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  1. I think the G.E. update was great for some skillers. I'm glad that if I now want Coal and Iron Ore to smelt steel bars I don't have to go to Falador, yell for an hour long, getting yelled at because I pay too little or my demand isnt matching the miners' supply.. Now I can just go to the Exchange, place an offer, finish another task, get back to the Exchange and find I have two nice heaps of raw materials :) so lets say there will be an increase in smelting-activity for me :)
  2. Runescape 2 is dead, yes Welcome to Runescape 3 Everyone is complaining about how Runescape is screwed. Well come back in five years and I think no-one wants the old game back. It was a big sacrifice but there will be solutions and in the end we've got a game without bots, hackers, hackers, scammers whatever, where everything is realistic yet fun (I love the G.E.) and the game will be greater than ever before.
  3. Exactly what I was gonna say, the dark atmosphere is the last remaining adventurous feeling in Runescape
  4. Yeah black... because black isn't even a colour. If something lacks colour, it's black. That's why you get black if you set colour-parameters of Red, Blue and Green to zero..
  5. Settlers FTW! :D especially II and III were great... Settlers IV was just impossible to beat IMO...
  6. I have, it's rotting away at Diango's :-w
  7. Well you can't see their names in a screeny, right? so you'd better report them all.... Blech, autoers :(
  8. I saw the certificate for Shield Of Arrav in de general store, what a quest :P I was too lazy for the levers in Ernest the Chicken so that was the worst quest for me
  9. thanks, I'll try it tonight EDIT: oh my god there is actually a way of turning off the protection thingy that asks stuff before every install? I'm a happy man :D
  10. Ok, so I bought Vista a couple of months ago, and all internet stuff etc was fine, but some webpages said I didn't have flash player. So I went to the Macromedia site and downloaded it, installed it etc, but sites like Youtube still kept telling me my Flash Player wasn't working. So after a couple of more tries, I downloaded Firefox and Opera, (should've done that earlier but wanted to explore IE7 first :-w ) but they didn't have flash either so I downloaded Flash Player again... However, Flash Player then installed itself ONLY on Opera. Any of you have an idea how to install it to IE and FF? downloading Flash by using these browsers doesn't work... HELP :(
  11. Well if you hadn't bought it, someone else would have... until the entire RS-community starts boycotting them, I don't think you should feel guilty about not doing so either
  12. I like having eye-liner actually :) (don't hit me) I dissaprove cutting wrists though :notalk:
  13. Actually, rune mining would be just a too big profit if there wasn't that. It wouldn't, prices would drop to a point at wich there is no change. I think this world hopping should be in some way prohibited, then it would actually be an effort to afford Rune
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