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  1. I wasn't even aware you couldn't actually die from the smoke alone, but 1 hp... Yeah, I think "MUST" should stay there. As N_odie said, the general public will just assume it's not necessary and get pwned and whine to us about it :\
  2. The poll this week asks "How many Achievement Diaries have you done?" Vote in the poll on the mainsite and then discuss your answers here :D
  3. (Rcty is on vacation so I'm filling in for him this week) This week's Tip.It Times Article, Letters to the Editor #16, has been released. Feel free to discuss the article or post any comments. The article can be found here.
  4. Not only does the evidence outside of the KB contradict you and the knowledge base itself, but the actual IN-GAME slayer menu lists Sumona as 35 slayer minimum, when the knowledge base says 50. Jagex makes mistakes like everyone else. The most reliable source is the game itself, not the knowledge base. Try reading up on these things before accusing us of misleading players with CORRECT information.
  5. The downloadable file should be working properly, I tested it twice. The image for range defense has been fixed. As for the rings, yes, all gemmed rings (enchanted or not) give 0 bonuses.
  6. Apparently the rare(ish) items from the pirate implings include purple bandana and orange stripy pirate clothing, haven't seen any pics to confirm though. EDIT: Purple, orange, and gray variants of the usual pirate outfit. Plus left eye patch. that's about it from what i've seen.
  7. The image links work again. When the forums were updated to phpbb3, the "...." in the URLs remained, even when editing it. But it's been fixed, and I've made several important changes: -Shield and Weapon tables should now be easier to read. -Most tables have been given a "Total Bonuses" column. It's the sum of all of the item's attributes (including negative numbers). It will hopefully give you another way of defining what the "best" item is. -The new robe sets, armored gloves, and shields from Fist of Guthix have been added. -Leaf-bladed sword has been added. -Slayer helmet has been added. The mediafire link has been updated with the new .xls spreadsheet of the tables, totally up-to-date. For those who are curious, I don't intend on adding summoning bonuses any time soon. Mostly because I just don't have enough of the data needed for the tables in order to make a fair judgement of what has the most summoning defense.
  8. I caught one today by Mazchna in Canifis and only got a blue bandana :( Anyone else get anything good?
  9. I LOVE this one. It's not as good as subBlack, but it's pretty close. I think we need at least one black one for people like me. I watch forums way too much for it to be white... it hurts my eyes :cry:
  10. I think it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to note that you need at least 71 summoning to raise an ex-ex-parrot, before you waste your time wandering around mos le'harmless and talking to various pirates like I did...
  11. There's a rumor that the quest reward list is so long that it actually has a scrollbar o.O EDIT: Apparently it was just Darkdude98's screenie that sparked it, which is taken from the quest log, not the quest reward.
  12. Aha, thank you very much. Know how many tokens a baby crab is?
  13. Yeah I just got 40 summoning a little while ago and I'm trying to get a baby crab myself. I've spoken to everyone down in the Mogre Encampment off Port Khazard... nothing. I really want a giant crab lol.
  14. If you have a picture of it I can add it. Otherwise it will require confirmation, which is difficult. It's been many years since I've done that quest, but I don't remember anything about a head.
  15. 1 karamthulhu 1 long bone 20 perfect tortoise shells 80 tortoise shells 30 vulture eggs 12 red eggs 2 blue eggs 1 green egg 52 chicken eggs 369 proboscis 5 phoenix feathers 300 eagle feathers 533 stripy feathers 525 blue feathers 527 orange feathers 530 yellow feathers 536 red feathers S'pose I should start on Wolf bones and Bat bones now. I gave up on a raven's egg after 5k oaks without even a colored egg.
  16. My theory is that you raise an animal, it's kept somewhere in like an enclosure of some sort, then you summon them to your aid. I doubt we'll just be summoning things out of thin air, we'll probably have to obtain the creature before we summon it to help us. And beside that, there's absolutely no doubt that these eggs will be used in summoning.
  17. Umm, i doubt JaGex is that crazy to release the KBD to summoning... Think about this before you post... You'll have the KBD on your side, killing chickens...i mean, seriously... Think please. he said black dragons NOT king black dragons so why dont you think before you post :roll: ps: kbd r nub ot: while its highly unlikely that it would be droped by the black dragon maybe a green or blue i dont see any reason why not Doubtful. Given how many people fight dragons everyday, someone would've gotten one by now. And you can see dragon eggs all over the place, they're not two-toned black and white, they're grayish blue.
  18. I tried those for awhile and didn't get anything. When I first saw that egg I thought of puffins, but people are saying you can't attack them, so maybe the egg's owner won't reveal itself until summoning.
  19. Then where would ravens and vultures come from if not Raven and Vulture eggs?
  20. That wallpaper with the eggs labeled on it would make perfect sense except for two obvious differences you failed to notice. The egg on the bottom is called a RAVENS egg. Not a crazy bird snake thing egg. We know for a fact ravens are one of the creatures so it wouldn't make any sense for a Raven Egg to hatch into anything BUT a raven. It's the same deal with the Vulture Egg. Wouldn't hatch into anything but a vulture.
  21. My real eye: Heavily filtered to look like a sketch.
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