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  1. Personally, i do not believe in god, but I have no problem with those who do, except when they attempt to impose their views upon me. This is a matter of faith, you cannot reason against faith. Therefore this topic should be closed.
  2. Yes, yes they do :D That's the pwnage thing about not being with dk3 any more. * Cameron bounces off the walls! :D Anyway, the original boards were phpbb 1, this is 2, so the system has been completely revamped. However, i daresay someone has created a skin for version 2 which makes them look like 1 :) Send a pm to an admin ;)
  3. YES! We need one of those. Right now I just add some random person who was talking, hoping they have privacy off.Right click outside the actual game screen and hit 'properties' ;)
  4. That would be cool, but how about off-setting the speed increase with requiring you to carry a spade in order to bury them and also not being able to bury them on upper floors or in buildings at all. ~Cameron
  5. ... except .php sigs no longer work, because they were removed from this version of phpbb ;) (apparently there were security issues) RaenonD has a random signature, that's not .php, but it doesn't display file size, so nobody but him will be allowed to use it :roll:
  6. Which means he needs to post 'thanks to ' so the rest of us aren't like 'What the?!..' ;)
  7. Looks pretty darn ordinary to me.
  8. It looks great, but the water isn't quite right, maybe a different colour would improve it?
  9. What happened to http://www.runehead.com ? :P
  10. Neither of them are too crash hot, but I probably prefer the second one.
  11. I like the first and last ones, although the first one might be better if the 'm' of mage wasn't capitalised and it was one word.. Also, is that a fist in the background or what? :-? ~Cameron
  12. Colours you like, other signatures that you've liked, any size guidelines (some people prefer skinny ones) whether you want runescape pictures in it, any text you want (such as your name, a little phrase, if u want it to say you're an admin...) oh, and if you intent to pay in runescape cash for it you want to include that too ;) And i always thought you were a guy :-? :oops: ~Cameron
  13. Looks great on the site :)
  14. get rid of the wierd square things, otherwise: great :)
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