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  1. Hm. I'd have to say Glove. I've made a pretty good set of friends in this game through the years I've played, but none as long tenured, loyal, or true as Glove. Not to say that our friendship is perfect, as none is - but, in my other long standing RS friendships, there has been conflict and mistrust over the years such that in many cases, I'm not as close to RS friends I've known for 5 or 6 years as I used to be...with Glove, the opposite trend exists. We weren't particularly close upon first meeting but have grown close as time's passed in spite of the occasional difference in opinion :P
  2. Cute response. Nevermind the personal violation inherent in the design of the forum part of this joke or even attempting to rationalize any further. You've either missed the point or chosen to ignore it, so I'll underline it for you - I shouldn't have to leave the forums for a day to escape the joke. Some websites (I.E. Runescape.com) have their little joke, but once revealed, the joke is over and you can carry on with your business there without having to worry about it. This joke doesn't end when it's discovered, it carries on throughout the day and alienates those of us who do take some pride in what we write and take meticulous care to ensure that we're communicating to the best of our ability. Your response was to tell me to leave for a day if I don't like it - how kind of you to be so abrasive to a forum user. Rather than attempt to understand the frustration inherent in the nature of such a joke, you are content with brushing my concerns aside in a standoffish manner. It's the problem I've always found with Tip.it. The Staff presents their own agenda as infallible, and any contrasting views are trampled over to make way for what Staff wants. As for people who don't necessarily always agree? Like myself? Well, if we don't like it, we can just leave. No empathy, not even the basic understanding that maybe...just maybe there could be a more complex idea here. As for your suggestion, Tripsis? You're absolutely right. I should leave. Not for a day, not for a week, I should have left a long, long time ago and not come back. Thank you for providing me with clarity. Cheers folks, (I hate April Fool's Day.) Centuramage over and out.
  3. Yet another reason to hate April Fool's Day. I'm rather insulted that Tip.It's Staff would take humor in the mangling of user text. Not only is it incredibly disrespectful considering that not everyone enjoys or likes to partake in April Fool's Day, but it trivializes what I consider to be a very serious problem on these forums - the inability to write coherently. In a community where many users communicate ideas with difficulty because of myriad spelling and grammar errors, the Staff has decided on this for an April Fool's joke. Haha. Hilarious. Given Tip.It's April Fool's history (see April 1st, 2004), I shouldn't be surprised by this, I guess. I dislike April Fool's day. So most years, I avoid it like the plague and refuse to partake. Occasionally someone attempts a joke on me, and I don't even like that much. But today, I was forced to partake. Against my desires. Just by posting. *growls*
  4. As with anything, the length of time this game has been around lends itself to nostalgic feelings all around. Granted, there have been some particularly amicable folks that have come and gone, but some people have the tendancy to unnecessarily glorify the RS days of old. So I extend the following to those of you who haven't necessarily been around so long: Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that you missed out on some golden era of RS or make you feel less because your tenure isn't as long as someone else's. Fundamentally, the game hasn't changed much since I started. Autoers, foul-mouthed RSers, scammers,and the like have always existed on RS. Granted, there were less back then, but there were less people too, and I contend that the proportions are about the same. Everyone's so quick to discuss the good aspects of RS and the good people that have passed in contrast to the oh-so-woeful times we currently play in. However, we would do well to remember the incredible volume of autoers since it was so easy before random events, as well as perhaps the buggy nature of RS, and some may even remember RS before the chat filter. In some ways, RS served as an education in the foulest language one could imagine. So when you read a post like this, and you feel somewhat overwhelmed by the laud and high regard that people are giving the early days of RS, take it with a grain of salt; more often than not, the nostalgia tends to elevate things up on a pedastal. Some of this may be preemptive, but is nonetheless important to consider.
  5. Thank you for the comments :) I updated today; as you can see, I've hit my farming goal and am very close both in thieving and in hunting. I also made a bit of progress in fishing. I will likely redesign those goals as they did not take very long. :)
  6. Well, here's some data for the Braindeath Island rum and Karamja rum. For what it's worth, Braindeath island rum is called "Braindeath 'rum'" and the description reads, "I think it's eating through the bottle." Karamja rum is called "Karamjan rum" and has the description, "A very strong spirit brewed in Karamja." I took 4 trials from each, using super restores to help me get back to my actual levels (waiting for the strength to decrease took some time). Each of the trials are shown above (they are not just the same screenshot pasted 4 times, I wanted to ensure that I got the same results again and again) Results are as follows - Braindeath 'rum': -6/94 attack (decrease of 6.4%) +3/83 strength (increase of 3.6%) -8/86 defence (decrease of 9.3%) -5/73 ranged (decrease of 6.8%) -5/70 prayer (decrease of 7.1%) -4/79 magic (decrease of 5.1%) -10/79 agility (decrease of 12.7%) -4/59 herblore (decrease of 6.8%) +1/88 mining (increase of 1.1%) Karamjan rum: -4/94 attack (decrease of 4.3%) +5/83 strength (increase of 6.0%) All percentages were rounded to the nearest 0.1. Tastewise, I prefered the Karamjan (better flavor), but I don't think that's relevant. ;) Hope this helps!
  7. Crunches build ab muscle, yes, but they don't eliminate abdominal fat specifically. This gentleman is looking to remove fat, therefore the best solution for him is to consider dietary adjustment. Furthermore, I contend that sports do work your abs. In fact, your abs (and core in general) are active in most movements throughout your day. Granted, they don't provide the same targeted muscle work that crunches do, but sports aren't an ample substitute for bicep curls either.
  8. Physical fitness requires more than just being active. Yes, being active is a big part of it, but to get the most out of your activity, you need to be taking a better look at what you're eating. The basic idea, as everyone knows, is to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. However, much more detail is involved. Take a look at what you eat every day. Chances are, you can afford to cut back on some of the "empty" calories. Do you drink soda? Do you eat white bread? Do you eat chips? Eat cookies? Drink beer? Drink boxed fruit juices(IE Hi-C or Caprisun)? If so, they are probably contributing to the extra fat you carry around. I won't bore you to tears with a pages long post about this, and frankly, if you're active and healthy, you shouldn't be all that concerned. People try too hard, I feel, to model themselves after the cut and svelte figures they see in the media, but people come in all shapes and sizes and should be more comfortable with themselves. That being said, the way toward trimming down your body fat percentage, if you already are active, is to clean up your diet. I can specify further, if you'd like, but I won't post that much information here, PM me if you'd like to discuss the matter more.
  9. I disagree with a couple of points here. For starters, all the words you've used to describe today's players, I find, can be equally used to describe the average player of 5 years ago. You make it seem as if "really loving the game" is the determinant factor in the personability and quality of a player, but neglect to mention that there were myriad PKs who "really loved the game" and also were especially argumentative, perpetually bickering about the "n00bs" who would run away from them in the wildy. This insatiable category of people played RS fervently up until RS2 because at that point they disliked the "new" game so much that they left entirely or stayed on RSC; that's just a bit of perspective to quell the notion that RS2 is so much more playable than RSC. In addition, you note that more people play as time goes on, which makes sense for any company that continually develops and reworks their own game as Jagex has for years and years now, but then say that the increase in volume means that you're more likely to run into uncouth players. I contest that while the sheer volume of players has increased, the proportion of crude to amicable players remains relatively the same, regardless of where you draw those lines. In closing, you say that overly nasty people are more memorable than overly courteous ones. There was a time when I would have agreed with you. However, I've found that I enjoy the game more if I ignore the former and focus my energies on the latter. I find that if I focus on the poorer aspects of the game, I develop a disdain for Runescape, which is supposed to be a leisurely activity. Therefore, I disagree with your last line. One of the very few things we have complete control over is our attitude toward other players in the game. Yes, there will always be a certain number of abrasive and a certain number of kind players in game, just like there will be abrasive and kind people everywhere you go in life, but your attitude toward them is what really makes the difference in whether or not you gain enjoyment or distaste from your interactions.
  10. Regardless of what kind of music you'd like to play, I always recommend that potential guitarists try to learn on an acoustic. I, at least, found acoustic guitars more difficult to play at first because of the higher action and bulkier body. Once you've gotten the general swing of introductory guitar playing on an acoustic, an electric should prove to be no problem at all.
  11. I've been meaning to design a post like this for months and am just now getting around to it. Surely that doesn't speak well for my committment to the goals presented in this post, but oh well. :) History: Centuramage is my 3rd Runescape main character, and my previous two aren't at all pertinent to this post. :) I believe I got around to creating Centuramage in the summer of 2003 (though it may have been summer of 2002 or 2004, I can't remember for certain) with the idea in mind to pursue 85 mining with him. I succeeded with an extremely low combat level that was only marginally raised on RSC by my defense levels and magic levels. This afforded me an excellent means by which to mine runite on f2p, since my defense level was high enough not to be bothered too terribly by the red spiders, while my combat level was low enough not to be bothered at all by pkers. :) Lamentably, RS2 came shortly thereafter, and I gained a ludicrious amount of combat levels in the transition. Therefore, I chose to raise other stats as well. I played as an f2p player on and off from March 2001 until June 2006, when I finally caved and purchased a subscription to Runescape Members. Current Stats: Goals (in order of importance): 94/99 Attack 88/90 Mining 85/90 Fishing 79/90 Agility 59/70 Herblore 69/70 Thieving 70/71 Hunter 71/75 Slayer 60/60 Farming 110/120 Combat Tentative Goals (Depending on the relative ease and painlessness of the aforementioned goals, I may adopt these as well): 84/99 Fishing 88/99 Mining 79/99 Agility Past Successes: 60 Farming (No Image) 110 Combat (No Image) 99 Woodcutting All Quests Completed (No Image, though the 99 WC image depicts me with my quest cape.) 85 Mining
  12. The old spirit? Really? You know, I do recall what Runescape was like before chat filter implimentation, and let me tell you, people have always cussed in game. I recall a time when in my daily Runescape activities, I could see quite a number of ferocious public arguments involving the full scope of swear words, and even more lewd, illicit conversations taking place in public that really should have been confined to the privacy of another venue. The way I see it, Runescape has always had a tendancy to attract a certain demographic; namely young, high school aged children. Not to say that it can't be fun for other age groups, but I daresay that a large portion of the population has always consisted of these types of people more so than adults of varying age groups. Therefore, it's not really that surprising to see such clear immaturity as that sort of behavior is to be expected when such a large portion of the players are adolescent. Mind you, this sort of behavior isn't indicative of all adolescents, but for many it is. That being said, there are still classy players to befriend in the game, and I don't imagine that they are any easier or harder to locate than in previous years. I'm of the opinion that while the volume of players continues to swell over the years, the overall quality of interaction with other Runescapers remains about the same. I'm not saying that it's always a pleasant experience, but I do believe it has been a consistant one.
  13. Mm, cigars do go well with drinking. Occasionally I relax with a cig in seclusion...no breathing smoke in the face of others here. It peaks during high stress times when I have to stay up long hours and caffeine just doesn't cut it anymore. Probably a pretty nasty vice to get into, on the whole.
  14. No, that was an inaccuracy. American football is definitely more violent by nature than most sports, but fighting, if seen by the refs, is definitely not allowed. That being said, I've heard statements from players who say that there are times during the game when the refs can't really tell what's going on and that some nastiness does occur. For example, when there's a large pileup of players over a fumble, the person with the ball holds on for dear life while the opposing players closest to him try to gouge out his eyes and grab at other tender areas.
  15. One advancement that I did like is that David Stern, the NBA commish, said that if the brawling nonsense continues, he's going to lay fines to the coaches and the GMs for hiring these players and not keeping them in line. Think there will be any improvement then? As far as suspending for the remainder of the season, they did that with Ron Artest 2 years ago after the fight at the Palace of Auburn Hills in MI. Two years later, we've learned nothing.
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