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  1. Or you could do like me: - Spend 20m on 100k iron bars - Smith 20k iron plates - Alch 20k iron plates This got me from lvl 70 - 85 smithing and 70 - 80 magic! PS: Don't, smithing those plates were not fun...
  2. And the moral is..? Do not do illegal stuff... `Nuf said!
  3. [img=http://bildr.no/image/143188.jpeg] [img=http://bildr.no/image/143189.jpeg]
  4. Summoning cape! Edit: Just kidding, it`s a fake I made in few minutes with Photoshop, on a serious matter though, which colours will look nice/do you want?
  5. Ranged, definately! *Points to sig*
  6. If F2P, I`d recommend Catablepons in SOS, that is wheer I trained at your level...
  7. Iron, works very good, if you are ange lvl 80+ I`d recommend bronze as they hit just aswell, but costs alot less... *points to siggy* and says: "I did also train at lesser demons, with bronzes however"
  8. Good luck, my friend! I will seriously worship you if you ever get that lvl 80 runecrafting in f2p! :shock:
  9. Good luck! That is a serious hawt skill! *Points to siggeyh*
  10. They would just go up in flames, of course!
  11. I mine adamant in wildy, and averages about 100k-200k in one hour (50 - 100 ores). You might want to try that..?
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