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  1. There's no allotment patch near willow , maple , yew that's within view. Nearest is catherby with willow, yew around 2 screen from the patches
  2. Desert Lizard tasks CAN be changed unless its assigned by Turael. BTW. Nice guide axe man jack. Some own suggestions Bears assignment : I would like to recommend the Ardy East Mine which have around 9 bears. You can actually plant some crops at the nearby patch and train slayer together. Skeletons : Damis Lair (required ring of visibility). Those skeletons are level 80 which drops level 2 clue and big bones. You can single melee near the entrance or run into the multi zone and use a cannon. Spider : Karamja Jungle or Karamja volcano for jungle spider (level 44) or use the varrock sewage for deadly red spider (level 34) (can collect spider eggs for herblore) Ghost : Member's dungeon near the chaos druids. No need to bring any keys or items, just armor, weapon and a few food.
  3. I side note. The rod of ivandis is NOT tradeable but i guess maybe its tradeable before the enchantment
  4. Just look on the map with a frying pan symbol. There are a ton of cooking ranges through out runescape. Not just those two. There are tons actually, yeah. The Lletya is not a better range, Lumby is, though. Actually... if you're cooking a group of manta rays then you'd still want to use this to help cook them. Nah, it is all that, if you hadn't cooked there you would have had even more chance of burning it... you might have super burned it :o Well. Will you go have a checking before you said that Lletya's range is NOT a "Cooking Range" I am SURE that the Lletya's range is a "COOKING RANGE". In fact, I just went there and double check. (To be accurate. There's 2 "Cooking Range" there) And those who is better range that can reduce burnt rate is named "Cooking Range" instead of "Range" in runescape.
  5. Well, to my knowledge there's only 2 cooking range in runescape. 1 is in lumbridge castle 2 is in Lletya Both will reduce the burning rate of cooking.
  6. You need 175qp to have access to kill the final boss if you still don't know.
  7. That doesn't mean he is f2p though, he could have just gotten membership but did not level up p2p skills yet. I can confirm hearldic is f2p.
  8. It takes around 45 secs. I have updated with pics and information.
  9. ice demon is the ice mountain that's north of falador.
  10. I recommend Wind wave it with air staff. I kill it with 76 magic using Wind wave without any problem. For you. I recommend to drink Restore pot once you got around 65 magic for you
  11. Exactly where is that? :oops: Yes. There's only 2 cooking range in runescape to my knowledge. I am glad that the lumbridge bank is a little nearier than the elves land
  12. Ok. After you have completed the 8 subquest, you need to talk with the gypsy and then go into the final portal in order to finish the culinaromancer. **** You cannot use prayer during the whole fight, so you need your hitpoints to make through **** **** You can run away from the battle anytime by just walking through the portal. You will continue on your fight at the level that you have left. I.e. you don't have to kill the 1st monster again if you've left when fighting the 2nd. **** **** If you find that the monster is hard to kill. DON'T hesitate to run away and change your gear. The final boss will summon monster to fight for him. There are several monster. (I have forgot the exact number maybe 5 or 6, please give your input for their names.) 1) 1st one is EASY. It drops meat after you've killed it. (Melee or Magic attack recommended) (e.g. Full rune with black hide body + chap, dds+whip for weapon) Inventory Recommended : Attack, Strength Pots, Medium Food (Lobbies, Bass or upper) 2) 2nd one is a Huge Monster that use magic attack. It drops cakes after you've killed it. (Magic defence and Melee attack or magic attack) (e.g. black hide body + chap) Inventory Recommended : Attack, Strength Pots, runes if you are using magic attack, Medium Food (Lobbies, Bass or upper) 3) 3rd one use Ice magic Attack (each hit will lower all your stats for 3~4). It drops choc-ice after you've killed it. (Best magic defence and magic attack recommended, melee don't work much) (e.g. mystic with black hide. Anicent Staff or elemental staff for weapon) Inventory Recommended : Restore Pots is a MUST (around 3), Good Food (Sharks or upper if you have low magic level), runes for your spell Set your staff to auto cast your best spell. (Beware your stats will be lowered after each ice attack, so choose a spell a few level lower than yours. For exampl, if you choose to use fire wave(level75) make sure u have level 78 or better 81 for the lower stat cushion. 4) 4th one use range attack and it DROPS your weapon if you are NOT wearing ice gloves. (Range defence and melee or range attack recommended) (e.g. Full rune with G-shield, dds+whip for weapon, i use darts to kill this without any problem) Inventory Recommended : Attack, Strength Pots, Medium Food (Lobbies, Bass or upper) 5) 5th one is Ghost like Dagganoth Mother called Gelatinnoth Mother. Its the same as the horror from the deep. Thansk Jagex this time its color change is much more obivous. (Range defence with battle staff attack recommended, you can bring knives or darts for faster kill) (e.g. black hide set + G-shield and mystic head, boots, god cape) Inventory Recommended : Runes for your spell, Medium or good Food (Sharks preferred but swordies is ok). The Dagganoth Mother will change color in sequence of White (Use Air wave, blast against it) Blue (Use Water wave, blast against it) Brown (Use Earth wave, blast against it) Red (Use Fire wave, blast against it) Orange (Melee it) Green (Range it) 6) Culinaromancer. Just wear your best magic defence and attack and use highest blast or wave spell to attack. Inventory Recommended : Runes for your spell, Good Food (Sharks or uppper). Special Note : The 20K Exp Lamp can be banked!!!! So keep it if you are not planning to use it now. **** I wrote this just by memories, so be prepared to have mistakes within. Please kindly give your input to make this a better guide. Cheers New Update Information 1) Ape Toll Agility Course : Gives 580exp per course, requires level 48 agility Tips for training in Ape Toll Agility Course Gears : Ninja Monkey greegree, boot of lightness Inventory : Knife and tele out (glory, rind of dueling) Tele to Ape toll or use glider. Here's where you are after teleport to Ape Toll The Agility Course have 6 obstacles (All failable and can't go back) Total Exp per course : 580exp Average Time per course : 45secs 1) Jump Stepping Stone (40exp) 2) Climb up Tropical Tree (40exp) 3) Swing across Monkeybars (40exp) 4) Climb-up Skull slope (60exp) 5) Swing Rope (100exp) 6) climb down tropical tree (300exp) Change to ninja greegree (he's fastest walking speed). Pick pineapple along the way (there's a pineapple at the agility course). Cut them into slice (each pineapple heals 8 hp). Its the best agility course as it have endless supply of food. 2) Cooked Jubbly : Heals 15hp 3) Small Crab drops Crab Claw (gloves) Large Crab drops Crab Helmet (helms) Ice Demon drops gems (up to diamond)
  13. well.. gm what would you call them when they look like "dragon" :) but i think the ones after that are better.. and might be worth it more Actually You can buy the "dragon" gloves (+9) after completed 8 subquest You can buy the "dark" gloves (+12) after completed the whole quest Both are selling at the price of 130K.
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