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  1. No it isn't, although they say it is only for IE/FF on their website, there is a google chrome icon if you click on the page and I can download (on a mac) it with google Chrome and install it. I can't however with Safari :( And I don't want any other browser then Safari :P Yeah but the chrome version is not a toolbar (or an extension either really), as it injects it into the top of every page causing increased loading and rendering times.. But as for the radio, that's been there for as long as I can remember (and has nothing to do with Jagex/Runescape like all the other options just another way for conduit to add more adware/spyware).
  2. Considering this has nothing to do with an ex-mod, the article is pointless (Most we already know and the rest is speculation) and the title is misleading.
  3. LoL got my vote, RIOT deserve it way more than Jagex anyway.
  4. Wow, literally... Shame I don't really play much anymore to be bothered to abuse it. But this is a massive help for botters though I mean 2x XP for a week... Great going Jagex. :angry: edit: oh its only to lvl 30, so its not that bad.
  5. Hmm, he's also at Daemonhiem in one of the media pictures.
  6. for those who have not seen already http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/media shows most of the graphical updates.
  7. actually, I'm the only one i can tell whos doing this. I recognise absoultely no names from my clan in others. and i dont mind what sigil i get, aslong as i get one. IMHO you stand more chance at getting a sigil with low LSP in masses. I tried doing the same as you after missing a 5 man div, 3 of us went to mass. Although we had the highest LSP and got 90% of the drops. We missed 1 div, 2 arc, spec and ely in 2 days, I gave up after 60m junk. All of them were sniped by players with low or even negative LSP. My friend finally got an arc after 4 days but by that time he had lost/used most of his LSP. And yes, if you have decent lsp corp is great for blues I did 96-99 purely off the blues I got in a couple of weeks.
  8. Invite a few random people to your clan, form citadel, exile them? Nope they need to be in the clan a week before they count towards the member count now.
  9. yup it sucks, had to get 96-99 sum a few weeks ago. Having to logout after 20-30 teleports was annoying.
  10. nice Got this last week, shame the rank wasn't closer.
  11. Guess I will be finally getting my last 3 Summoning levels tomorrow. (all those blues were from corp over the last 2 weeks)
  12. Reverence seems to be 10% dose bonus and 15% less prayer drain (calced at 99 pray)
  13. Nothing new, been getting scam emails like that for months. Even Jagex has even started emailing about Runescape updates too, I had one for the Fremennik Sagas the other week so much for them not emailing you anymore.
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