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  1. I went back last week in only dagon'hai robes and they weren't aggressive at all. I mapped that place in dagon'hai... so if they are aggressive now, they must've changed it.
  2. Probably their most common drop is rune battleaxe. Anything better is extremely rare. I've killed more than a thousand and I've gotten like 20 chewed bones, if that. The sad part is that most dragon full helms didn't come from drops, but from burning the chewed bones. I know several people who have gotten them from chewed bones, but only one who got a dragon full helm drop off the dragons themselves, and that was on the very first day they came out :|
  3. I was under the impression you could cannon the specters in the Smoking Kills dungeon beneath Pollnivneach.
  4. No... it doesn't work on him cause he is *not* a ghost.
  5. You can get all herb seeds from the master farmer, the higher the herb seed the more rare they are though. Before farming was released they released master farmers, to allow us to collect seeds for when they were ready to release the actual skill. In about 50k potato seeds I managed to steal like 11 torstol seeds. The number of herb seeds I collected fell with the level to use it. 11 torstol, 15 dwarf weed, 30 lantadyme, etc. Guam being the most common, of course.
  6. If you want the extra xp from the dragonslayer gloves just equip them right before you kill the dragon.
  7. Far as I know it doesn't work on him. He's not technically a ghost, but a spirit.
  8. They all stack but from what I've heard, barrows gloves are more advantageous than dragonslayer gloves, as they give more than just attack bonuses. In terms of the long-held debate of prayer bonus vs attack bonus, as far as I'm concerned, attack bonus is your priority. A fury is far better than a stole for steels.
  9. I was wondering if dragonslayer gloves and slayer helmets stack. Dragonslayer gloves give +10% to attack on dragon assignments, and slayer helmet gives +15% to attack and strength on any assignment. So does this mean when wearing both at Steel dragons I get +25% to attack and +15% to strength?
  10. Reportedly the neelde only works when you use a different needle and have the new needle in your inventory :|
  11. That happened to me too. To avoid having to get another helm, just equip the melee helmet and click operate on it twice to get it to turn into the mage helm. I personally find this minigame amazing. It's ridiculously fun to run to the enemy base and pickpocket people's tools just as the game begins. Even MORE fun to run at enemy mages and steal all their runes while they whine about how useless they've become. The higher your thieving the better chance you have of stealing runes/arrows first from what I can tell. Also, the higher your thieving, the more difficult it is for other people to steal from you. I have 89 thieving and I chased this 99 thiefer around for 3 minutes trying to get back the stuff he stole from me (which I had stolen from someone else :D) and I successfuly pickpocketed him like twice. I played this game enough times to obtain 3 entire sets. One mage, one range, one melee. That way I don't waste charges if I want to switch to a different set. I will only wear this stuff for their asthetics, I couldn't care less about their requirements or stats, they just look damn sweet. It's a downer that I had to relinquish 12 bank slots for it all though :? Great update imo.
  12. For now you will have to connect using a different program than the built-in java client we use on the site. XChat or mIRC(most people's favorite) work even better, and will allow you to change your name before connecting to the server.
  13. As if they weren't rare enough. Has anyone ever even seen a divine shield in person? Hey smelly face. Funny seeing you here. In fact I have seen an Arcane, Divine, and Elysian spirit shield. But they were all owned by the same ridiculously rich person >.<
  14. Well now that Errdoth added stat sorting to the mainsite's items database this thread is no longer necessary, so I won't be updating it. If you need to see the best item in a particular stat, check it out on our mainsite here: http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?r ... stats=true
  15. Twice in a row on 65 the Morytania/Mos Le'harmless meteor landed next to the docks on Mos Le'harmless. Like 3 paces west of the broken pillar there.
  16. This week, Ratchet573 has provided us with a guest article and we also have Letters to the Editor #18. We hope you enjoy it! >>> Guest Article and Letters #18 <<< ~Headnazgul, filling in for Rcty ;)
  17. Well when you enlarge anything it pixelates... just the way it works. But I can't make them much bigger, they have to be able to fit onto a whole "page" in PDF reader in order to make them into images properly.
  18. It's been a very long time since I made my first million... Never did it in RSC though, I didn't make my first million 'til sometime in early RS2. I'm leaning towards Splitbark though. The day they came out a full set went for about 1.5-1.8m, so I sold one of the ones I made. I think... It's weird, I remember spending like 1.5m on full black g the morning treasure trails were released, but I think treasure trails came out before splitbark, so I dunno how I got the money o.O
  19. Well now I don't feel so bad that I can't get my Mark of Hazeel back from rsc. A golden zamorak symbol is far cooler than a golden Z. You said the Armadyl staff was changed too though... have a screenshot? If I recall correctly the one in the Temple of Ikov is just a normal staff with a pink orb on it.
  20. I don't know about climing up and down ladders... but I have seen several revenants in the edgeville dungeon. I know for a fact they can appear there.
  21. Interesting. Will add them with the next update to the lists.
  22. After playing the game for 6 years, one understands the point of RuneScape is to have fun. I never had fun grinding skills and playing "efficiently", even though I did it for years. It wasn't until recently that I renounced doing anything on RuneScape that I did not enjoy. I tell people to cram it when they tell me I'm doing things "wrong" or "inefficiently". I do what's fun, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hot Topiced ;)
  23. It used to have 5 or 6 pages but a lot of the posts were lost with the forum rollback :(
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