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  1. Using zammy hide body because I have 93 def but only 75 mage. Got 3 kills a trip easy, those tassets were my second trip, 5th overall solo kill ever. :D Ty for guide, helped out my bank a bit.
  2. My favorite thing about fatigue were some of the words I had to type after using a sleeping bag. Lotta borderline perverted things I typed in back in the day.
  3. Haha of course, I remember the week after staking came out I saw a guy in rune at like lvl 40 using sara spells. Owned me for a few DBaxes before I gave up...
  4. How many will I be able to kill per trip? Will I make a profit? I would guess you'd need 2-3 trips to finish off the task, obviously depending on how long it is. You'll most likely profit, just pick up water runes and mith arrows. Those alone should cover the pots and food.
  5. :D 1st try with this guide, 3rd overall.
  6. Someone else remembers Devils? What ever happened to Bronxie?
  7. Only thing I noticed wrong was the void part, I thought it only increased damage, and not accuracy. I could be wrong though.
  8. The replies seem pretty unanimous. Thanks a bunch peeps. =D>
  9. So if I were to pay someone to use their gilded altar (my con. level is about 15), what would be the fastest way to bury all the bones I could? Like where to bank and whatnot. In case you were wondering why I didn't notice, I just came back to rs after a 3-4 year break... don't know a lot of what is going on. Thanks
  10. I think that, or armor granting a bonus to max hits while worn could have a great effect. In order to not being outrageous on the market all of it should be made untradeable, which is something I think should have been added long ago.
  11. I seriously doubt theyll change the cap, more likely theyll add armor that adds hp... as most all MMO's have. At a certain point theyll have no choice, as with a whip its possible to hit like 50+ on another player now... 2 hitting a maxed out char simply isnt very logical.
  12. Oh and i read the entire thing in one sitting :) better than harry potter entertainment-wise :) =D>
  13. I support! looks very useful.. oh and im lvl 110 since you seem to care about that :P
  14. seems like a very very easy thing to add, i support.
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