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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. 1. A shop becomes available once unlock the third (I think) guild. 2. There is an npc that is also available, if you cant see him yet try looking after you complete your current mission.
  4. We already have potions haha. Energy potion= energy drinks
  5. [M] - Members quest. "A Farewell To Guthix" perhaps? That is if the G stands for Guthix. Or maybe we're all just reading too far into something that might just be nothing. That's probably the case haha.
  6. a loG flume with extra << aaaaa >> Maybe the G is a capital for guthix, you can make Guthix out of the anagram, which leaves Guthix a lo flme w etra << aaaaa >> flame? water? who knows Haha just a thought.
  7. Once you hit 77 do concentrated coal, and then concentrated gold at 80.
  8. mullen32


    Red salamanders are a good bet, although they have also been somewhat busy this weekend.
  9. Red sallys are your best bet until 80, at which point you can have 5 traps, making red chins better from 80 on.
  10. Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate the advice.
  11. I realize i'm bringing this back from the dead, but I thought it made more sense than making a new topic. I'm looking into other ways for raising smithing levels (mith platebodies), and was wondering if it made more sense to sell the gold ore I get from the concentrated mines and use that money for mithril bars, or keep the ore and smelt it, then sell it?
  12. It's definitely a personal choice. People forget that supplements are called supplements for a reason, they don't do any good if workout plan isn't great and especially if your diet isn't perfect. People definitely don't need supplements as long as they have a good diet, although they can definitely help to speed and amplify results. I don't think that you should consider taking supplements to be not 'natural', taking steroids isn't natural but a few basic supplements in my opinion is still natural.
  13. As some of you MMA fans may now, march is a big month for MMA with three UFC events this month! On March 21, there is the UFC on Versus, featuring Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones, and Gabe Gonzaga vs. Junior Dos Santos. March 27th features UFC 111 in New Jersey, with Georges St. Pierre defending his title against Dan Hardy, and also Shane Carwin vs. Frank Mir for the UFC Interim Heavyweight title. Fight Night 21 is on March 31st with Kenny Florian vs Takanori Gomi and TUF 10 winnder Roy Nelson fighting Stefan Struve. So if anyone has any comments or predictions for any of these awesome fight cards feel free to share them!
  14. Back extensions for sure, and also deadlifts, starting with very little weight and building up as you feel comfortable. with back extensions I like to hold a medicine ball then as you come up throw it fast to your partner. Really awesome exercise!
  15. Yeah your right its about explosivenss. Basically you load the muscle, then contract as fast as possible. Such things like squat, then explode jump, pushups where you push off as hard as you can, throwing medicine balls. Jumping on to high boxes is another favorite of mine. Feel free to get creative in applying it to your favorite wrestling techniques.
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