls are pathetic... I think the colored/textured orbs are more pleasing than just a matte-colored skull. Should've added the textures to them; like the skeletal lava staff having a lava texture or something. These are just disappointing.
  11. Congrats on making Crew Leader!

  12. That would really only make slight sense if people were not already overpaying for the boots by a factor of like 30,000. They're already paying a ridiculous price at 75k per boot. Anyone attempting to buy them in bulk for 400k each would just be stupid or mathematically incompetent to an extreme degree. Jagex merely assumed people were paying 75k for them often enough to simply raise the actual price on them to that level. The fact they are even at that level now means people are going to stop buying them and use other options such as rune boots or no boots at all, resulting in extremely low demand and no need for overpriced bulk buying.
  13. Erm why? As shown in earlier screen shots you can place all but 1 pair of stones, its only placing the last pair of stones that causes you to get "only 1 a week" message Meaning you only need 2 bank spaces, assuming you collect them all before the week its out, Nobody tells me nothing :(
  14. They need to give us a pouch or something to store these in. Taking up like 15 spots in my bank already in preparation for next week >.<
  15. I have heard many people say for the agility stones the Agility Pyramid is king.
  16. What other courses? If Ape Atoll works I will be happy about agility... maybe.
  17. Doesn't seem like it. I did 10 inventories of yews for firemaking and fletching, and then switched to oak, where i got all of them in the first 2 inventories.
  18. tripsis is a good name :P I was always embarassed to tell people my rsn.
  19. Grabbed Wanderer. My inactive banned account from 2002 is still not available as a name :\
  20. Nah the consistency of my stones varied wildly. On #30 now and it's a pain. Stupid farming.
  21. I was thinking though. When you give the museum 2 pieces, it really only adds 1 bit to the statue. Maybe you only need 15 replica parts to complete your POH statue?
  22. Yes you can get them from the advanced course at gnome stronghold. I got both mine by just hopping low walls at brimhaven. I gave up on tickets.
  23. For those with 99 in these skills it's just plain annoying if we want the final reward. And these bonuses really aren't that great at all at higher levels. Getting 9703 xp at 99 is pathetic, but getting a few k at mid 70 is alright I guess.
  24. Yeah that's what I'm guessing. They did say "The exceptionally diligent may find themselves rewarded even further." :\
  25. Well it must break a second time. How else would you continue gaining xp from Shattered Heart. It's listed under Distractions and Diversions, and all of those are 100% repeatable except Champion's Challenge.
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