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  1. although (as most agree) MEP2 is the most annoying... and low-percentage-luck based.. I think the hardest quest so far is definitely Summer's End. The sheer adrenaline of avoiding the Spirit Beast's various attacks.... enough to break into a right sweat!! :) Much fun!..... and relief at the end of course.
  2. BH and PvP drops in general have had a massive effect on the DFH... G.E Price 12.8M down to 10.8M in the last month!! :shock: Might also be markets reflecting the "true" defensive value... dunno.
  3. As someone with only precious amounts of time to play the game, I have chosen a path of being a "jack of all trades but master of none". It's an old adage which probably the majority of RS players play by. I am unlikely to ever get a 99 on any of my accounts but enjoy the game thoroughly nonetheless!. Any 99 is a worthy cape and I salute all of you who have one or more... but it doesn't and shouldn't belittle any of us that work, study (and sleep lol) and will never obtain one. Proud not to have one! :) TTFN
  4. ...and checkout all the eyes !! lol
  5. Although overall, the Chaos Ele's stuff is summoning-oriented, when this first came out I understood the general consensus was that it spelt "LUCIEN" (as in the quest NPC). Anything is possible of course! :)
  6. Here is the stripped direct link to the flash file on the RS site. http://www.runescape.com/img/adverts/summoning_en . swf Edited due to url type... dang it...
  7. Can you run private drop parties in your house? (never tried)???
  8. The investigations into the Chaos ele clues are fantastic, however the RSOF seem to have got further. (esp with the anagram which appears to be LUCIEN) anyway, check it out. Quick find code: 15-16-721-54395498
  9. As well as the quest, miniquest, and goblin pots, there are also 2 new teleport orbs. One goes to Goblin Cave (plain of mud) which is useful i suppose for Fishing Guild or Hemenster if you don't have skills necklace. The other goes straight to Goblin Village. Useful for zammy wines/doric/clues...maybe..... any thoughts? edit: reading KB, seems Goblin Village sphere was available since last quest (another slice of ham). Ah well. Just plains of mud teleport is new. To make new orbs talk to the orb maker in Dorgeshen. TTFN
  10. Excellent work Qeltar! One piece of information that could do with clarification is the multiple runes from a rune essence part. For instance if a lvl 44+ rcer is assisted by a lvl 91+ rcer, does the lvl 91+ get the XP? (as the lvl 44+ can already craft nats) and does the lvl 44+ get the double nats? In other words do you have to be under lvl 44 to get assisted double nats? Obviously, this theory would then extend to other runes. TTFN
  11. :shock: What the... How was that possible!? I noticed this.... but it was nerfed sometime after construction came out i think. Mahogs were better droppers than teaks as I recall.. just stand in the grove chopping and burning until you were full of nests. 45 seeds in 2 hours seems reasonable at the time. TTFN
  12. Wiki is a great place to start from... but ALWAYS cross-reference the Citations (which is what I did to find the trademark info)... no Citation - no Credibility! TTFN
  13. "Mechscape" may be (I believe) a companion product for Jagex, however tracing through from Wiki to the UK Intellectual Property Office (where trademarks are recorded) I believe they are going to continue expanding the Runescape "cash-cow" empire. They are going or are planning to do this through physical play merchandise such as trading cards, board games etc. Watch the shops Xmas 2008!!! The link if you are interested the link is http://www.ipo.gov.uk/tm/t-find/t-find-number?detailsrequested=C&trademark=2469132. If you are unsure about clicking links then here is an extract from the application: TTFN
  14. Right clicking on Hajedy in Brimhaven (Cart ride to Shilo) only cost me 10gp instead of the previous 200gp... and I had over 10k on me, so that wasn't a factor. In addition, the reverse ride is also 10gp. TTFN RSN Curbridge
  15. The Varrock level 2 armour is waaaay different to the level 1. :) and its very light for its def.!!! RSN Curbridge
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