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  1. She was trying to write a well-paced story, not an encyclopedia. I would have been extremely frustrated if JKR had wasted time on small matters with lesser importance to the story. I thought the epilogue was just a little weak, and there were times at the beginning when they were wandering the countryside that I got frustrated, but otherwise, I think the seventh book might have been the best. [hide=My Only Question]My only question is how the hat got the sword back from griphook and gave it to Neville. Definitely an issue that could have used some explanation.[/hide] Oh yeah, I noticed a few spelling errors too, I think. Didn't bother me so much.
  2. Yeah, after that last post I looked around the forum for thirty seconds longer and found exactly what I needed. Shoulda done that in the first place. Anyway, this is after I performed a system restore. I wish I had done one of these before then. Thanks all. :D
  3. Thanks for your responses, guys. Sorry it took me a lil while to respond. Anyway, can you give me a quick explanation of what a HiJack This Log is (or a link to such an explanation)? I've heard about it but I don't know how to do it. I tried a quick search but couldn't find a tutorial. Just point me in the right direction and I'll figure it out. Also, I just performed a system restore to almost a month ago and the problem appears to be solved. The icon is no longer on my desktop; the viral program no longer seems to be running. But I can't believe it would be that easy, and the "WinAntiVirus Pro 2006" folder is still in my "C:\Program Files" folder. Anyone who knows what they're talking about, feel free to comment on what I may or may not have done by doing a system restore. Oh yeah, in case anyone needs to know, I'm running Windows XP. Thanks
  4. Lately I have been getting pop-ups with nearly super powers from a site called "amaena," or sometimes "errorsafe." Mostly, I can close these without any trouble, but others in my family are less computer savvy, and someone hit 'download.' So, now I have a virus on my desktop called 'WinAntiVirusPro 2006.' It pretends to be a security feature, but it's obviously a big security threat. I have found several sites that claim they know how to get rid of it, but I can't tell if these sites are trustworthy or not. So, my question is this: Is the site 'Spywareadvisory.com' a trustworthy site from which I may download an "Amaena Detector" that will remove the problem? It was a "sponsored link" from google and looks legit, but there are typos in the text, and the virus I already have looks legit, too. Any help appreciated. Thanks EDIT: Okay, now I'm noticing that although my address bar says "Spywareadvisory.com," the site claims that it is a .org site. Even less trustworthy. Anyone know what else I can try to get rid of amaena or WinAntiVirus Pro or whatever it calls itself at the moment?
  5. Kissing is better when you don't have to bend down though :P Good point, but there are ways around that, too.... :wink: Not really. Speaking as a skinny person, I want to gain muscle mass and therefore I want to gain weight, but it's not like I'm going to eat greasy food and crap just to gain a few unhealthy pounds. muscular > skinny > unhealthy.
  6. I have an inch and a pound over you :D Hugging girls becomes a lot less awkward when you find a girl who will just bury her face against your chest. I love being tall 8-)
  7. I can't decide which of these poems is my favorite of Longfellow's; they're all really good for very different reasons. Enjoy :D
  8. My favorite was the "Most Profound Man in Iraq." :lol: Definitely a good read. I love how you have to stretch to make it an argument for or against the war. It's completely apolitical :D
  9. During the four days of my life that I played that game, I played obsessively until I got around 5million. But that's all behind me. Enjoy your addiction! :D
  10. I have done that, it does not work. Sure I get up, walk 5 steps, turn it off then climb back into bed. I put the alarm across that room, and it generally works. Just make sure you start getting dressed as soon as the alarm is off. If you stop and think about what you're doing you will end up back in bed. :|
  11. I think Bubsa was surprised because where we're from no one uses that term as it got the political correctness treatment a long time ago. Yeah, "colored people" has been replaced with the new-age term "people of color." Political correctness can be tricky like that. Don't screw it up. :shame:
  12. Can't... :? hold it... :-X ...in! :lol: :lol: ...sorry if that was in bad taste. Anyway, fitzztif, you need to get some sort of anti-virus program going pronto.
  13. I thought Miami Vice was pretty good, as far as standard macho action movies go. Definitely wouldn't call it awful.
  14. I passed on my first try. I screwed up a little bit parallel parking because I was driving an unfamiliar car and hadn't practiced in it. He gave me a second chance, though, and I got it good enough. The key is to be confident and stay focused. As long as you're comfortable in the car and know what you're doing, your nerves wont get to you. The trooper who gave me my test probably would have failed me because of the parallel parking thing, except that I was so obviously confident and competent. Then afterwards, I admitted I was nervous. :D Good luck. Or maybe you've already taken it? Fingers crossed...
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