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  1. *Smiles* *s[racist term]s, trying to hold it in* *cracks* *rolls around on the floor laughing* That thing was as easy as the first boss on barbie horse adventures for god sakes :P
  2. Sniper wolf from MGS1...? Sure, it's not as big, but it's the same concept. Two awesome snipers, Two Awesome rifles. Game on. And my record for the end is about 10 minutes.
  3. Ruby/Emerald Weapon from FF7. God Of War - Second "Stage" of the last boss (With all the clones) and the Minotaur (On god mode, that is) Adel from FF8.
  4. It doesn't exist. What would happen is that he would stand at the "magical tree" and ask for a sapphire, and then would log out and log back in about 2 minutes later, saying "wow, i just visited the underground farm" Load of BS in my opinion.
  5. Wow, that looks really awesome. Bit on the expensive side, but it must be so cool...So enteraining. Imagine just standing there in the dark, and hearing your friend come in. He's just about to turn the light on - he sees a red glow with a "schoom" in the corner. You have your darth vader suit on and start saying "Feel the force of my lightsaber" - he'd wet himself :lol: What's the battery time, Bluelancer? I hope it's over 5 hours...otherwise it's just expensive having to buy batteries every 2 hours. By the way...what batteries does it take? Edit: just checked the site...It's 6 AA batteries for a several hour usage, and the electronics last for around several thousand hours.
  6. Very nice :) Congratulations on making such a great sig, they're always great.
  7. Amazingness :o Keep it up, you're amazing :o :)
  8. That's really cool, I'm liking it alot.
  9. absolutely amazing, you're getting closer to my 10/10 for now....9.75/10. Happy haloween.
  10. Thanks for the comments and ratings people. Aleksander, you couldn't be more right. Mind blowing graphics in the cinematics for a psone :o
  11. Why don't you just turn around, walk out and never come back. I'd like to see you do better, for a start look at your current sig. It's utter bs. So, how about a nice big cup of shut up. you're comments are nothing special.
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