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  1. Oooooo Tasty :-X edit: just saw the post beneath me and oddly enough it makes liver sound like filet mignon.
  2. Your saying that every person who cheats should be banned. So everytime someone in soccer is offsides or gets a handball they should be banned. Everytime some in football is offsides they should be banned. I know I am being over the top. But come on every one makes mistakes does that mean they should be banned? What do you think pro sports would be like if every one who ever cheated was banned? I am not saying that cheating is a good thing but I think it would be better to look at evervy instance individually and then decide what the best punishment should be.
  3. Yeah it would be fun to see more npc's fighting it out, maybe some Myreque and vampires, Elves and gnomes fighting together against humans, Trolls and the armies of Yanille, etc. There are so many possible "fights" that could be going on I think it would make the game more fun if there were things like that.
  4. Sounds fun hope you have a good trip. I know haggis is generally accepted to be rather disgusting, but what exactly is it?
  5. This is the reason that I can't watch cycling and track and field anymore, even baseball. Everytime someone breaks a new record or wins I always wonder was doping behind. I am not saying that only these sports have problems with doping but the other sports seem to manage their problems better.
  6. tintmangbpack


    Yeah it is a great show, makes me laugh all the time. I really like all the sub characters and their roles, people like Newman, Piterman, The castanza parents and so on.
  7. Please use the Help and Advice forum, for all questions and advice in the future. ~Locked
  8. As stated in the post this doesn't work unless you have already done the quest, it is only a shortcut for those who have done the quest. ~Locked
  9. Porsche Carrera GT, It is a sweet looking car.
  10. Use Pick 'n Apron Bazaar for Hiring miners. ~Locked
  11. Wrong forum, use the Rants board next time. ~Locked
  12. Please use the clan Recuitment board for inviting peoepl to clans. ~locked
  13. Definitely not purple. I think they should just make the inside of the logs more green like the bows and perhaps change the bark to look slightly different then willows. Because while the logs look very similar the bows are complete different looking.
  14. Please use this sticky: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=432561 for stories of being scammed. ~Locked
  15. Please use the Help and Advice forum for questions. ~Locked -- Tint
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