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  1. 8 or 9. It's so small that if it wasn't clean, I couldn't get in.
  2. Didn't Fable 2 already come out? EDIT: Nope it hasn't I lied. :oops:
  3. This looks freakin' sweet. :D I'd love to play it when it comes out. By the way, if you don't mind my asking, what language did you use to program the game?
  4. Ever heard of balls of steel? :wink:
  5. -People who use 'like' out of context, and then, like.... (that was an example) -Doing school projects with people who don't give a flying [cabbage] -People who say that running is soft/gay/stupid etc. etc. -All things Soulja Boy -Not being able to back up one's argument -People who have a billion facebook applications -Chain letters (not the funny ones with clever jokes, I mean those ones about if you don't do *blank* then *blankity blank* will happen) -Bad grammar -Parents who lie to their kids -False advertising -Popped collars -Terribly worded problems on tests -Bug bites -Lack of communication between two people...
  6. I've heard of Rory Gallagher. He played in Taste, right? Was any of his solo stuff good? Oh yeah, new one: The Beatles - 1
  7. Brawl definitely. Saboteur also looks cool. And that Ghostbusters game. OHHH and Fallout 4. And Borderlands. A crapload (nay, millions) of customizable weapons sounds awesome.
  8. Thought it was coming out this November...?
  9. Anyone play Nightfire? :thumbsup: A+ of a game.
  10. Bond cries in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. We don't see his face though. He's tough like that. :? But yeah, I hope Bond 22 was as good as Casino Royale :)
  11. I'm a huge fan of James Bond. I own Vol. 1 & 3 of the Ultimate Collection, hope to soon own Vol. 2 & 4 :) Sean Connery was the most Bond-esque I think, based on the novels written by Fleming and Bond's portrayal in them. Pierce Brosnan was like Roger Moore, only better looking and more action-oriented. Roger Moore's only draw, I think, was his corny one-liners and great chase scenes (see boat chase in Live and Let Die and The Man With the Golden Gun) and his movies had J.W. Pepper, even though he was only in two :( (see two above movies) Timothy Dalton? Eh...meh. Not great. George Lazenby was great in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, though. Great scenes, and few, if any, gadgets. A true Bond film with a true Bond type character! Favorite 5 Bond films (in no particular order): GoldenEye Goldfinger Live and Let Die On Her Majesty's Secret Service From Russia With Love
  12. iTunes is NOT expensive. NEW albums at ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã7.99 = cheap. Singles at 99p...its not expensive... I think he means TOO expensive as in too much money over free.
  13. Hey, you. Say Chowdah. French accent (Show-dair...) No, no, it's Chowdah. CHOWDAH. Hey come back here, I'm not through demeaning you!!! Classic Simpsons bit.... On-Topic: Oh a show called Chowder? Nope, no cable, so haven't seen it.
  14. This show is so funny. And it really shows how talented these guys are: No script at all, and only a couple seconds to get into character and be funny. And holy GOSH are they funny. Wayne, Colin, and Ryan are all hilarious...oh man what a show. :XD:
  15. 404 - Not Found THIS IS SWEET!!!! :? I'm confused.
  16. But how can it be 2 if you leave no apples :? Because it says "Apples" and apples being plural meening more than 1 it meens you could of left an "apple" The answer is 2 its just a brainteaser and in no way related to anything mathamatical >.< what strange maths lessons you have! wish they where mine ^^ Hey these were only brain-teasers I guess. Right now we're ACTUALLY doing functions, relations, matrices, etc. Fun stuff. :?
  17. Retefael

    Your worst day

    Ahh, no worries I know how you feel. #-o That's terrible. Got pseudo-jumped once. Scared the bejeesus out of me. OT: Congrats on 1337 posts infamous :XD: :P
  18. I wish that I had started seriously running as early as possible.
  19. They did, and it was an rpg type thing. I heard it sucked. You are darn right it sucked. Soul Caliber Legends I believe is what it was called. Too bad, since all the other SC games have been golden.
  20. (See uncyclopedia.org(Much funnier)) Note: Also contains some explicit material. I read just for laughs. Nothing else.
  21. lulz manbearpig Is it half man and half bearpig or half bearman and half pig? Maybe it's half man, half bear, and half pig... That last part is theoretically impossible, I.E. three halves. Ah whatever...it's late. I guess people just like discussing things other than runescape.
  22. I dislike that people at my school use gay, and I'm ashamed that I use it. :( So now, I say 'noobsauce.' :XD: I read somewhere on these forums that another user says it, and after I read it, I got hooked too! It's so silly. Noobsauce. Heehee.
  23. Yeah, you neither take Apples nor leave Apples. You _______ Apples. Any ideas? :XD: But seriously, thanks for the input everyone. It's nice to know that there are smart people out there. On Rs forums especially. :thumbsup:
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