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  1. Does this mean that it's random?? :< "Liquid Gold Nymph: The nymph is fascinated with gold, and will offer you pieces of a golden mining outfit each time she appears to you. When you have a completed outfit, she'll instead offer you a choice of either some Mining XP or to gild any one pickaxe you have on you. Foreman Jaak can remove the gilding from a pickaxe should you ever wish to revert it back to normal." ~Posted in KB~
  2. Started Feb 02' so not an original...but at least a couple of years ago I still saw L6vi playing around.
  3. I'd agree Summoning would be pretty rare...but so would the 99 Dung cape...because face it...groups won't take you if you're low lvl...after about what 60-70 dung.
  4. Obviously fake. Reason #1 being the coin examine. Also reason #2 how they done the filming...there would be no need to use an old school camera on it when there is software you can down from the Runescape site to do the filming...thus what they done is tried to make it look worse to make people think that it's all actually legit...an excellent way to make people go to your website so you can get a few keyloggers on them.
  5. Between my elf + goblin group I've also got Uncut opal (-5) combat lvl
  6. I remember the Abyssal riot of world 18 when they fixed the bug the day the abyss came out to where mages could pk people in the abyss, but nobody else could attack. Many people were protesting those changes, and encouraging for the abyss to be a pkable area...
  7. Actually after failing with Brundt myself I figured out the true use of the tablet! Take it over to the Historian in the Varrock museum for interesting, and rather humorous (if you know your Fremennik name) response!
  8. I can think of a possible problem (never tested it) for why they nerfed the drop parties on the servers. My theory is that if a RWT put the item in the chest with so much time before an update happens. The update is rolled around, and the person receiving the item logins after the update, and has a bit of time to login and get the item from the balloons right after the update is out. (When much much fewer people would be on the servers...let alone in the party room.) It's something I thought of testing before out of science...but I'm not nerdy enough to test it, and instead rush off to whatever the new update is...and too lazy to when it's just a bugfix.
  9. The monsters in the throne room after the quest. Naturally the higher the level of the npc the higher the probability of it dropping a granite mace. By the way the spec of the granite mace is the same spec of a granite maul...so throw on a rune defender and you have a weakened strength version of the maul (by about 20) with -11 crush, but is much quicker.
  10. I just thought I'd total the current quests level amounts so that some people stop debating about how many quests there are left. Also, I decided to just post it for those that are just curious about it. From this deduction, I think it would be safe to assume that quest # 150 will indeed be a grandmaster quest, due to the other quests (besides master) having several other quests for people of that skill level. Grandmaster: 1 Master: 16 Experienced: 36 Intermediate: 54 Novice: 42 Total: 149
  11. dds is the abbreviation for dragon dagger (s) or super poisoned. Hence the farming skill came out it has been relabeled dragon dagger (++) but many of the older players still refer to it as a dds.
  12. I have mixed feelings about it. I originally started playing before members even existed, (back in winter of 2002.) Anyway, back then there was no BTS, and when members ended up coming around there still was no BTS. Instead, they had an new release update (not bugfixes mind you.) once a month with all the updates for that month, and that was it. The Behind the Scenes don't get me wrong I enjoy, but it really takes away from the surprise from the game. Now please don't flame with with things like, then don't read them noob if you want to be surprised...I see that as trying not to open a Christmas present that is staring you in the face that has a very high chance of being something you will enjoy. Although, I think that if they do re-instate Behind The Scenes then they should make it with one key change. That change being only announce the things for that much, which are already ready, and they would be satisfied with releasing by the first weekday of that month (Note not necessarily releasing it that way due to business reasons.) This way it would help minimize the complainers about something not coming out that month due to a bug fix or so forth, because all of the bugs are already fixed. In fact I would say that the majority of the RS members could even agree with just one or two small updates for a given month in order for the rest of that time for the developers to be able to make sure that the things for the next month will be ready by the first weekday of that month.
  13. My advice to make money is to Merchant, while skill training or fighting NPC's.
  14. Hmm...maybe I understand you wrong, but it sounds like you are wishing for their to be a separate skill for Necromancy. If that is the case I approve of it IF it gets boosted effects from a Necromancy spellbook. What that would entail is training the Necromancy skill in a way similar to Summoning of leveling it up, BUT with the difference of Necromancer spells having the ability to heal the Undead familiar that you made, boosting the strength of it, whatever the possibility of weakening the spellcaster (maybe). It would be most fitting for the playing style of Necromancers in other RPG's but in a Runescape environment in that case.
  15. So, I was playing the Great Orb Project today, and noticed a bug. The game being played was 5 vs 3 at the mind altar level (the 2nd one.) I ended up joining the next level a bit late, and when I entered there was nobody else there! It ended up taking me through four more levels, before it had the mini-game end where I was the only person in the game...needless to say I won each of those levels ;-)
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