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  1. First non-meleer to vote :P I only use range for a couple of bosses where magic is useless. However, I think extra binds would make me want to use range MORE, not less. So I would never give up using it. On the other hand if the extra binds were in some way a reward for giving up range I might give it up completely and just be useless occasionally if I gained an extra 3 binds and the ability to bind laws as well as surgebox. Magic is too much more powerful than the range to even think about giving it up. I would never give up SSH. Not for anything. I don't use blood necklace at the moment, so certainly nothing. However, if I had an extra 2 binds I might be persuaded to start using it. I don't have hex but I do want one. However, I think an extra 2 or 3 binds would be enough to exchange for using one.
  2. i was fishing rocktails for about an hour and a half up to 10 hours ago. Didn't stop when I shouldn't at any point.
  3. Funny. Those are the exact same reasons why I don't like people who go round saying anyone who doesnt use the "most efficient" method for every single thing are inferior. It's kind of odd to see them being applied the other way for once. As for my view on donations - all it does imo is turn a solo achievement into a group achievement, with the account owner becoming the figurehead of the group. There is still an achievement there, just it is an achievement which is, or should be, shared among many, rather than just a single individual. In my view it is more honest than hosting dicing games, which is what a lot of other top players do nowadays. At least donators know how much they are giving away and don't hope to get a profit from it. If you take large amounts of donations, you get the satisfaction of higher levels of achievements, but that higher achievement is shared across many. If you don't, you have to accept lesser achievements (or taking longer to reach them), but you get the satisfaction that the achievements you get are yours and yours alone. Both are worthy in their own ways.
  4. Ferocious ring has no effect on ice strykewyrms though?
  5. I don't. I do the methods that I most enjoy doing. The second priority is which method is the most convenient. After that the only methods that are still tied would be ones where there is an obvious winner in terms of efficiency that would be the best method for me whatever sane value I placed on my time.
  6. clearly it's more efficient to miss out 2 letters in your typing so you can get your message out 1/10 of a game tick faster. /troll
  7. Just think, 15 years ago, before the internet gurus were born we called that a stalemate. But, hey thanks to an ego trip by somebody who takes 100 words to say one, we got this. Also, we all know that somebody has to die in dungeoneering and it can't be you. So you call them a keyer. You glorify them, tell them they are special, but in the end they get less xp than you because it's their job to go in first and DIE. Let's face it we all know how dungeoneering is really played. *Wink* *Wink* FIX IT JAGEX! It is kind of sad that the more a person contributes to a dungeon, the more likely they are to get "most deaths" at the end.
  8. During the day or so I was hosting the flower game (before I realised that what I was doing could in no way fit in with my personal moral creed and stopped) I saw plenty of people claim to be cleaned when what they meant was they were out of money - they would then go off, sell their armour, and come back again. If they lost that, they would go off, sell their weapon and come back again. I must have seen 20+ people claiming to be "cleaned", but only one of them was actually reduced to literally nothing. P.S. There was even one guy who claimed he was cleaned when what he meant was that he had lost all the money he had made earlier that day by hosting - he still had a good 100m+ to fall back on.
  9. derp? It's rswiki. What do you expect?
  10. zomg the population of New York has halved over the last 7 years:
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