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  1. Locked - please use one of the existing Summoning threads.
  2. Locked - On the do not suggest list.
  3. You get a knight that says "Ni!". *Puts in a CD*
  4. Granted, but it actually turns out to be Monopoly money. I wish I could eat as much chocolate as I wanted and it wouldn't affect my health :)
  5. I think this sounds stupid. Yes, they might be paying for it, but it was only two weeks, which comes to roughly $2.30/ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã1.50 if you were paying for a year's subscription at a time. The price of the arcade game that Microsoft will release for free will probably normaly cost over $5/ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã3.40, so it's not like people have lost their money for nothing. At least Microsoft has the guts to say "Okay, sorry for that, here's a compensation." And how were Microsoft going to know that 10 million users would be on their servers? Sure, they might have known that there will be more people, but not that many. Of course, the world is going to end because people can't play online for two weeks. I think it's stupid how narrow-minded people can be - as soon as the service went down, people were ringing and emailing the Xbox Support to say that it's down (as if they didn't know already), and the staff had been working flat-out since it went down to try and fix it. $5 million is hardly fair, and looks like some people wanted to get some money by sueing - and an opportune event came up. But then I suppose that's how the world's gone wrong - if a burglar broke into someone's house through a window and cut themselves on the glass, they can sue. Ridiculous.
  6. You get a note with "Stuck in machine - send help" on it. *Inserts coin*
  7. Woo! I own! :XD: This reminds me, I really need to get one skill on the highscore list sometime... Combat training, here I come! :D Nice list there, gives me something to aim for (nothing like a bit of healthy competitiion!)
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