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  1. I appreciate the advice and will be sure to come to you if I have any more questions!
  2. First off, get your runecrafting higher. No reason not to rank it. To answer the actual question, it really depends on how you train it. If you're a soloer like me, it can take 30-40 hours of training to reach 40k tokens. If you team, you can reach it in less time. Yeah I have been doing some FoG to get some of those good ol' runecrafting gloves to help raise it a bit. and I'm going to be doing this solo, with maybe 2-3 hours of dungeon each day(I will try) So hopefully I will have it before the first semester this year! (not even in school yet) I will have to slice that number of hours in half during school time though...
  3. Hey guys, quick question from a new F2per here. I haven't played much F2P on this account so far, have just been doing FoG and a bit of PvP so far. Have had some fun, but I want to get into Dungeoneering Mainly for that awesome G2h. So I was wondering, how long would it take to get the 40k points required for it? This is coming from someone with only 7 dungeoneering and little to no experience in the skill. Also, you can look up my stats: Reyzer1
  4. I'm not really sure why people wear them anymore either. I've heard of F2P'ers buying members just so they can go get that str or range cape and put it on, and stay f2p with that cape on forever :/ seems silly to me
  5. My account is priceless to me, I have a yo-yo and rubber chicken, and most Holiday items after that. :thumbsup:
  6. i would love to just log on and start doing an iron dragon task and BAM theres a visage. i think i would make a DFS, i wouldnt mind selling it either tho :thumbsup:
  7. Not really, I started noticing change at 13. Big change.
  8. That and 5856 was easy to remember :lol: :lol:
  9. "Let the bodies hit the Floor" When I was pking (obvious I know) Or the "Sand Storm" Song, songs that get your blood pumping.
  10. I would stop training with a DDS at level 102 :cry: Get better armor and level construction because that is where all my money went to and where it is all going to. (mort myre fungus ftw)
  11. I usually use them on Construction/Summoning because at my levels, they give great exp. Or I just look at the skills that are closest to leveling and use them on those.
  12. And think, I sold a Guthans Body for 8.3m back in the day... : Good times eh?
  13. Greatest: 99 cooking (I know :oops:) Lastest: 80 Attack Pointless: 2k Ashes Collected from people training FM :D
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