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  1. err made it? the icon is Jagex' work. It's not photoshopped by a random player...
  2. Sigh... up to 200 consecutive dry runs now. My barrows log would make the average man cry. I can't expect the next barrows item to pay for the last 200+ rounds, stupid barrows lol.
  3. Haha, I love watching you guys squirm over this. Not saying a thing though :-w
  4. 189 consecutive dry runs and counting. I hate barrows...
  5. There's a post somewhere in General P2P where someone tested the maximum weight. I'm too lazy to find the link now, but it wasn't all that long ago. I have extreme doubts on that 47 x 2 with Dragon Dagger (p++). I'm 99 strength and I can't even hit two 40's with a dds special, let alone two 47's. I'd have to do some max testing before I know exactly but I can tell you now, I've never hit over 35 with dds. It might bump up to 37 if I use salve or black mask and a berserker ring. Checking with the tip.it max hit calculator, my max would be two 42's. Even that sounds a little on the high end though but we'll see.
  6. No... no one is even close to that. But it's extremely easy to figure out. 22 skills, 200M maximum experience per skill. 22*200M = 4.4bil xp.
  7. Using willows, burning 5 hours per day, it would take you 37 days to get 99. Using yews, burning 5 hours per day, it would take you 17 days to get 99. It still comes down to which you prefer, time or money. I bet you'd throw in the towel long before reaching 99 with willows though. I doubt I could last 37 days of firemaking, let alone all those days spent trying to buy willow logs out of a general store... But, if maples are still tradable on f2p (they were in the past, I can't remember if they ever changed it), I suggest you ask some p2p friends to help you find some sellers. Maples are a perfect blend between short time and cheap xp. 80 to 100 gp each and 135 firemaking xp per log make them great for firemaking. I am currently burning 44k maples for my own 99 firemaking.
  8. Yes, I have bought quite a few. Specifically ones for my costume room to get more bankspace. I paid 1.5m for a magic cape rack and about 400k for the best wardrobe as well. It's only good money with con if you can make stuff that only a handful of others can make (and if people actually want what you can make).
  9. Yes, there WAS one. When rs2 was released they converted Pink partyhats into Purple ones. None were lost, they simply changed their color. Pink partyhats don't exist in rs anymore unless you play rs classic.
  10. Yes, but you still need to complete Regicide to use a Dragon one. Rune and below are wieldable by anyone with 40 attack and I *think* 5 strength.
  11. Yes, you will still need the antifire shield as you will be hit with up to 5 or 6 damage from dragonfire blasts without a shield while using antifires. Bring super potions with you as well otherwise you will take too long to kill the dragon and use more of your expensive potions. Super pots are really cheap compared to prayer and antifires.
  12. Most skills were in the making years in advance. Take Construction for example... I started playing in september 2002 and there was already work being done on it then because they released "Carpenty" but for some stupid reason they chose not to let people train it yet lol. But seriously, how could you go wrong? New armours\weapons!... I don't care if they suck or even look dumb... they're new! :D Just because they mentioned it in the behind the scenes back then, doesn't mean they started it back then, because they probably didn't. You apparently misunderstood what I was saying. There was a skill called Carpentry (had it's own icon, level, and everything) but you could not train it yet. It was like if Herblore suddenly became untrainable and everyone was lowered to level 1, that would be Carpenty back in the day. It even added to your skill total. If that doesn't clearly show that work has already been done on it, then I don't know what does o.O Btw, back then, there were no behind the scenes ;)
  13. 4 years: 3 left halves 6 dragon legs 7 dragon skirts
  14. Most skills were in the making years in advance. Take Construction for example... I started playing in september 2002 and there was already work being done on it then because they released "Carpenty" but for some stupid reason they chose not to let people train it yet lol. But seriously, how could you go wrong? New armours\weapons!... I don't care if they suck or even look dumb... they're new! :D
  15. 11 red eggs. I don't have bankspace for the other colors and imo, red > blue :P. All from Miscellania.
  16. He is a monster nonetheless, just like the KBD or KQ. Just because you don't lose any items when killing him doesn't make him any less of a beast. Not true. As far as I can tell, there is no maximum to the kill count for chompies. I have over 4500 myself and it doesn't say 4000, it says 4513 kills. The maximum requirement for thieving is level 91, to enter the final room of Pyramid Plunder. The maximum requirement for crafting is 90, to make onyx amulets.
  17. With 80 firemaking you can easily quadruple or quintuple (<-- it's a word now if it isn't already) your investment. I bought 500 magic logs and burned them all there. I made back 1.6m in cash alone not even counting the 76 fine cloth and various rune items I hadn't high alched. Even with 65 firemaking and burning yew logs instead of magic logs at the pyres, you still make quadruple or quintuple profit... That place is really good money considering you're using firemaking to do it.
  18. I can confirm these for skeptics as well: -Black vambraces (much to my surprise actually...) do indeed have higher magic defense than Barrows (Dark) gloves, as some people are claiming they don't. -Maximum number of "/ X other options" is 399. Doesn't matter if you actually have more options or not, it will show 399 and no higher.
  19. If you counted rune multipliers, maximum would be 99 with 10x air runes, as someone mentioned earlier.
  20. What possible evidence could you produce to back up that statement? You don't know anything about the Hunter skill, yet you already believe it's going to be "pointless"... How can you people possibly judge an update before it is even released. People said POH's would be useless but why do you think the number of 126's increased dramatically after POH's were introduced? Skeptics never thought to give POH's a chance until they noticed they could get prayer experience several times faster with a gilded altar than they could with the ectofuntus. Secondly, how can there be "too many skills"? That's like saying there's too many fast food places to choose from. How is choice a bad thing in RS? If you don't like a skill then simply don't train it. No one is forcing you to do anything, it is all by choice. Simply because you don't like a skill doesn't mean it should go away. Jagex works hard to please us because without us they're nothing. To do this they have to present us with a choice on how to play the game. Everyone in RS plays the game their own way; to force your way onto someone else is just plain disrespectful. So grit your teeth or go find something else to keep you busy if you don't like an aspect of RS. I really hope I won't have to endure any posts later this month entitled "this skill sucks, get rid of it". Sorry for the rant but people need to be optimistic for a change and hope for the best.
  21. The item in all of rs which high alchs for the most is the magic stone at 585k. Crystal bow is a close second at 540k. Also, the previous poster is absolutely right. The helm with the highest magic defense is the bear hat with +7.
  22. Everyone forgot the best player of all. Lightning. She's been playing so long that she was in the top 10 before I even heard of the game... and I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary not too long ago.
  23. Favorites: 1) Quests 2) Firemaking (I'm totally gonna maple my way to this now lol) 3) Hitpoints (classic 8-))
  24. the strangest in my opinion is how you can't trade LIT lanterns, like bullseye lantern. But when you extinguish the light, you can trade them
  25. It does. Every cape gives a temporary +1 to their respective skill. Either click "operate" when worn or simply re-equip the cape for the +1 again. Like others have said, Fire Cape is still the best cape in the game overall. I will still wear mine most the time, but for instance when fighting Steel Dragons I may now opt for a hitpoints cape simply because it's easier to replace along with 2 higher pray bonus. Fire Cape is only worth 36k, while these capes are worth about 57k and only cost 99k to replace.
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