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  1. ... No. Camping is sustainable because of soul split. It is profitable because prayer is cheap. *facepalm* Soul Split is defensive, not offensive. Have you played this game after EoC? They still haven't updated tons of monsters. You don't need drygores to 2-hit stuff. How about *you* do your research.
  2. Defence is never used for normal monsters. If you think defence is for normal monsters, you need to review your setups. This is some strange logic right here. Normal monsters are what you need defence for to make farming sustainable and profitable. Offence matters little because everything dies in a few hits anyway. Bosses are all about dps and killing them before you waste half your consumables in a single kill, and you're going to take a ton of damage regardless so defence is less important. He seems to be a smart person. More on-topic, I like that the phases aren't all about dps, so bringing 50 people doesn't mean you're killing the boss in a few seconds. Saw some streams where people clearly weren't realizing that it's not necessary to go all-out dps before the weapon piece is obtained, since the boss will just heal endlessly. Might as well hold back and use your defensive abilities (omg it's as if they're not useless!) until the objectives are completed.
  3. There are two tropes for that, because it just wouldn't be gaming without abilities and items that work everywhere except when you'd actually want to use them. #1 completely accurate. But you have to keep in mind that giving players free 100% damage reduction is extremely powerful and not compatible with making hard bosses that require you to do something to avoid damage. These abilities *are* still useful and balanced in PvP and other parts of the game that are not balanced around huge hits from boss monsters. #2 has nothing to do with this. The defensive abilities are very accessible, which is the whole point. You can use them so often, that it would negate a huge portion of the damage you receive, and make it mandatory to use these abilities on the same boss attacks every time (thus killing variety in ability usage which was mentioned earlier) I just wish there'd be some way to tell what attacks the abilities work on, and what they don't. It seems terribly inconsistent and requires you to look up everything on wikis.
  4. How funny is it that it's been like that for 6 months now and people still have no idea how the system works. The only thing that has changed is the way things are represented(raw numbers vs practical information). Exactly. It's a sign of an unintuitive system that people won't learn by playing the game, they need to look up the actual formulas to fully get it. Compare to what we had before EoC. You could easily add up positive and negative accuracy numbers from different items to see how effective a hybrid set is. None of this # of equipped items of class X matters more than their actual defense. I can't get over how bad design that is.
  5. Stop defending broken content. These were *extremely* needed changes, underpowered monsters have been the single biggest problem of the EoC update. Slayer exp rates were too high because they rushed the update before all the monsters and items were updated. That was incompetent, not them fixing it now. So many guys only care about their experience points it's ridiculous...
  6. This all sounds rather familiar. Kingdom of Loathing (web-mmorpg) did a pvp-doubling game. It was pretty funny reading about people trying to game the system with bid doubling strategies. Some people get lucky, yeah, but for every one of those another loses it all. And house cut means that over time people lose slightly more than they win. Don't think we really need to promote that kind of thing in RS though. As far as money sinks go, I'd rather see the GE made into one, like auction houses are in just about every other mmo out there.
  7. Well they got 07scape back they need SOMETHING to whine about now don't they? Are you really bringing up this debate again?
  8. I think you mean you play the minigame, you get dungeoneering xp. Everything that you can do inside dungeoneering, you can do in another part of the game world without getting dungeoneering exp. It doesn't have a single defining feature other than the minigame. It's not about the name, if they made a skill from playing castle wars and maybe expanded it a bit, it'd make just as much sense as a skill as dungeoneering does. That they chose to make dungeoneering into a skill, probably for simplicity in unlocking stuff and rewards, does not mean that it's not 100% a minigame. Bigger than other minigames, yes, but still doesn't fit the characteristics of a skill. Yeah, not a big deal, but given the precedent of dungeoneering don't expect all future skills to make sense either.
  9. The point is, you've said advertising only happened because voting slowed down. I say they advertised because they wanted to reach the members who don't follow the front page actively as well (regardless of the vote count at the time). Apparently there were a lot of them. That part is true, although they didn't move the perks that would increase costs the most. And yes, they likely knew what goals they wanted to achieve and at least part of the poll was an illusion. Especially the extra fee part didn't seem realistic, 07scape would die so much faster if they kept that. Not true that nobody claimed it, many people were saying they only got over 250k votes because they started spamming about it everywhere. Basically saying that votes past 250k shouldn't count because Jagex helped too much to reach them <.< Don't really have much to add, just think that people are reading way too much into a simple publicity stunt that probably got them a fair amount of new members, at least for a while.
  10. That's just conspiracy theories, it's reasonable that advertising increased the voting rate rather than the other way around. Of course they'd get the poll up before they start adding links to it everywhere. Yes, the poll is fishy, these polls always are (even stuff like Portal 2 early release promotion was fishy), and pop-ups are annoying (when will I be able to hide that stupid goblin?!), but these points in no way invalidate the level of interest people have expressed in the old servers.
  11. I'm strongly disagreeing. By this logic half the skills in the game are useless because you can just buy items instead of crafting them. Yeah, we've seen a lot of updates add combat benefits to skills that didn't have them before, but they're still very small benefits for the effort and maxing the real combat skills would be a much higher priority to increase your efficiency. Also more importantly not everyone has the same goals in the game. Yes, that's why they drastically reduced rune requirements for combat spells. And I completely agree with that because magic was quite costly compared to other attack styles. But now you don't need *any* runes except for stuff like alching, that's just ridiculous. Good points Sy_Accursed, I didn't realise so many PoH features are obsolete now.
  12. Wasn't construction always meant to be a gold sink anyway. Not sure why it suddenly must become the pinnacle of efficiency. Sure, it'd be cool if they can spice it up with more features to refresh interest, but the skill itself doesn't really seem broken. Now, something like runecrafting, that's gotten much worse. You can use abilities to kill stuff without a single rune spent and get high levels without crafting a single rune. In the last year the point of this skill was completely lost.
  13. This is because they want to hook up old players who quit for whatever reason with something familiar. But they also want them to come back to the modern game after the shine wears off, so you get access to full game for the same price (or less even!). Who wouldn't at least try the other version? Then... hopefully they see all the awesome graphics and interface improvements and boom, new long-term subscribers. Yeah, that does sound a bit optimistic, haha. In any case, RS had something like 10x viewers on Twitch for the last few days, so maybe the hype part of the 07 servers wasn't a fail after all. Now, fix the modern game so people can actually move over and stay there ;)
  14. ^last few pages Man, the level of maturity on tip.it sure has gone down. I guess reddit is the place to be nowadays. Replying to every single teknofield comment with this delusion crap just makes you look bad, even if I agree that teknofield makes less sense with every post. Might as well ignore the worst of the comments, everyone benefits and this thread is less painful to read. As for rares.. it's meant to be a fresh start from an even footing, rares don't exactly go well with that goal. You get a few people who get lucky/abuse the system (multiple accounts) to get a plenty and then as the server gets older get stupid and undeserved amounts of free money without doing anything. People get obsessed with them which encourages account stealing and RWTing if the prices climb high enough. I don't see the positives outweighing the negatives. If there absolutely need to be rares reimplemented, treasure trail rewards are the most sensible way to do it.
  15. It's not me who has to practice reading comprehension. I do think this part is pretty clear.
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