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  1. Bleh, stuff should be dropping. I'd save for arma but I just got back and looked at the prices and sobbed. Maybe I'd feel different if I was the one selling. I blame the impending TT items. I'm hyped
  2. Most Liked: 4chan.org cracked.com facebook fark..com I don't think I hate any sites tbh
  3. Lmao, you sound liek me i don't see a problem in meeting a person from an mmorpg, just meet em in a place with tonnes of people, might be slightly awkward though \
  4. you just gave me and my friend a fun activity, where did you get the mirrors though?
  5. good luck going for 99. you going to be at shilo everynight? i was going to get 85 fishing then leaving it for a bit. good luck anyways :D
  6. naw i still dont get. do have to add em together? or is because there all under 9? or is it the letters? so so many questions :anxious:
  7. ugh level 6, serial number? gimmeahintplease
  8. scrubs harvey birdman family guy simpsons my name is earl :D
  9. ebe92

    Name Meanings

    Eben means rock. yay great. im a rock with a dumb name
  10. download power tab if its songs you want. or ultimate-guitar.com
  11. it comes up with: "you can not attack a player out side of the wilderness" messege. or it may have changed since it happened to me :)
  12. naw. blocked and if i went at dinner i would be forced to do flash club.... or do homework :cry:
  13. what happened to the fastest gnome in the world?
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