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  1. It's Aegis Wing. Someone can take my turn. >.>
  2. You can't spec into wands anymore, as I've come to find out on my Priest. :(
  3. Soooo...Ensidia downed Algalon-10, apparently. http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=57011.0 I'm really not that surprised that they were the first to do it, but I was expecting them to have taken longer to down him. :shock:
  4. Congratulations! I experienced the displeasure of pugging Heroic Naxxramas this weekend. We got stonewalled at Heigan due to people not understanding the mechanics of the fight. =( I know it seems complicated at first, but I knew where to move after only a few tries; it seemed impossible for some of the members of the group to understand the fight at all.
  5. I just read about that on WoW-Insider. Amusing stuff, that. :P It's been good being a level 80 Death Knight. I've had abysmal luck with Heroic drops, however. :\
  6. As of now, the Legendary pack currently costs 600 MS points. And lol, Orbital is the bomb for Objective games.
  7. ^ Although I can't explain why that happens, I've had it happen to my friends several times. I've not personally experienced it, though.
  8. lol, Smash TV! Someone else can take my go, though.
  9. Congrats, I've noticed I'm particularly bad with a Sniper. You still lost, though. :P
  10. I [bleep]ing hate the church guy. I got up to that point by myself on Expert, and then he just had to mess everything up for me. :x
  11. Lenin - Beat the last Grunty battle (in the Terrarium, not on Spiral Mountain) and it'll all make sense. ;)
  12. I'd say you're right, KingJoe. It's the reason I hardly post on here anymore.
  13. PSOfr33k


    Lenin, [hide=]There are eight very, very secret "stars" hidden within the game. You can collect 7 of the 8 in any order, but you cannot get the eighth and final star until you've collected the other 7. Then you can go back to the last level and do some funkay time thing where you actually do go up and into where the Princess is, allowing you to nab the 8th star. More detail can be found here.[/hide]
  14. Not that I know of. I just don't do it.
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