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  1. No, i didn't lose anything.
  2. I've always liked DIY, especially with mining/smithing, and the mining guild has always been filled with bots. But lately it's just unbearable to mine coal there, I can't even get a full inventory (with coal bag) in less than 20 minutes at certain times of the day. I don't think there is even one real person mining over there !! Do somebody know where I could mine some coal at a relatively good pace now ?
  3. I've been training some fishing with lobsters lately. And I was wondering does the ratio tuna/swordfish gets better with higher levels ? And I keep what I've fished to level cooking, is it more interesting fishing xp wise and cooking xp wise to harpoon fish than to cage fish ? Thank you, I hope I've been clear, since english isn't my native language.
  4. I love those system updates, the mining guild is so empty after. :) (Damn bots)
  5. I find those tasks quite funny, they even added some new ones to F2P. And with this system, it allow them to easily add some new tasks in the game whenever they want.
  6. I've started fishing a bit again, and I was wondering what was the best xp/hr and the best gp/hr. Does anybody know ?
  7. Is there a F2P with a skill at 200M ? I suppose not, but I just want to be sure.
  8. Yeah, the mining guild is hell at the moment. And there is too much competition at iron also, even with 85 mining (my computer is kind of slow). Not a great time to mine...
  9. Maybe a cat-stepping-on-keyboard accident. lol
  10. I replaced alcohol (it was becoming a real problem in my life) and drugs by Runescape to be able to focus more on my university studies. And now I don't drink anymore, and my grades are up too.
  11. Happy birthday :D

  12. Finaly, Runite !! :^_^: There was a LOT of bots over at the iron ores lately (among other ores) , pretty annoying ! :/
  13. I've played Wow for 3 years, got bored, and came back to RS. And I still find it entertaining.
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