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    CR vs RSD

    You piled me. Thanks for the fights CR, was really close - especially the first one. Most enjoyable CwA fight I've been a part of in a while. I didn't fight in the second one, stepped aside to give some trial members a shot. ==ice==
  2. Dr. Robotnik obviously! ==ice== :twisted:
  3. True, thats why i never buy anything these days, ==ice==
  4. Gratz DS, Didnt think you had it in you to be honest, but you proved myself and probably alot of others wrong. It wasnt just the looters, di just didnt look like the old di. Looters, they lag up the place for everyone and the odd person kicking you doesnt cause you to lose by 60 people. Gratz again DS, ==ice==
  5. What do i look for? - Captivating Plot - Acting which you dont notice, and you just respect - A film which leaves questions to be answered, providing the story is complete - A good flow to the film, not letting it drag on - Sufficient blend of action and dialogue, ==ice==
  6. Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio in G minor gets my vote. As the quote said, it was used to effectively at the end of that film. I remember when i saw the film, i was actually on a coach, and we were watching it on the way back to the hotel having just visited the world war 1 battlefields in belgium. So thats the best one for me, and if your looking to watch the film with it i reccomend Gallipoli, otherwise, its still pretty cool anyway just to listen to and relax to or whatever, ==ice==
  7. Heres who wins: Premiership: Man United or Chelsea F.A. Cup: Man United or Arsenal Champions league: AC Milan or Barcelona Top premiership goalscorer : Ruud Van Nistelrooy Double: Man United Arsenal have no chance of the league without viera, their first team just hasnt got enough quality. Chelsea have a high chance of having a really bad spell if they manage to not win 2 in a row, because their all so arrogant defeat will show them just how worthless they are, and expose the fact they are just a page out of a billionaires chequebook. Henry did good last season, but this season is Nistelrooys, hes back in form, and with the likes of rooney and ronaldo in United's side, he will get the delivery needed for a 25+ premiership goal count. ==ice==
  8. Icedrop


    I really worry for the future of this country, 9/10 people aged 10-14 i walked past in town today were chav-lets . ==ice==
  9. Your mind goes to a realm beyond this, Thats all i have figured out. ==ice==
  10. Well it worked for me, About 2 weeks ago, I read an article in the paper - a guy lost 4 stone by only having 1 large meal a day. 1 Week later, another guy replied saying that didnt work for him, It all depends on you as a person - try eating lots of small meals or try eating one larger meal, it all depends on what is best for you, Also, my diet is not all that "extreme", i dont see how it could damage your health. As long as you eat enough of things non chocolately and fatty, and stuff your fine. Also, when i lost weight, i didnt do a billion press ups, i stuck to funner sport which takes less energy and burns less calories, Different things work for different people, Also after i reached a weight i was happy with, i now eat all the chocolate, burgers and other stuff i like as much as i like but just make sure i exercise more than before so it doesnt build on me and make me fat, Worked for me, could work for this guy, ==ice==
  11. Dave Murray cause hes my mums cousin. :D ==ice==
  12. Well when i was that age i lost a load of weight. How did i do it? 3 simple steps: 1) As you plan, do all the exercise you possibly can. If possible vary things, play tennis with friends, golf, whatever your into and if your not into anything convince your mates to start a sport with you. That way its fun, and you lose weight. 2) See it as a challenge and keep focused. MAKE SURE you do you exercises everyday. If you dont, see it as a bad day, as if a relative as died and feel really bad about yourself. Tell yourself, "Ill be overweight forever because of not exercising today." Same with food - if you eat a cake, make yourself feel guilty about it and regret it. 3) Eat little or nothing for meals (Maximum 2 times per 3 days). This is the key. BUT, make sure you dont end up anorexic - once you reach your desired new weight, STOP DOING THIS. Best one to miss i found was at school - it saves you your lunch money which you can secretly keep ;) If you really cant manage this - just buy yourself a cereal bar for lunch. For dessert - fruit only until you eat your weight. One chocolate bar as a treat per week. Really its about sorting out what you eat and exercising to an extreme level until you reach your desired weight. Then, eat normally, keep up the exercise and you should be alright for life, ==ice==
  13. Not bad - sounded abit boring though and the recording quality wasnt that good, probably sound good live anyway, Check out http://www.myspace.com/fisticuffs ==ice==
  14. Well from what i gathered reading the papers he wasnt guilty of being about to blow up the train, but he also wasnt innocent and void of terrorist activity. Shooting is the best bet when you are sure there is a threat, but otherwise the people who did it didnt have the authority to do it at all and they should get punished accordingly. ==ice==
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