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  1. Code: - Type of sig: grunge (abstract/grunge/tech) - Background Main colour/s: dark colors, black, grey - Runescape Name: Vanderhorn - Where rsn to be placed: lower right hand corner - Stats/additional text: none - Where stats/text to be placed: none - Text Font: Cardinal http://www.dafont.com/cardinal.font (http://www.dafont.com) - Border type: whatever loooks good (pixel line/tech border) - Wanted size: height 365 width 165 (if not specified i will be using tip.it forums size, 300x150) - Rendered pic: this one http://img286.imageshack.us/img286/479/nym6fq.jpg want it flush with the left border of the sig (you can provide me one or just tell me what you're after) - Other info required: - Extras
  2. I am only on this site at school cause its the only way i can get to my clan forum, and i just felt like posting some. RSC owns :shock:
  3. Jagex will just keep banning them, only problem is it takes the along time to get around to it.
  4. Jagex lying again. And what, there is a continuos lag, only when I and other people are grinding? Right. :lol: Plus you can tell when RS is lagging, this is no lag, its just a change... A bad one
  5. I only talk to lower lvls in f2p when i go there if it doesnt seem they are just asking for stuff and like ask me a question, ill answer questions but not anyything stupid.. like free stuff
  6. BTW im in DI and this is not a flame at all but just consider this. Most of DI are flat 99's in melee and have been for months, they can't improve in stat wise. Now the clans with large amounts of members that were a few months ago level 105 are now taking advantage of RS2 training and AFK at bandits and now these clans flourish as they are gaining higher lvls. If you kinda get what I mean, most of DI just have to sit around for everybody else to catch up. Well its cause most of your clan has no life mate...
  7. I hate the beatles, they said they were more popular then god, even though they withdrew that (gee wonder why... everyone got mad duh) so beatles suck. The Eagles own u all.
  8. They barely ever update f2p because its free... so why use there time when they wont make any money of it anyways, they always update p2p because they try to get more poeple to change to p2p so they can make more money. :lol:
  9. and accualy jagex said in a pm that kill count does matter and killing the brothers does help, nice guide :lol:
  10. Why because we havnt warred trwf and ds, and 'the' wont even war us :lol:
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