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  1. I see what you did thar!!! I've never really been a lore person for RS, the way it was presented in chat made quests take to long when I was pushing for my quest cape, however all this new guthix stuff is really pulling me in. Oh everyone just used to kinda ignore the lore in runescape and click through everything. After TWW I think people will actually read this stuff for the lore.
  2. Thanks. BTW what's a grained shield?
  3. I'm actually not that rich nor do I have a rapier and I'm planning on ranging but thanks.
  4. darksonic45


    I'm planning on getting a fight caves task with kuradel and then I want to attempt Jad, my stats are: Can I get an idea of what gear and inventory to have? Also I might attempt to do Fight Caves without a task so can I get an invent without the task set?
  5. ^ LOL, WATCH THE DOOR ACTUALLY BE THE BOSS, GUYS. Guess Jagex gave M. Night Shyamalamambajma a job.
  6. Sorry but what planet do you live on? Runes are nowhere near that big as you can see in the rune-crafting animation. Granted they r bigger on the floor, but must items are enalrged or shrunken to fit onto 1 floor tile and have a decent "clickable area" I direct you to seeds Even so about the size...how can you carry a stack of 1k of them? No need to get mad at me for posting in a fun thread..... What about the RC cape animation? It shows runes the size of your head.
  7. Throwback to when dueling was a huge moneymaker and they had names like that so it would be a pain in the ass to check their skills in the highscores.
  8. Andrew 4:12 "And on that day all the furries rejoiced, for they could roleplay like no other day"
  10. Wow... If the eyes look like that then I'd prefer the old darkness. The herp derp look doesn't go well with our chars.
  11. They'll probably just permaban the players which will lead to more rage. Also I'd like to show you guys this. I really think the only time Blizzard will stop this is after something like that happens and they get sued.
  12. The worst part about all of this is the aftermath. Blizzard is an extremely successful company and many different companies copy their tactics. What's going to happen once other games follow this trend? What happens after someone takes a PK a little too seriously?
  13. That information isn't public. There's privacy agreements.
  14. I think this would make the most sense in terms of not going too much out of the window in solving these, but, on the other hand, it'd still be quite a bit difficult than the puzzles now. As this hasn't been discussed too much, would anyone like to guess which monsters will drop these babies? 2 of the monsters are confirmed, but, are a bit restricted in killing them. All the boss monsters in rs would also make sense to drop them(mithril dragons included) but would monsters like ice strykewyrms and dark beasts be deemed fit for them? I doubt abyssals would, because that'd just be too easy. Which two are confirmed? Bork and the Skeletal Horror.
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