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  1. No the first whip went for around 53M. There is also no way that Jagex would change drop rates, it just seems like there so many drops because there so many people.
  2. 3rd age is a LOT harder to get then a whip. like 250 times harder to get. Liiike..No it isn't? Getting 85 slayer is *MUCH* harder than getting lvl 3 clues. When Whips we're released, slayer were. Now, which is harder? Months of slayering or max 1 week of doing clues? Sorry pal. Slayer wins. ^^Bah, Fresh took my words.:( In the time it's taken me to get 82 whip drops I've done every clue drop I got, I've NEVER had a robin hood hat from a clue and third age armour is considerably rarer? Nice calculation there.
  3. When I am there I norm get anywhere from 36k to 42k XP per hour. That's 60 to 66 Abby's per hour. Also Average 1 Whip per 4 hours = Sometimes takes a lot longer sometimes less.. ((Can go 10 hours - 1week no whip)) Hope that helps MM your killing them extremely slowly then (or with guthans alot) 2 a minute is easily possible, more with dharoks; however whats even worse is your attempt at a drop rate, having been speculated at 10XX for a long time now I'd actually say it was somewhat less - around 750 area observing mine and other peoples whips/kills however it seems that even thousands of kills can't get some sort of definitive drop rate ;p as my 1/870 (ish) compares to many others who are verging on 1/500 after both having killed above 70k demons (not sure how much higher I am now, last time I checked I was at about 67K). However regardless your numbers are very very dodgy ;|. Btw for the record, 85 slayer is far from hard, it requires time and some common sense that is all, knowing how to be effective is what it's about and having some spare time ;\.
  4. The quest was an excuse for getting Crystal gear released, I had a long talk to Mod Dylan (I believe; have the screenshots somewhere) on release day talking about the crystal stuff and what they we're planning ect..
  5. Depending on how long you want to meditate depends on what routine you go through, but just for basics I'd reccomend first finding a quiet place your room/sitting room ect.. sit down on the floor cross legged with your back straight and hands resting loosely on your knees then think and follow your breath, dont attempt to control it, just keep it natural and follow it in and out thinking of your breath and only your breath - then start to extend it, control it don't hold it or stutter it, simply recognise your control over it and fill your lungs to their full capacity. While thats a very brief over view it will get you started, i'm sure however there are meditation groups you could join/excercises you could access. It's all to do with breathing and being aware of yourself, often a setting may be portrayed to be imagined at first, but then you work up to just breath control and recognition.
  6. No thats not true, they deleted RSC accounts if they weren't logged into within 6 months previously a couple of years back, thats the only time they've ever deleted accounts and the only time they ever said that they would delete accounts.
  7. Servers arn't live until the mid-night previous to release so it doesn't matter if anyone gets their copy early ;p.
  8. Wow, there's no need to be so abrasive christ, he quiet obviously has the intelligence and ability to see the language and "drop rate" difference of Third Age items to Discontinued. All he's suggesting is that the drop rate could be so low that due to both Runescapes every growing fan-base and the general decline in the value of gold the prices could stabilise if not increase. Something that is honestly quiet feasible considering how many Discontinued items there are currently in the game compared to the third age stuff, it is true that the amount of each is heading in seperate directions and "eventually" numbers must level out then pass each other but the time scale is something quiet intriguing and something it doesn't seem you've considered. How long did it take dragon legs/whips/RHH to drop? Dragon Legs - (15M) Halved in a matter of hours, hit a base price within a week and was only twice is current price within a day. Abyssal Whip - (43M - 50M) Halved within a week, halved again within 2 months, and again within 6. Reached twice is current and stable price within a year and Robin Hood Hat - (4M) Halved in 6 months, stayed constant for around a year, then grew by a factor of 1.5 to stabalise at it's current price. Now, I chose these three items specifically because of both their rarity and their difference in drop rate/attainability. As after the hype (regardless how much their was), each was appropriately priced by rarity and demand. This can be seen quiet clearly through the way demand exagerates starting prices then rarity accustomises, of course the scale of the demand affects the time taken for any kind of consistant price to emerge, but in the end I think it's quiet obvious that rarity holds out. Now, YES Third Age prices will change but they'll always reflect rarity and demand. Any descripinces about my pricing/time periods can and should be mentioned but don't go ranting, they're time frames, not exact dates and I was there and and active through them all (especially whips, as I was certainly one of the first 10 on Tip.it getting my first at 43M and proceeded to merchant a large amount off of them and then 85 slayer two months later). An inresting post I must say, and definatly one to watch, will be good fun to watch some people eat their words and to be honest, if no conflicting armour comes out and the drop rate stays the same I think we will be waiting for a VERY long time for prices to change at all drastically and can myself see the prices rising as hype dies down.
  9. Biggest currently autoed item atm is dragon bones, don't see what screwing over f2p would do.
  10. Out of intrest does it work well at abyssal demons? Havn't played in a good 6 months and was wondering would love to get back on the top 21 range goal :P, I know crystal bow is well used at demons but I always felt cheated due to their terrible range defense and whips arn't worth enough for karils to be viable anymore. So any opinions?
  11. meh santas are by far the easiest rare to merchant and fluctuate so much and people are making millions out of it, I've kinda given up now, getting 18 santas scammed off you isnt much motivation ;p but meh we'll see i might try make up a santas or two from the next price rise/drop its all alot of people are going to do until sources run dry, then who knows how high they'll go.
  12. are you having a laugh? Dragon daggers can hit 41's rune arrows 25's. crystal bow has no special and has a max hit of 29.
  13. it was two double shot special attacks, it took up 35% of the bar each and yes it should be changed back (you could actually time it to get 3 in a row). Range is pathetic as it is atm.
  14. So even if someones wrong, we should all smile sweetly and go aww? I'm sorry but I won't patronise him, good for him for enjoying something enough to look for the links but if he's wrong he's wrong. The world isn't all sunshine and roses and you'll get nowhere if everytime someone makes a mistake or takes something to far you just accept it. This forum is for discussion, you cant have dicussion if everyone is agreed unless you really think a bunch of people talking about how right they are and how good they are is the way forward. Agreed... It's just a game, stop trying to relate it to everything else. Doing all this extra work is unnecessary. It ruins the ambience of the game. Are either of you literate or just lazy? Apparantly not. Besides, it's more fun when you look at it this way. There is no need at all to start trying to impose an intellectual superiority over me, let alone comment on something that is perfectly readable. I'm sorry that I don't have time to go over every post I make searching for obscure grammar and typing errors but in future I will try just for you ;). Oh, and just a thought. It would be more fun to believe that I could fly, doesnt mean I'm going to launch myself off a building though does it? It would be more fun to believe I could re-enact William Tell, doesnt mean I should shoot at an apple balance on my sisters head though does it? Think before you speak and don't be so bent on aserting your dominance over everything, yours has to be by far the most pathetic post yet.
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