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  1. The fact that the last thing posted here was in 2017 doesn't instill me with confidence. Anyways the Runechat ad is simply an rs gambling site, which is clearly against Jagex rules. https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=l&ai=Cy_mpyL_PXpSbDsyH-wbmn7G4DoyG2_lcm6_MjqQLzarEehABILGDoQNgye7Di8Sk_A-gAa7ZxrsCyAECqQJmi_q2cjBOPqgDAcgDyQSqBLIBT9A8uLNUwZx2uH6y3QZiFcNKp56LovIba5PWcFA2oB8JuLAs6vwZCsHFvmkj8t5z7QswlgCFWx6PuJUapc0XDoHNEQrfxt0sxWogMpPh0GtfbYFeDDLQhoh3VyvrwfprrQBZuvzl7F62Y4BVxqLI6fCSDtxl3frRmrfqIGGucuQCBQTuRBT5fda0bGcEhsiXSPPNjdjWp9GvCfiV7JSDetKOUmvzZo_KOwg3G6X51bOQp8AEiOy49IEDoAYCgAe6prnEAagHjs4bqAfVyRuoB5PYG6gHugaoB_DZG6gH8tkbqAemvhuoB-zVG6gH89EbqAfs1RuoB5bYG6gHwtob2AcB0ggHCIBhEAEYH7EJzNRzaKdEeDaACgGYCwHICwHYEw0&ae=1&num=1&sig=AOD64_1uK61HE0gUI6_8aN6-AUptj8RYxQ&client=ca-pub-6690386699316001&nb=17&adurl=https://dndhub.org%3Fgclid%3DEAIaIQobChMIlJ_0gNjW6QIVzMPeCh3mTwznEAEYASAAEgLllfD_BwE
  2. Wkw, Although their was a time when RS and Tip.it were tiny I guess, You would have had to start very early on to have had that. I started around the end of August or early September 2001 and there were already thousands of people playing. As far as Tip.it and the forums go, Scapeboard had close to a quarter million accounts in 2004 before we migrated here. Granted, many of those were duplicate accounts with a smattering of bots thrown in, but even after we cleaned house, we still had a good 80 or 90, 000 accounts. Here's a look at Jagex.com from December 2001. Before the update Andrew describes in the news, when I sold 1k iron or silver, it was done one screen (28) at a time. With server crashes or problems with internet connections, it could take quite a while for big trades. Times sure have changed. Images take from: http://web.archive.org/web/20011214022429/www.jagex.com/runescape.html
  3. Greyrainbow, I saw a post where you said you were originally Blackrainbow on these boards? Is that correct? I've read a lot of threads and gone through names ad infinitum the past few weeks. lol There's only so many rainbows ya know. 😉
  4. I could be wrong, but it sounds like your agility isn't high enough. According to the Tip.it guide https://www.tip.it/runescape/quests/view/64-watchtower, you need 25 agility.
  5. Zargo, don't worry about that memory thing. You'll get used to it. lol I don't remember the 70's much either, but that's for a different reason. They say that if you can remember the 70's, you weren't there. 😉 It's good to see you and to see that a few people are coming out of the shadows!
  6. It's nice to see I can still depend on someone to defend my honor. Great to see you're still around Sunli! 🙂 I should point out that I wasn't quite an original. There were other admins around before me. When I joined the staff of Tip.it in 2002, Lightning was handling things in Silverion's absence, and I definitely remember Red_Tanya, Gugge, SpencerM98 and Katryna were admins when I came on as a mod. Edit: admin came later that year, I think. That being said, from then until 2006, (I had to look the year up. lol) it seemed like Tip.it was my life. I may not quite be an original, but i sure gave it my all!
  7. Appearances can be deceiving. I'll have much more to say about that soon, but for now let's just agree to disagree. The patient may be in a coma, but she ain't dead. 😉
  8. Long live the Granny Rule!  "If it looks like a swear, is used in place of a swear

    or reminds my grandmother of a swear she heard once, it IS a swear!" ~ Newp

  9. There are so many new faces that I'm sure most of you have no clue who I am. Until the past few days it's been 9 or 10 years since I posted even a little bit and closer to 14 or 15 since I posted with any regularity. I believe I'm really back now. I still have a pretty busy life, but I should have more time on my hands now. So, to any of my old friends/acquaintances who might be lurking in the shadows, I look forward to seeing how you've been doing. and to those I don't know, I look forward to getting to know you. (um, except the morons, jerks and other lowlife. We won't get along lol) To what staff is left, I apologize for not using one of the introduction or other such threads. I admit that I didn't want to get lost in the shuffle. I won't be offended if yo move it. Rejected maybe, but not offended. 😉
  10. As the title says, I'm buying silver and will pay more than the current grand exchange price. Unless the ge price rises, I'll pay 250 each! Post here, or send me a message on the boards or in game. Edit: Updated the price. Somebody must still look here who has silver. lol Oh yeah! Right now I'm only playing RS3, not OSRS. That may change at some point, but I confuse easily. one game is enough for me.
  11. Newptor

    Good day

    I'm not the artsy fartsy type, but I'mjumping back into the Tip.it community (& RS) I happened to be looking for someone who might be willing to make me a sig. Would you? I'd pay very well in RS cash. Good luck finding your old artist buddies. My time was a little before yours, but I know they were a good bunch of people. 😊
  12. Those who know me well will understand. I still haven't figured out this whole "Personal conversation" thing. I've been lucky enough to send a pm or two, but that wasn't easy. ;)

  13. Overall, I think it was an excellent edition of the Tip.it Times! All three pieces were well written Missingno makes a good point in The Little Things. One of those little updates that I noticed and greatly appreciated was making it so that when we click on the gate between Lumbridge and Al Kharid, we can now just walk right through. It used to be a pain in the butt. The Complain Game gives some good food for thought. Perhaps we do complain too much. I know I do at times. That being said, I miss classic. I fought switching over so long that I missed the cutoff to transfer my stuff. lol Note to Anonymous: I don't like you anymore! Not only do you know how to spell, "Anonymous," but you also scared me!! I remember when The Times published the first work of fiction. The reaction was quite different from this time. Most of it had nothing to do with the story, just the fact that it was a fiction piece. I'm glad people have come around. Congrats to the writers and to the editorial staff for a job well done!
  14. the article about clan citidels was excellent and I think the suggestions would be good additions. I should note that I'm not P2P and I've never done the clan thing.
  15. Newptor


    Just download mIRC. It's free or more specifically, shareware. Either way, you can be in #Runescape in minutes without paying anything and it doesn't matter what browser. I wonder if the admins are aware the client on the site isn't working on Opera. Once you get mIRC, just follow Killerred005's instructions to add the tip.it server and join the chat. It's not hard to add the server to mIRC's server list eather.
  16. PC Manufacturer: First International Computers (FIC) Model: Samba 1845 Operating System; Windows 2000 Pro/Windows 98 So........When computer my computer crashed, I broke out my old pc which originally had Windows 2000 on it. I'd reformatted at one point and was forced to use Windows 98, since I didn't have the 2000 disk. After alot of hassle, I was able to download all the drivers I needed. sound worked, etc. Flash forward to the return of the Windows 2000 disk. I now have both operating systems on it and have downloaded the proper drivers for 2000. Everything works, except the sound. I can't even get sound out of the internal speaker. ;( If I boot up on 98, all works fine. Boot up on 2000, no sound. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Perhaps I "bumped' the thread for the exact reason I posted. ;) I did finally find the doors with someone's help in game. I tried to post that a few hours ago, but my computer locked up and the post didn't survive the trip. BTW, you're the first one who ever mentioned the doors were near the bank. So, for the benefit of the next poor soul.... Immediately North of the bank and tutor, you walk between two pillars. as soon as you pass those, the doors are to the East and West. If you walk past the snow you were standing on, you've gone too far.
  18. Sweet niblets! What a pain in the butt! I didn't realize it was a "Solo" problem at first. I thought it was some technical glitch. I asked jagex tech support and this was their reply: I figured I was all set, but I can't find those doors! I see one "hole in the wall" on the east side with a pile of rocks in front of it, but there is no way through. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  19. That was an excellent article! It was well thought out and expressed. I also agree with you on all point. Oh! Here's another thing I agree with, from a post you made in this thread: I've been saying that for years. Its amazing how many millionaires are broke in a week.
  20. I must admit. You got me! I kept re-editing a post, wondering why I made some typos that I would never make. Then I'd look again a little while later and think, "Didn't I already fix that?" Good job! But, don't forget to change it back please!!! I can sound like an idiot who can't spell all on my own. ;)
  21. I hope this doesn't sidetrack things. Anyways, shows how much I know. lol I heard the edgeville dungeon was in the wild. ;) I only know that I used that place to collect big bones for quite some time and thought I'd thow the suggestion out there. I do know that you an also enter through the "Security Dungeon" in Barb Village. If they're the same thing, I guess you learn something new every day. lol Thanks for pointing out my error. Hey! Look at it this way. This is a free bump to the guy looking for help. Maybe someone else still has the best suggestion yet. ;)
  22. I'm surprised nobody mentioned hill giants in the Security Dungeon. They are right where you enter if you use a key and enter the door between Varrock and Barb Village. (Shed west of the river and north of the main road.)You need a key to use that door, but they spawn in a room right near the giants. If you would like to go there and need a key, send me a pm and I'll give you one. Good luck. :)
  23. You know I only understand half this stuff. lol To sum up my understanding: Good stuff. Nice achievements. ;) Keep up the good work! =D>
  24. Excellent article, exellent idea (submitted articles, that is) and an excelletn responce by Andrew. He makes some very good points about giving both sides. I do think that some assumptions were made about jgex that aren't necessarily true. Granted that all was said politely, which is a good thing. :)
  25. I guess I'm late getting to this. Great job!!!! :thumbsup: The secret is out! Tip.it owns the trademark on Real Life! :D
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