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  1. ^^^ nice way to try to show off some knowledge, haha.
  2. Where is the legal drinking age where you live? If it's 21 like it is here, your friend's dad is incredibly irresponsible. As for that last comment, by "good ID" do you mean like a fake one that will fool the people checking ID's, or an actual legal one? If it's the former, then you're encouraging everyone to break the law? ahaha what the hell?
  3. There are drugs in every town and village in the country, that doesn't mean it affects your life and it certainly doesn't mean you have to be involved in it.
  4. And who's paying for that? Smokers are already wasting billions of pounds of tax-payers' money, do you think they would want to spend more money building these rooms and special facilities to accomodate smoking?
  5. Hopefully you will outgrow the idea of going to Oxford or Cambridge before you have to make the choice. You should especially reconsider depending on where you live, what class you are, etc, etc.
  6. Going in to town on a weekend can be fun. I used to go religiously, but not so much now. Most of the clubs in my town are just full of under age people anyway which is incredibly annoying.
  7. England is great. The people however, are not.
  8. How often on average are updates?
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