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  1. Ah i remember those. Amazing stories :)
  2. Aye, i'm listening to that a lot recently. Also listening to... Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird The Eagles - Hotel California Beatles - Yesterday Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
  3. Probably browsed for a bit... I honestly can't remember it was so long ago :shock:
  4. Your sig is too big. The 300x150 thing accounts for the entire sig, not just a single picture.
  5. RIP Had an alcohol addiction which ended his career early and eventually lead to his death. Quite sad really. :(
  6. Donnie Darko is probably the strangest film i've ever seen
  7. In Flames (not sure if you can call them underground now) Dragonforce
  8. Ah yes.. the good old days! I remember having someone give me a mith large, and i was training for ages just so i could wear it.
  9. Yesterday i saw War of the Worlds and the day before i saw The Descent..
  10. Seers - My fondest memories are in that place :wink:
  11. Carpenting will be released at the same time as Duke Nukem Forever
  12. Wouldn't mind doing all the RSC p2p quests again and then Dragonslayer. Quests like Tourist Trap, Temple of Ikov and Family Crest were all good fun :)
  13. Haha. Looks alright actually. Someone must've been bored :lol:
  14. Razorlight - Up all Night Nirvana - Nevermind/In Utero/Bleach etc
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